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How to choose condoms

The conversation will focus on what we all use for a long time, but we never ask ourselves, what is better to buy? Latex, polyurethane or stimulating condoms?

If you do not use birth control pills and prefer to use condoms, then you need to learn how to choose them.

There are different types of condoms

Latex condoms are good at preventing unwanted pregnancies, but they also have some drawbacks. The thickness of even the thinnest latex contraceptives is 0.05 mm and this is not so small. Discomfort during sexual intercourse is possible, and there will be less pleasure. Some people are also allergic to latex, but this happens in five cases out of a hundred. Therefore, you should not worry much about this.

Polyurethane condoms are better than latex and more expensive. Firstly, they are thinner - 0.02 mm, but despite this, even the thinnest polyurethane products protect more reliably than thick latex ones. Plus, there will be more pleasure from sex, there will be a feeling that you are not protected at all.

If a person has an individual intolerance to either one or the other component (latex, polyurethane), then condoms from lamb intestine are still made especially for him. Alas, this type of condom does not protect against genital infections, it just does not let sperm through. It is also not possible to buy them everywhere: you will not find them in pharmacies, only in “intimate” stores.

As you know, condoms stretch and roll well, so you can pull it on a penis of almost any size. However, consider the thickness of your dignity, as a condom that is too narrow can accidentally tear, and a wide one can come off at any time. The package should indicate the "length of the semicircle" (to find out what your "DP" is, just measure the circumference of your penis, but only during a good erection and divide the resulting number in two). "DP-standard" of the European manufacturer - 53 mm, more - 57 mm. Asian products are a little narrower - 51 mm. For small members, non-standard condoms are sold, however, they cost several times more.

The amount of lubrication also greatly affects the quality of sex. The cheaper the product, the worse the sensation of sexual intercourse, and all the pleasure will be nullified. There are several types of lubricant: silicone lubricant and water-based lubricant. If you are allergic to silicone, then you need a water-based one that dries much faster than the silicone one. Sometimes, spermicide (Nonoxynol-9) is added to the condom material, which will definitely protect you from pregnancy. Only condoms with spermicidal lubricant should not be used often, it is very harmful for partners.

Long-acting contraceptives are also sold, which are coated with special anesthetics (such as lidocaine or benzocaine), and they slightly reduce the sensitivity of the penis, so sex can last much longer. True, from the anesthetic there may be an allergy, or the partner's mouth will become numb after the penis enters the mouth without protection. And if you really have premature ejaculation, which is associated, for example, with hormonal problems, then this type of condom, unfortunately, will not help.

Stimulating condoms: Mustachioed, ribbed, pimpled, and others are great for stimulating your partner, but be aware that they can be a little uncomfortable when you enter your vagina. Some girls do not feel the difference between ordinary condoms and mustachioed or pimply ones at all. The choice is yours!