How to conquer fear

Why are most people afraid to enter their battlefield? They do not try to win, to achieve outstanding success, to realize their dreams. How to stop being afraid and conquer fear?

People are divided into three categories. The first is those who sit on the podium, a kind of fans-observers. The second is the players who are on the court and actively play. The third category is the creators of the game. They make up the rules for the games they play. To be an effective player, you need to know the rules of the game well and practice. For example, Michael Jordan, a superstar in basketball, throughout his life after each game, watched the video and drew conclusions in order to improve his game, that is, himself. Each time he looked for what else he could improve in himself, how else he could improve. He was the first to arrive at the training hall and the last to leave. If you are reading this book, you are a player. You want to win a prize. You have a purpose. You are moving against the current in many ways. Those who believe in success have entered the court and want to build their lives, real players. But you need to know the rules of the game. Now we will get to know them. However, first, let's find out why the majority do not go on the court and do not try to win, achieve outstanding success, realize their desires and dreams.

Let's think together now: what is good about sitting on the podium?

What is good about being on the court and what is bad? You watch others play. This is a plus. What are the other benefits? Less risk, you do not get tired, do not strain. Now let's see what are the disadvantages of sitting on the podium: there is no opportunity to win, there is no income. There is no perspective on the podium. On the podium, a person is not active, he does not influence the situation. Others won - you are happy, others lost - you are upset. You kind of depend on the actions of these players. So another minus is the complete dependence on the actions of the players. After all, you work in a company that the “player” opened. You live in a country headed by a "player" who won the power struggle and, by the way, "looks very bad" in the eyes of millions of people.

So there are pros and cons to sitting on the podium.

Now let's think about the advantages of being on the site. Active participation, active life is a plus. Earnings. Glory. Confession. And what are the disadvantages? Injuries, risk, the possibility of losing.

But there is also an opportunity to win. On the podium there is no possibility to lose or win. I wonder why, then, most people choose a seat on the podium? After all, deep down everyone wants to win. Wants a bright life, recognition, money, respect, fame, victories. They are afraid to go on the court because they are afraid to look bad! An interesting analogy comes to mind: when a person is alive, his cardiogram looks like a broken line, and when he died, the cardiogram is a straight line. That's the same difference between those who are on the court and who are on the podium.

First they ignore you, then they start laughing at you, then they start attacking you, then you become the winner. Mahatma Gandhi, politician, philosopher

Now, even by talking, we can immediately determine where a person is - on the site or on the podium. After all, the player is more emotional, self-confident, and his speech is more active. How does a player talk on the court? "Give me a pass!" "Do this and that!" Players are always telling each other (and themselves) what to do, planning something. They talk about their lives, their goals, their game.

What are the people on the podium doing? They discuss others. And most of the time, how do they do it? Happy? They don't have their own life, they don't have their own game. These people are discussing the players. They actually live their lives. And they talk about the players, as a rule, not well. Why? To justify his sitting on the podium.

Now I will reveal a secret that will help you become such a strong, big player, like, for example, Barack Obama. He is a big player. Our destinies also depend on his game. That is, he is at the very top of world politics, and everyone depends on his game. In relation to his game, we are all somewhere in the podium. And you should know that if you want to become a major player, then you will be discussed and condemned and cursed, and you will look very bad in the eyes of millions of people. A major player should know this. If you want to become a major player, achieve great success, then you need to understand in advance: you will look bad in the eyes of millions of people. Do you know how many people refuse to trust the President of the United States, claim that he is crazy? 50 million people in the US tell him: "You are not good, you are not good for us as president." And the demonstrations against him all over the world? 2 billion people condemn the President of the United States! What about burning his effigy? Yes, he looks very bad in the eyes of other people! Does it stop him? No. A leader, an active player must understand: life is arranged in such a way that part of the rostrum will discuss and condemn him.

Let's calculate another option. A person wants to become an average player. He thinks: “I don’t want millions to discuss and condemn me. I will be an average player. I will sing! I want to be like Masha Rasputina or Philip Kirkorov. Something like that". How many people will discuss and condemn it? A person who wants to become an average leader, an average player, must know that he will still be discussed and condemned, only by a smaller number of people, for example, tens of thousands.

Do you know what a pessimist is? A person who thinks that everyone is as disgusting as himself, and hates everyone for it. George Bernard Shaw, writer, playwright

Now let's talk about a man who wants to become a small player: he is simply tired of sitting without a job, he is tired of living on a small salary, without any prospects, and he decided to open a small business. He learned that you can start a business without investment, learn and try yourself as a businessman in any MLM company. This is a player, but a beginner, he just enters the field. He wants to play by his own rules. He must know that he, too, will be discussed and condemned, that he, too, will look bad in the eyes of the tribune. That's the way it is. But the secret is that if you don't play at all, if you give up your life, your game, you will still be discussed and condemned. That's how everything is arranged. The tribune will always discuss and condemn, because those who sit on it simply have no other business. But the players don't care, because they are busy with their lives, their game. They have their own purpose and they play their game. They are players.

Another angle that will help you not be afraid to look bad.

Ahead of each of us is a hole two half a meter and one and a half meters deep: at 80, 90 or even 100 years old. But this, of course, is what awaits us - the grave. And in this hole we don't look too good.

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. Elbert Green Hubbard, writer

A person always looks bad when he dies. But for the most part, he doesn't care. And those people who throw a handful of earth on his coffin, immediately after that go, for example, home to watch a series or football - in general, they return to their business. Exactly one week later, most will forget about what happened, except for the closest relatives. But this man tried so hard to please them. Didn't do what I wanted. And those in whose eyes he wanted to look good all his life will never remember him again. Most of those whom we meet on the streets of the city will not come to the funeral at all! “I really want to look good in his eyes! I'm afraid!" the deceased said. And this acquaintance will forget about him in exactly three minutes, he doesn’t care. Do you understand? And all our lives we are afraid to look bad in other people's eyes, but these other people's eyes don't care. And we will then (in the grave) no longer care. But we didn’t live our lives because we wanted to look good in the eyes of these people who don’t give a damn about us.

Therefore, one who wants to look good in the eyes of other people is wasting his life. Firstly, in any case, it will never look good from the point of view of everyone - you need to know this. And secondly, he will not live his life, constantly trying to conform to the ideas of others.

Based on materials: “Act! 10 commandments of success" Pintosevich Yitzhak