How to change for the better? You will change a lot in the next 10 years

You have no idea how much you will change in the next 10 years. Will you change for the better or for the worse? What should be done so that life begins to change for the better right now? You will become stronger, wiser and cooler on all fronts.

The Simpsons cartoonist and producer Matt Groening said, "God always gives nuts to the toothless." Do you have teeth? Are you ready to take your nut? Do you want to wait for the time when you no longer have teeth to try to chew them?

Have you noticed how cities are changing? This is especially noticeable when you arrive after a while. But even in your hometown, you can notice gradual changes. There are new cafes, houses, establishments, billboards, new paving slabs. Have you noticed how you update your phone, computer, things and clothes with newer ones? How regularly are applications on the phone and programs on the computer updated?

Everything in this world is constantly changing and the changes around can be quite significant. And how have you yourself changed in recent years, if you count from childhood or school? How have you changed in the last 5-15 years of your life?

Spend some time on these questions and answer yourself. What films did you like? Who was your idol? Who were you friends with? Who did you love and who did you date? Where did you spend your free time and what did you like? What did he look like and what did he wear? What did you want to achieve and what did you passionately dream about? What were you planning and where were you going?

We were a little stupid, gullible, naive and funny. We were a completely different person with a different set of values. Now we have become completely different, and we perceive ourselves of the past quite critically. Now we are more mature, seasoned, experienced, wise, reasonable and beaten by life. But for one beaten they give two unbeaten.

And now a question. How will you change in the next 10-20 years? The most common answer for most people is no way. People think they won't change at all later in life, but now they're good enough. Ha! Ha! Ha!

But over the next 10 years, cities will change, there will be new phones and things. Other people's children will grow up quickly. There will be many new things in the world, but you will not change? Don't you think it's funny?

How to change for the better?

Can a person change for the better? Yes. You too will change a lot in the next 10 years. But it depends on you in which direction and how much. You can go in plus to the dream. And you can go into the red, towards an unhappy and unfulfilled life. Your actions today will make a huge difference in the future.

Do you want to watch how life has changed for the better in others and envy? Or maybe you want to earn the envy of others and achieve your respect? What should be done now to make the future happy?

1. You don't want to change and do you plan to stay Windows 98 or Nokia 3310 in the future?

2. Don't resist change, but catch the wave like surfing.

3. Dream about your ideal future and imagine it more clearly.

4. What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years? Organize a detailed list of goals.

5. Make a plan of action for the next week, month, six months, year, five and ten years.

6. Show perseverance and discipline. Take a step towards your change every day.

7. Set the program for the minimum, norm and maximum that you must do in a day.

8. Do not stop in development, engage in self-education and growth.

9. Put in order the physical appearance and lifestyle.

10. Get a drive from life. Become more smiling, cheerful, optimistic and energetic.

And suddenly everything changed for the better. That usually doesn't happen. Sometimes it seems that the changes must be massive. But for you, the changes will be small and gradual.

For a long time, cities change a lot, but with frequent visits, this is not particularly striking. So it will be with you. Old acquaintances will see how much you have changed during the time when you did not see each other.

You will change a lot in the next 10 years. How to change for the better? Don't resist change and don't be afraid. Ride the wave like you're surfing.