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How to communicate and what to do with scum?

Adult life turns out to be completely different than expected. The world turns out to be filled not only with good, kind and adequate people, but also with very crappy ones. You will often meet various negative characters, which are more appropriately called "scum".

From a young age you live in peace, almost without knowing troubles. There are almost always good people around, and there are very few bad ones. But at one point you meet a guy who has no decent words to describe. This is the “last scum”, even though it’s not very nice to say so.

“I think that the power is in the truth. Whoever has the truth is the stronger one. So you deceived someone, made money, and what, have you become stronger? No - did not! Because there is no truth behind you! And the one who deceived, behind him the truth. So he is stronger. Yes?" Sergei Bodrov

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Who and what is scum? The scum is a trashy, worthless, bad, rotten, mean, toxic, and vile type. It would be wrong to even call such a person. This type is quite common, because every day you see scum on TV, on the street, at work, in the store. But the main thing is that you do not see her in the reflection of the mirror.

There are quite a lot of nasty and toxic people, but they are much less than good people. Just scum behave in such a way that everyone remembers them and feels their influence. For this reason, it seems that there are a lot of scum, although this is not so. It is important to learn how to accurately identify scum in order to be fully armed when meeting with such a vile type. Who can be scum? Yes, anyone, and at the top there are much more of them than among ordinary people.

  • The scum can be a dictator who seized power in the country for the sake of his manic nature.
  • The filth can be a big official or leader who withdraws money offshore and robs his people every day.
  • Scum can be a petty official who is trying to serve the authorities, in exchange for some material rewards and goodies.
  • Scum can be a servant of the law, who is protected by a dictator, beats up ordinary people or performs impartial actions for selfish purposes.
  • The scum can be the type that deceives people to swindle them out of money or anything of value.
  • Scum can be a colleague who sits in office and strikes in the back.
  • A scum can be the type that enjoys causing problems or physical pain to other people.
  • An abomination can be one who enters into a marriage or relationship out of material interests.

There are a lot of scum, and with age you will learn to identify them by their first words, manners and behavior. It is better to see the scum from afar so that they cannot cause you trouble, and you can prepare for the meeting.

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What to communicate and what to do with scum?

Scum or scum are found at all levels of the social ladder. What strategy to choose, how to communicate and how to behave with toxic types called "scum"?

1. Control your emotions and keep your cool

Scum will always put pressure on your emotions so that you actively respond to their actions. The scum will try to piss you off in order to take advantage of the situation later. They will manipulate your emotions, feelings or actions. To begin with, you should control your emotions in order not to give the scum extra trump cards. Always keep your cool. By doing this, you will break the plans of the scum.

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the work "The Gulag Archipelago", wrote the main prison proverb, which is relevant even in the modern world. "Do not trust, do not fear, do not ask!" - this is the main principle when dealing with scum or scum.
    • Never trust scum. She will always play up, deceive, betray and hit in the back.
    • Never be afraid of scum. Scum always sees when you are afraid of it, and therefore do not succumb to weakness and do not be shy. Scum is always cowardly, and therefore afraid of those who are not afraid of it.
    • Don't ask the scum for anything. The scum has no pity, and therefore the request will not help, but it will only get worse.

3. Look for an escape route

Scum like to attack us when we are least ready for it. One of the important rules for dealing with scum is to think over ways to escape. Prepare an excuse in advance so that there is an opportunity to slip away from the scum. Find alternate escape routes where you can slip away from the scum.

4. Scum will not change, so keep it on a long leash

We often think that scum will change if something changes or comes to its senses. But time after time we find ourselves with the usual rake. Abominations are practically incorrigible. The more scum, the less chance of correction. Do not expect correction from the scum and move away as much as possible. Try not to have anything to do with scum, so as not to give it a chance to spoil your life more.

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5. Be smarter than scum

How to deal with scum? Use what the scum lacks. Use the mind, which is always lacking scum. Scum is rarely smart, when almost always stupid, narrow-minded, stupid and primitive. After all, scum behaves in such a way as to somehow compete. With a fair fight, the scum has absolutely no chance of winning in evolutionary selection.

7. Look for allies against the scum

The scum always cause trouble to people, and therefore you will always find like-minded people. Use adequacy and kindness by teaming up with other good people. Look for allies against the scum, because the scum is trying to deal with everyone one by one. Remember the parable about the broom. When you are together, no one will break you, and individually it is easy to defeat, like a pair of straws. Look for allies, like-minded people and friends against the scum.

8. Indicate the boundaries of scum

Scum will try to cross all reasonable and adequate boundaries. Scum will violate personal space, will, rules. Such an attitude cannot be tolerated, and in this case it is necessary to upset the scum. Point out the scum to the violation of the framework. Throw away politeness, and strictly indicate the scum of the boundaries of what is permissible. Scum always remains scum until you give it a forehead. Kindness should be with fists, and therefore do not allow yourself to be offended by various nonentities.

The scum is too insignificant, rotten, toxic and vile. But in life you will often meet them and suffer a lot. Try to stay away from them, do not give them a chance to win and defend your interests. Scum always ended badly sooner or later. This is fate, karma and fate, which leads them to sad consequences. This is inevitable if you look at many situations from the side of history, experience and statistics.

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Sergey Bodrov was right when he said: “Whoever has the truth is stronger!”

There are such rare cases when you are on the side of the "filth". What to do if you yourself are scum? Try to become human…