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How to Chill: 50 Ways to Relax and Hang Out

Let's leave business, fuss and routine to those who need it more. Time is not infinite, and therefore spending it only correctly and usefully is too boring. How to relax, chill, relax, have fun and have fun?

Modern people are crazy about productivity, time management, efficiency and the pursuit of success. We are always trying to occupy ourselves with something useful, important and necessary, completely forgetting about rest. As a result, we are tired, irritable, sleepy, lethargic and depressed all the time.

In life it is important to be able not only to work, but also to have a rest. There are even folk proverbs that say: “you can work well and have a cultural rest”, “work well - have a good rest”. But if you have a great rest or chill with pleasure, then it will make your life better. You will be more rested, positive, energetic and most importantly happier. How to chill, have fun and enjoy the rest?

The origin of the word "chili"

How to understand and how to translate the word "chili", which is so often used by teenagers, and also quite Adults? There is definitely no such word in Ozhegov's dictionary, because this is modern slang, so don't look for this popular expression there.

The word "chill" - in the youth language it means to rest, sit back, relax, cool off and have a good time. This word comes from the English word "chill", which translates as cold, chill and relax. At first, this word was used to name a rest after a party or a party, and now it is called any rest or idleness in a modern manner.

Chilling is an idle rest, when you passively lie on the couch, watch TV series all day, play on a computer or console. You can lie on the beach, on the grass and other places, indulging in relaxation. Chilling is about relaxing and getting high, not about fussing, studying or doing business. To chill is to shy away from meaningless affairs, work, study and classes when it is inappropriate and stupid. You can chill alone, with your soulmate or in company.

The word "chill" often has a negative connotation, which is associated with idleness, laziness and parasitism. Like chilling is like degrading, wasting time in vain and engaging in meaningless pastime. But let's leave lectures to boomers, as adults who like to lecture teenagers and everyone in a row are often called.

Life is too short not to take time for rest and entertainment. It is important not only to do business, but also to be able to relax, enjoying life. After all, you will remember more exactly how you chilled, and not how you studied or worked.

How to chill with pleasure? List of entertainment and party options

Chilling is not necessarily lying around like a seal. Often chilling is enjoying what you do, how you relax and how you relax. Think for yourself what to do, how to relax, how to relax or have a 100% break.

You can chill alone, with a friend, with a soul mate, with friends or in an unfamiliar company. You can do all this while having fun and consuming alcohol in reasonable, and often insane limits. To chill is to follow your spiritual impulse and desire.

If you are bored, tired of everything or depressed, then you need a rest. Here is a list of how you can chill in the evening, on weekends, on vacation, on vacation and at any other time. Choose for yourself any interesting pastime for a good rest.

1. You can chill at home on the couch, watching movies or whole series all day in one sitting. It's called Bingewatching, which comes from binge ("drinking") and watching ("viewing").

2. Hang out with friends, hang out and have a good time. With friends, you can do absolutely anything, because the company itself is more important than pastime.

3. Watch different bloggers all day long on YouTube or funny videos on TikTok. It's fun, interesting and funny, and never gets bored.

4. You can gamble, or rather play on a computer or console without interruption as much as you like. If at the same time eat chips, eat sweets or drink something, then it’s generally perfect.

5. Go to a party in a club, cafe or bar to have fun there. There you can rest, drink, meet and just have fun.

6. Hang out on social networks, watching an endless feed of news and various jokes. If it makes you feel better, why not?

7. Run your own vlog or channel, and for this, shoot funny, ridiculous or useful videos.

8. Go to nature in a park or forest to get some fresh air. In such places, unity with nature makes us happy.

9. Listen to music while finding new songs, new bands and new musicians. What could be better than chilling at home or somewhere else with loud music?

10. Ride a bike, scooter, skateboard, motorcycle or car.

11. Find a place where you can stay alone and then rest there. In loneliness, interesting thoughts always come, and you can be yourself.

12. Take a bath, relaxing and relaxing in warm water. In parallel, you can watch movies, play on your phone or surf on social networks.

13. Dance. You can dance at home, in a club or at any party. The main thing is to dance as if no one is looking at you.

14. Surf the Internet aimlessly, visiting a variety of sites that you have never visited. Subscribe to our site to read interesting articles more often.

15. Take 10500 selfies to update your social media photos.

16. Go to the most party place in the city, and then party there.

17. Fool around and do stupid things on your own or in the company of your friends.


18. Try to hype (PR) on some topic, and then post it on social networks.

19. Get out for a walk on the street, wandering aimlessly anywhere and enjoying your vacation.

20. Go on a date with a pretty girl. Walk, have fun, dance, kiss, chill and bang.

21. Go fishing, because your ancestors loved to chill for many centuries.

22. Sit with friends around the yard, doing various stupid things.

23. Give in to some temptation that has been gnawing for a long time.

24. Look at the fire in the fire or the water in the river that runs past.

25. Go to the workout area or gym to exercise.

26. Go to the country or out of town to laze around.

27. Go to someone's house or invite your friends over.

28. Go travelling, even if not very far.

29. Play billiards, bowling, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball.

30. Go to an amusement park, ride the rides and have fun.

31. Compose poems, songs and other such things.

32. Take up a favorite hobby or hobby that improves your mood.

33. Ride or roam the city at night, chilling and getting high with pleasure.

34. Get lost somewhere, wandering in who knows where and who knows who.

35. Keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings.

36. Go on a picnic in nature to indulge in relaxation in company or in solitude.

37. Admire the sunset, sunrise, stars.

38. Just walk or drive 100 roads.

39. Read an interesting book and lie down somewhere: sofa, beach, bath.

40. Sunbathe on the beach, go to the bathhouse, visit the sauna, go to the water park. It will be fun in the company of friends, but doubly so with a girl.

41. Play with your pet, younger brothers or sisters.

42. Find adventure for your ass. Because it's so tempting.

43. Get somewhere far away from home to chill.

44. Play the guitar, harmonica, or other musical instrument.

45. Just think of something pleasant or eternal.

46. Attend any event that takes place anywhere: a concert, an exhibition, a festival.


48. Try idleness, when you do nothing at all, but just relax and relax.

49. Climb onto a rooftop or some nice place to chill and relax.

50. Dream. There is nothing better than this.

The most important thing when choosing entertainment is to choose how to chill and hang out. How to chill without cringe (without disgust)? Try to avoid a situation where you run into scum (shame, shame). Try not to fall under the hate (condemnation and criticism) of your friends, and don't give a damn about strangers. You need to chill in such a way that you can flex (boast) about your pastime and ruffle (laugh out loud) tomorrow.

The time of life is not infinite, and therefore it is necessary to do what you like. Chill from the heart, so that later with new forces to return from rest.

All life consists of happy moments and vivid impressions. Resting and chilling is your legal right, and all bigots, envious people and haters go through the forest. Score on everything and rest at 100%. After all, if at these moments you were happy, then time was not wasted. How do you like to chill?