How to choose the right personal trainer?

Finding the right personal trainer is not easy. How to find a personal trainer who will help make your workouts productive? How to choose the right personal trainer?

How to find a personal trainer who will help you make your workouts effective?

Sometimes just going to the gym is not enough. You need to find a personal trainer who will help you develop a training program that is right for you, will guide you and criticize you from time to time so as not to let you relax.

But finding the right personal trainer is not easy. Some rely too much on first impressions, so they are more likely to choose the coach with the most muscle. Often people have a vague idea of ​​what they want from a class and expect a coach to guide them through everything. And often they come across coaches who cannot properly motivate them. In all these cases, it is difficult to achieve a good result.

The selection of a qualified personal trainer, like the selection of a gym, requires effort and the ability to make the right decisions.

It is important to know what you need from a coach.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is not having a clear idea of ​​what they want to achieve in their training. Experienced trainers say that before you start working with a personal trainer, you need to evaluate whether his methodology is suitable for achieving your own goals.

Don't expect a coach to tell you what to do. Get a clear picture of what you want to do and let the coach help you find the right path to achieve your goals.

You need to ask the coach if he had the same clients before, and determine his view of the training process.

If a trainer immediately offers you a set of exercises, be careful, he is probably using you primarily as a source of income. The beginning of classes should be preceded by a detailed consultation. The coach should seriously analyze your goals and assess your physical status.

Woman or man?

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A question for many men is whether they can feel comfortable in the process of training if their coach is a woman? Only a few men specifically look for a coach - a man. But there are quite good reasons, primarily psychological, why a male trainer is more suitable for a man.

This problem comes from the nature of male consciousness and its perception of reality. The representative of the stronger sex likes to overcome difficulties, compete, accept a challenge. A male trainer is able to penetrate the psychology of his ward and choose the right motivational approach to him.

For some men, it is easier to train with a male trainer, because it is easier for them to concentrate on the training process. Others don't want to make their wives worry about their husband having a female trainer. But in most cases, gender is not critical in choosing the right exercise instructor.

It is necessary to get rid of stereotypes, experts advise. A woman coach can do just as well a job as a man. The trend of recent years suggests that more and more women appear among the best specialists in this field.

It is not necessary to look for a male coach because you have purely “male” health problems. A woman is also able to understand them and choose the right approach to training. The main thing is that you can find a common language with the coach, regardless of his gender.

Where and how to look for a personal trainer?

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If you have found a good gym, this is the best place to find the right instructor. Coaches working in commercial sports clubs have lower rates than in private establishments of this kind. Study the list of sports club coaches, pay attention to the specialization of each of them. For example, one might do strength training with weights, another might do special exercises for people with disabilities.

If you prefer to work with a private trainer, then it is better to use the Internet for searches than newspaper advertisements, because private trainers prefer not to spend extra money on posting such advertisements.

Having a certificate is an important point, because everyone with a pair of dumbbells can present themselves as a coach. Make sure your personal trainer is certified by at least one of the state-level sports organizations.

But remember that an accreditation certificate is not a 100% guarantee of good coaching skills. Do not pay too close attention to the education of the coach. Sometimes an instructor with an average level of knowledge, but who knows how to get along with people, will be able to help you achieve the best results. Even the best coach in the world will not be able to help a person until he makes contact with him.

Do not neglect the recommendations of "experienced" clients. Often, this is the surest way to find out which coach is the most suitable for you. A potential personal trainer should be prepared to provide a list of clients they have worked with. If a trainer does not have such a list, it means that he either has little experience, or, worse, his sessions with clients did not bring them good results.

You should also make sure that you and the coach are psychologically compatible. Nothing destroys the cooperation between the trainer and the client as much as personal dislike or discomfort in communication.

Training with a personal trainer: the financial side of the issue.

Having a personal trainer is expensive, especially if you use one more than once a week. Prices depend on the experience of the instructor and the client's requests.

Even if you have a friendly relationship with the coach, do not forget that you are paying for his services. Irresponsible attitude to the training schedule, reducing the time of classes, ignoring your needs by the coach - all this is unacceptable. The coach must perform his work professionally and efficiently.

It is also mandatory to conclude a contract for the provision of services and an insurance policy. This should be carefully considered by both parties: both the client and the coach. According to the trainers, if the instructor is responsible for the preparation of the necessary documents, he looks like a professional in the eyes of the clients, and they take the training program more seriously.

Coaching sessions will not continue permanently.

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Many successful personal trainers say that their role is not to be with the client all the time. They believe that a coach is needed only for a certain period of the training process in order to learn the exercises correctly.

The main task of the trainer is to help clients learn the exercises so that they can do them on their own. Most people do not hire an instructor with the expectation that they will train with him three times a week for a long time. Most regulars see a trainer once or twice a month to adjust their exercise program.

Everything must be expedient.

The trainer should have a plan for each week in which he lists the exercises to be done and the goals the client needs to achieve. You can not turn training into demonstrations. Remember that you are only working for yourself. And if you need an incentive, offer a joint workout to a friend or good acquaintance. Thus, unjustified financial costs can be avoided.