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How to change your life in 30 days? Monthly change plan

Sometimes in life you have to make a sharp turn if you are moving in the wrong direction. To radically change your life, you do not need to immediately quit everything. For change, it is enough to make one change for the better every day.

We have put together the simplest and most effective change plan for the month. All you have to do is take one item each day and do it.

How to change your life in 30 days?

1. Get in the habit of exercising every morning and getting up a little earlier.

2. Get your house in order and maintain it regularly.

3. Save your time. Carefully analyze how you spend it.

4. Stop complaining about life and being in a perpetually bad mood.

5. Record all your financial expenses with the help of applications.

6. Go out to new places more often and meet new people.

7. Give yourself time to rest. Go to bed on time and start getting enough sleep.

8. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Get rid of the weak, pump the strong.

9. Write down all your good ideas and ideas in a notebook on your phone.

10. Make it a habit to be more smiling and positive. This will change a lot.

11. Switch to single-tasking and don't try to do many things at once.

12. Find yourself new friends and acquaintances. Expand your social circle.

13. Start exercising twice a week. Install sports apps.

14. Set limits on social media, TV and couch.

15. Do not waste money, but use it only when necessary.

16. Learn to listen to people and interlocutors.

17. Try new things and things you've never done before.

18. Eat less junk food and alcohol. More fruits and vegetables.

19. Do not compare yourself with others, do not listen to critics and envious people.

20. Solve problems, don't put off solving them.

21. Act consciously in life every day, and don't go on autopilot.

22. Establish a personal life. If you don't have a girlfriend, then meet a new girl every day.

23. Take up your hobby and passion. Make time for your favorite activities.

24. Think about who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

25. Write down all your dreams as a list, and then leave only the main ones.

26. Make a plan for the fulfillment of desires and identify the main points of growth.

27. Highlight what knowledge and experience you lack to achieve your goals.

28. Practice conformity. Read books, listen to podcasts, gain experience.

29. Take a step towards your dream every day.

30. Life is short. Live every day to 100%.

Do not complain about life, but just try to change it for the better.