How to choose the right girl, job, goals and path in life? Win-win method of choice

We will always face a difficult choice of something, and happiness and success in life depend on the right decision. How to choose a girlfriend, where to go to study, what profession to choose, where to work, what to be fond of, where to go, where to live, what goals to set and what to dream about? A mathematical method for choosing the optimal and correct solution that will give the best results. Are you choosing a girl? Would you like to buy something? Are you looking for a profession or a place to work? Are you looking for goals or are you facing another choice? There is one good and win-win method.

This decision-making method is well known to scientists, statisticians and mathematicians who use it for their own purposes. Statistics show that this approach is the most rationalistic and gives the best results in general.

How to make the right choice from a scientific point of view?

Let's take an interview as an example. How do professionals choose a person at an interview? 100 people are invited for an interview. The first 37 of them are rejected, but they remember a couple of the best candidates. After that, the first applicant met is hired, who is better than the best of the past 37 people. It may not be possible to choose the best candidate out of 100, but statistically this is the most win-win option. Other selection methods give worse results.

How to choose right in life?

Such a mathematical rule should be used in real life as well. Why do so many people make bad choices and lead miserable lives? Are they choosing the wrong university, the wrong profession, the wrong place of work, the wrong girl, the wrong car, the wrong goal in life? The fact is that most people are in a hurry to make a decision. Like naked in the bath.

It is always necessary to carry out extensive random sampling and testing before making a final decision on an important issue. Especially when it comes to choosing a profession, personal life and other important things.

Many people accidentally get bogged down in a certain field, job, place of residence, or relationship. But often this is far from the best choice and the wrong one. We understand this later, when a grandiose path has already been completed, university has been completed, we are working or already married. We're getting bogged down in an area where there's been a bit of a hitch. But maybe in another place success would be brighter and grandiose, and we would be happier?

Most people make important decisions too quickly. How to choose the right girl, job, goals and path in life? Make as many tests and choices as possible.

Some people are too lazy to learn 10 professions, go to 20 interviews or meet 30 girls, but then suffer all their lives is not too lazy. The more samples, the more accurate the sample. But you should not do more than 50-100 options, so as not to be a woman with cats who has been waiting for her prince for a long time.

Think about the interview for 100 people. If you choose not from 100, but another number? You need to divide the number by the mathematical value 2.7 (Euler number or Napier number). For example, we divide 50 by 2.7 and get 18. After that, we choose the first profession, job or girl that is better than the first 18.

The world is very diverse, and we make decisions too hastily and not representative (sample of characteristics in in general). We don't have enough data to statistically, and we're rushing into what might be a bad idea.

How to make the right choice in life? Your main task is to gain experience in various areas of life, and only then make such important decisions. Try everything that life offers and take your time with the choice. The larger the sample and samples, the more correct the decision will be.

Hated job, hateful relationships, hateful life, hateful city of residence and much more. This happens very often with good and promising people. This is the result of a hasty decision.

Be smarter than others. Don't rush into important decisions. Divide the maximum number of options by 2.7, and then decide decisively.