How to choose between girls

Real men have different problems with girls than ordinary men. Some do not have a woman, but real men have two or even more. How to choose between two or more girls?

So you like two girls. Maybe you're dating one of them, maybe they both like you, or maybe neither of them likes you. If both girls like you, then they expect you to decide who you want to be with. Take it seriously. Pick one before you lose both.

1. Consider both options

1.1 What are you looking for? Ask yourself, are you looking for something serious or something casual? Do you just want to have a good time from time to time, do you need a permanent girlfriend, or do you want to build a long-term relationship? Think about where you are in life and what are your goals outside of being in a relationship with these two girls? Passion can easily cloud your ability to reason. Take a step back from these two girls to find out what you really want.

You may need to focus on your career right now. Perhaps you need a certain stability or ease that only one of the girls can give you? What you need?

1.2 Analyze your relationship with each girl. Think about what they have in common and try to understand how they are different. Consider what each of the girls has to offer, and imagine how each of them makes you feel. If you are going to choose, you need to be fully aware of your choice.

Think about which girl you have more interesting conversations with. Consider who is funnier, who inspires you to try something new. Perhaps you enjoy being with one girl more than another.

Think about what kind of girl you can trust. Perhaps you have a lot of fun with one of the girls, but you don't see yourself in a serious relationship with her. You need to consider whether you want something more stable or something more exciting.

Determine which girl you have a deeper connection with. Communication is extremely important in any relationship, so you should choose a girl with whom you can speak more openly and truthfully.

1.3 Notice how the girl makes you feel about yourself. Perhaps one of the girls makes you feel strong, capable, and worthy, while the other one makes you feel inferior and makes you feel like a stranger to yourself. Perhaps one of the ladies makes you feel happy and carefree, while the other only causes tension. Pay attention to the changes in your personality when you spend time with each of these girls. Think about what aspects of your personality you want to nurture.

1.4 Be honest with yourself. If you can't bring yourself to say a final "Yes!" any of the girls, then perhaps you should not start a serious relationship with any of them. You should not force yourself into a serious relationship, but you need to understand why it is so hard for you to choose.

1.5 Look for alternatives. Perhaps none of these girls are looking for something serious, or maybe one of them is not even interested in you! This doesn't mean that you have to "twist" with both at the same time, it just means that the situation may be simpler or weirder than you think. Try talking to the girls (with each one separately) to better understand what they are looking for.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. There are many ways to improve your relationship. It is important that all participants in the situation understand each other and try not to hurt other people's feelings.

2. Decide

2.1 Make a list. Give each girl a separate column and list as many of her positive qualities as possible. If you find any qualities that both girls have, cross them off the list. Take a close look at the unique qualities and compare which ones you like best. The girl with the most good unique stats might very well be the one you should pick. You can also make a list of negative qualities, in which case you should choose the girl with the fewest negative characteristics.

Positive qualities may include: interesting pastime, deep conversations, amazing lover, good listener, trustworthy, smart, incredibly beautiful, gets along well with your friends, lives in the same area, likes to travel, makes you smile.

Negative qualities may include: short temper, different values ​​in life, no definite “yes!”, not your type, lives very far away, poor physical contact, makes you feel tense.

2.2 Listen to your heart. Remember that the list is just a tool. Don't make a decision based on a number, rather use that number to better understand how you feel. One of the girls might look great on paper, but that doesn't mean you're truly attracted to her. If you think that there is something wrong with the numbers, then they may be wrong. After you have listed all the positive and negative qualities, think about how much you really like each girl. Let your passion guide you.

2.3 Don't rush into a decision, but don't wait too long. You need to be confident in your decision. But if you leave the girls in limbo for a long time, you risk losing both. Try to make a decision as soon as possible so that you can clear everything up. The situation will be greatly simplified when you choose one girl (or decide not to stay with any of them) and end the relationship with the one whose candidacy you rejected.

The exact time depends on your specific situation. If you see these girls every day, then the decision should be made without delay. Are you ready to face them both at the same time?

Remember that these are human beings with real feelings. Leading girls by the nose just because you want to keep both options open is unfair. Unless, of course, they do the same and are not aware of the whole situation. Think about how you would like to be treated in a similar situation.

2.4 Choose a girl. If both of these girls are equally amazing, you may feel like you will never make the “right” choice. But in the end, you will have to make a decision if you want to keep a relationship with any of the girls. The honest path can be the hardest, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Make your choice, tell the girls and make your life easier. Which girl would you regret the most if you let go?

You can discuss this with friends and family. If you can't decide, you may need an outsider's opinion from someone who has seen you with both girls.

3. Tell the girls

3.1 Be direct. This means that you need to be honest and as clear as possible with the one you have chosen as well as with the one you have not chosen. If you are not very clear, you can get confused, which is the same as not making your choice. Don't leave anything hanging. If you sincerely want to continue and develop a relationship with one of the girls, then you need to close the other door.

You can write down your thoughts ahead of time or rehearse your speech with a friend. If you are unsure of what to say, it would be helpful to be prepared.

3.2 Talk to a girl you haven't chosen. If you want to end the relationship honestly, then you first need to talk to this particular girl. You may have already made your decision on paper, but it will not be valid until you take action on it. This is especially important if the girl you have chosen knows about her rival. It will add weight to your declaration of love (or commitment or desire for a serious relationship) if you can prove that you have cut off all relations with another girl.

You may want to first express your feelings to the girl you have chosen. You want to keep yourself an "alternate airfield" in case of unforeseen circumstances: if she refuses, you can always choose Girl Number Two. But you should consider whether you will really be happy with your “fallback”? It is better to wholeheartedly give your heart to someone, even if none of these girls turn out to be that “someone”.

If you refuse this girl, it will force you to express your feelings to each of the girls. Perhaps at a decisive moment you will realize that the girl you did not choose is actually the one you need. Perhaps you will return to her and spend the night together, and this will give you the determination you need to end things with her forever. Whatever the situation, it will help you not to break the promise made to the other girl.

3.3 Tell the girl you have chosen. Once you've sorted out your messed up romantic relationship, you'll be free to focus on your relationship with this girl. Say everything simply, honestly and clearly. Say exactly what you want from her, and say that she is exactly the one you want to have around - of course, provided that you are actually ready to be devoted to her alone for the rest of your life.

Take your time. If you spent so much energy choosing between these two girls, you may need time to build a relationship. Don't expect to immediately jump into a deep, serious relationship, let things develop naturally.

3.4 Be firm in your choice. Stick to your decision and don't waste your time doubting. If you break your promises, then none of the girls will trust you, and rumors about your act can spread far! Do not hesitate to run from one girl to another, and do not break your word, unless, of course, you are not 100% sure that this will be the right choice. Remember the saying: judged not by words, but by deeds.

If you are not satisfied with the above steps, choose the girl with whom you have more in common.

Don't be too harsh when talking to the girl you haven't chosen. Talk to her and explain your predicament. The worst thing you can do is ignore her or keep her hanging.

If you have already made a choice but think you made the wrong choice, go back and correct your mistakes. It will take some time to build a relationship, but it will be better this way.

Think carefully about your decision, do not rush into making it.

Choose the girl with whom you feel more comfortable.

Be prepared to live with your decision if you choose one, you will probably never date another again if you make the wrong choice. Don't rush, think things through.

Don't worry too much. Girls will see that something is bothering and worrying you.

Choose the one with which you can be yourself. You don't want to end up stuck with a girl who has to pretend to be someone else all the time.

You should have a stronger connection with one of the girls. Choose this one.


Don't choose both girls. You will get confused.



Don't tell girls you're looking for unique features in them! They will surely put on a real show for you if they know that you are watching them. You need to determine their true qualities.

Do not think that everything will be solved by itself if you just wait out the situation. This will only lead to you losing both girls.

It is unlikely that you will be able to date both girls at the same time. If you play with both, you will lose both. It's not worth losing both girls in vain, if you can be with one.

It's hard to balance strong feelings for one person when you're dating someone else. It can destroy relationships you already have.

Don't fool them! You can hurt other people's feelings - and ruin your reputation - if you try to date both girls at the same time.

If you really say, “I can't live without you,” be sure to say it seriously. Otherwise, you may be laughed at.