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How to check a girl for commercialism? Girls who only want your money

From an early age, many girls decide to sell their charms for as high a price as possible. Mercantile girls want to snatch everything from life while they are young, slim, beautiful and listed among men. They are not looking for love, but looking for someone who will offer more. How not to run into a corrupt and mercantile girl?

“She always had some endless illusions in her head about how great she should live in the future. A sort of solid dolce vita with flights on private jets from Paris to Milan, with princes in white limousines and other attributes of low-budget Hollywood fairy tale films.

A mercantile girl is one of the most dangerous life traps of a man. Many people fall into it, and then they try to get out of this shit for a long time. Men lose time, money, living space and faith in love when they meet such predators. How to recognize stray gulls and corrupt girls in your life?

How to check a girl for commercialism?

Mercantile girl got hooked on luxury brands

The girl prefers exclusively luxury brands, and dismisses everything simple as things for rogues. Only iPhone, Gucci, Louboutins and other show-offs. The girl always tries to look "expensive and rich." She is like a Christmas tree that dresses up in all the best. When such a girl cannot afford expensive brands, she begins to flaunt fakes and fakes.

Love for the expensive lies in complexes. The girl wants to show that she is not cheap and "worthy" of more. The girl positions herself as an expensive and elite thing that only rich dads can afford.

Mercantile person is actively interested in the man's income

The girl immediately asks how much you earn, what kind of car and whether there is an apartment. She does it masterfully and gracefully. Failure to meet the minimum requirements leads to the fact that it evaporates faster than you have time to blink. Otherwise, the girl herself begins to come up with a dating plan and financial checks: expensive restaurants, luxurious vacation spots, expensive entertainment and shopping. Here you won't get off with a walk in the park and a cheap cafe.

Mercantile wench is always ready for shopping

During a walk, a girl drags her into the store for 5 minutes to look at the dress she likes. It's an ambush! Then she tries on her shoes and picks up her purse. The girl will arrange a performance that she liked everything, but there is not enough money, she forgot or simply does not. She will say: “Oh, so expensive, but everything is so beautiful, but expensive. I don’t even know what to do... ”Her meaningful looks will push you to buy her all this.

Appearance and habitation of corrupt girls

A girl who only wants your money looks like a glamorous chick. She tuned, pumped in the right places and looks like a needle. But looking at her, you understand that there is something “lyadsky” in her. The look and manners of a whore, albeit an expensive one, cannot be hidden.

Mostly such girls revolve in a circle of dubious personalities and among corrupt girls. Girls with low social responsibility are friends with their own kind. Look at the girl's girlfriends and friends. You will understand who she is.

A venal girl leads an appropriate lifestyle

Her social networks are strewn with photos of parties and hangouts. Her Instagram is an endless feed of entertainment, travel and recreation. She has many photos in a bathing suit, as if she is traveling non-stop. But in all the photos she is alone and without girlfriends. Dads and sponsors do not like to be photographed, but they pay for entertainment and sex.

In the photographs, the girl actively demonstrates her half-naked body. This is her advertising stand, where she shows her charms to all who suffer. You can enjoy it if you have a lot of cash.

A mercantile girl measures everything with money

A girl treats people according to their income. She despises waiters, taxi drivers, vendors and treats them with disdain. All people who do not earn millions are rednecks, rogues and losers. The girl twists her nose at ordinary people, middle-class cars and a non-Hollywood lifestyle.


A venal girl dreams of a luxurious life

Having taken an interest in the girl's dreams, one can find an interesting pattern. A mercantile girl is only interested in entertainment, travel, expensive cars, jewelry, cool parties and a luxurious life. You will not hear her plans for self-realization, work, career or family. The girl is interested in a luxurious life, entertainment and those men who can provide it to her.

A girl who is a gold digger likes to complain about life and whine

All the girl's problems come from the fact that she cannot go to the Maldives, buy a new fur coat, purchase a new iPhone or receive a car as a gift. But the main problems of the girl are from the fact that she needs a lip-rolling machine. The girl loves to show off, and for this you need money. She begins to complain about life to a man so that he can solve her problems. The girl immediately sits on the neck of a man.

Mercantile girl swindles money from a man

The girl is in a bad mood, sadness or universal sadness. She complains about life and lack of money. The girl manipulates to get financial support or expensive gifts. Her car broke down, her phone crashed, her favorite shoes were torn, her salary, loan debt or sick relatives were delayed. The girl will invent 1000 different excuses to spin the man on the loot. The fantasy of such girls works perfectly.

Don't rush with expensive gifts, weddings and spending money on girls. A mercantile girl who loves only money will bring only trouble. Choose the girl who loves you and wants to make you happy…