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How to charm girls

Secrets of seduction, flirting and charm of pretty girls. How to make an irresistible impression on beautiful girls, captivate their hearts and bodies?

Charming a girl is the first step to a new relationship. If you want to charm, then you must do your best to make her feel special, don't take yourself too seriously and relax in the process of winning her over. To really impress her, the key to success is ease. If you want to know how to win over a girl, follow the instructions below.

How to charm girls

1. Pay attention girls to you

1.1 Do not go out of your way. If you want to charm a girl, then you should make your charm easy and casual. If you're trying your best to impress her by doing somersaults or walking on your hands or trying every "fire" in your arsenal, she'll be focused on your tricks, not you. Instead, take a deep breath, relax, and get ready to bring your magic into the process. Speak slowly enough, don't cling greedily to every syllable of it, and don't comment on the fact that your joke failed if it did. Just be yourself and the rest will follow.

Remember that if you really want to charm a girl, then you must show her that you are in complete harmony with yourself. If you're smiling from ear to ear while sweating profusely and fidgeting in place, she won't be impressed.

Keep your gestures calm and relaxed. Keep your arms at your sides or gesticulate, keep your posture straight, look at the girl, not at the floor.

1.2 Laugh at yourself. Women love men who have a great sense of humor, who can laugh at themselves. If you want to win a girl over, then you have to show that you don't take yourself too seriously and that you're comfortable enough with whoever you're making fun of yourself in front of. If you know that you're wearing a funny pink shirt, that you have a cute gap, or that you're a clumsy guy, don't try to hide these charming qualities from a girl. Instead, demonstrate with all your appearance that you are not bothered by your little flaws.

This does not mean that you have to be so self-deprecating that it shows a lack of self-confidence. A light joke about yourself or the ability to laugh at yourself if the girl decides to play a joke on her own are fail-safe options.

Remember that a girl doesn't want to hear really dumb humor. Such a joke in your address can be a collapse.

1.3 Fool around. Another way to charm a girl. You don't have to be serious all the time. Talk about your puppy's ridiculous name; demonstrate the ability to juggle. Do a trick with a coin hiding behind her ear (well, yeah, maybe not such a good idea). Don't be afraid to be a little silly and the girl will be charmed by your childlike approach to the world. However, being a little silly doesn't mean 100% childish behavior.

If you're too fixated on being cold-blooded, she won't want to open up to you. You don't have to completely pour yourself out in front of her, but if you put too many barriers between you, she won't want to get to know you better.

1.4 Pay attention to your appearance. A true girl looks after her appearance, so you should do the same. You don't have to look like George Clooney, but you do need to make sure your clothes are appropriate for the occasion: they're clean, pressed, and fit perfectly. If you think being unshaven adds to your mystique, so be it, but in any case, make sure that your face and hair are well-groomed, and you showered before going on a date.

Do not focus on your appearance to win a woman at the cost of self-care only.

You can also put on some cologne, but don't go overboard.

1.5 Smile. Don't underestimate the effect a big, winning smile has on a woman. You don't have to smile from ear to ear, but smiling when you first meet a lady and in every appropriate situation is what you need. If it doesn't make you nervous, she will surely appreciate that you feel comfortable enough to smile and not too cool to show some positive energy.

Smile not only at the girl herself. If she sees you smiling at others, she will notice how comfortable and positive you are.

1.6 Charm people around. If you want to charm a girl, you can't just focus all your attention on her and ignore others. She must see that you are able to charm almost every person, and this is really impressive. You have to be able to win over the elderly, the young, the bored kids, or even the shy party goer. Find something that absolutely anyone can talk about and make them feel special, carefree, and ready to open up to you.

Although you should not completely ignore the girl in this case, she will be even more fascinated by you if she sees how smoothly your magic works on everyone in the area.

Make sure that the charm process does not involve too many members of the fairer sex. Your girlfriend should feel special all the time, even if you interact with other people.

Another way to charm the people around you is to introduce them to each other in a frame without interrupting the dialogue with anyone of them. Say something like, “Maria, do you know Ivan? He just got a pit bull and you should give some advice on how to get him to behave well…”

1.7 Speak a foreign language. Do you know French? Un poco español? If you speak a foreign language a little, show it off without being too annoying. Don't start attacking her with every foreign language you know. But if she finds out that you've spent some time in France, be sure to show off a sentence or two and watch for her memorable reaction. Of course, this is a cheap trick, but if you use it at the right time, the girl will be completely captivated by you.

Resort to using this method if you are really confident in your language skills. It makes no sense to make a series of blunders in a couple of sentences if your knowledge of Spanish is limited to a clumsy pronunciation of the word tequila.

1.8 Be sexy but unattainable. You don't have to be Hugh Grant or even Brad Pitt to be sexy. Sexuality is all about confidence and aura. It begins with self-love (which, however, is not narcissism). To be sexy, in other words, is to be out of reach and in harmony with your own body. A sweet smile, as well as a pleasant aroma, always win you over. People respond to 5 senses - the important senses for you will be touch and smell.

If you want to look unattainable, don't come across as needy. The girl should see that you love your company, but you won’t grieve without her either.

2. Let the girl feel her uniqueness

2.1 Ask her questions about her life. If you really want to charm a girl, then you have to make her feel special. Shift your focus from yourself to her, showing that you really care about who she is and what she has to say. You don't have to make her feel like she's the main character on a detective show. Just ask her a few questions about her homeland, friends, siblings, her hobbies and favorite pastimes.

If she said she has a pet, ask to see the pictures.

Avoid too personal topics, like questions about her past relationships.

Make her talk. If you feel like she talked too much about herself and feels uncomfortable, find a way to continue the line of what she's talking about.

2.2 Give her a genuine compliment. The key is sincerity. Don't say something insipid like "I love your hair" unless she has truly unique hair, incredible curls, or a color you've never seen before. Instead, dig deeper and say something she's never heard before, or something that really makes her feel like you're paying attention, not flattery to win her over.

If she has incredible eyes or a wonderful laugh, tell her about it.

Dig deeper. Compliment her about her personality, such as her sense of humor or her powers of observation.

If she's wearing an amazing necklace or earrings, also compliment them and you might be rewarded with a story about where she got them.

2.3 Ask her opinion. Show the girl that you care not only about herself, but also about what she thinks. She will see that you respect her as a thinking being with an up-to-date point of view. Ask her what she thinks of your clothes, your favorite band, or your favorite TV show. Don't ask tough questions about politics or religion until you get to know each other better.

You can start small and ask her what she thinks about the wine you drink at the party. If you hear a song in the background, ask her what she thinks of the artist.

When she gives an answer, do not close the topic just like that, but carefully consider her opinion.

2.4 Be a good listener. One thing that instantly turns a girl off is when a man speaks to her and nods vigorously, while showing that he is not really listening at all. If you want to avoid this, it takes more than just nodding and inserting the word "uh-huh" at the right time. You should follow what she says by asking more questions, or even refer to what she said at the beginning of the conversation to allow you to get even more karma points.

2.5 Don't flirt with everyone. There is a difference between charming other people and flirting with every girl in your line of sight. If you want to charm a girl, then you have to let her know that she is the only girl your eyes are on. You can be charming with other girls, but let her see that you are paying attention exclusively to her. If you are equally flirtatious and charming around every girl, she will stop feeling unique.

Make sure you always look at her, even when talking to someone else.

2.6 Give her a small gift. Obviously, you don't throw gifts here and there unless you're an origami expert who can make a pretty napkin flower for her. But if you're going to meet her again, you can charm her with a little gift, like a box of her favorite chocolates, a small bouquet of flowers, or even the book you told her about. There is no need to go to extreme measures, or she will feel that your measures are too strong. However, the right little gift will charm her even more.

A personalized gift will make her feel even more special and truly captivated by you.

2.7 Dance with her. Ladies love men who can dance. If you've been into ballroom dancing, foxtrot, salsa, or any other type of dance, it's time to show off your signature moves and hit the dance floor if your area has one. But even if you are not a recognized dance master, walking onto the dance floor with purely stupid moves is definitely better than demonstrating that it is not yours and you are very scared.

If you really have a fear of dancing, take a few lessons. This will not only improve your charm level, but also a great way to meet more ladies.

2.8 Call her by name. This is a great way to charm a girl. You shouldn't use her name every five seconds, but you should really try to use it multiple times throughout the conversation so she feels like you really care about her. Try this trick to charm a girl or just about anyone in your environment.

The simplest “Well, you know, Maria…” will help make the girl feel unique.

2.9 Lightly touch it. A girl will be charmed if you know where and how to gently touch her to make her feel special. If you've really made up your mind to use this move, lightly touch her elbow, shoulder, or knee (if she's sitting.) Only do this when she's showing some affection for you or when you know she's comfortable with you. She will be charmed by your gentle and gentle gesture.

Even a light pat on her hand at the moment of a touching story from her mouth will do the trick.

Naturally, do not touch it in inappropriate places.


Smell nice; use body spray, cologne or deodorant, but not too much (one spray should be enough).

Alcohol or drugs are simply not an option for maintaining confidence in the process of winning a girl.

Confidence and ambition, without arrogance, can be a great help in charming a girl.

Dress appropriately. Consider wearing a suit every time you meet her. Style can be beneficial, especially since all girls, without exception, love costumes. Shirts are a great option if you don't want to wear a suit.


Don't try hard to get along with her friends.

Don't show sympathy for another girl at the same time, because the beautiful half of humanity is quick to sniff out these kinds of situations.

Unattainability is good as long as it does not involve obvious desperation. However, don't play with anyone's feelings. If she's interested in you and you really like her, don't play mind games. Be sincere, don't pretend. This is a general rule for everyone. It's a really sad situation to feel sympathy for someone, to be rejected just because that person refuses to show reciprocity.

If she's not interested, then she's not interested. No need to go out of your way.

Love yourself. But know the measure of this love, otherwise you may be considered an egoist.