How to change fate for the better and start living

Nine years ago I was the most miserable person on earth. I hated my job. I was literally sick of the one-room apartment I shared with my drunk grandfather and cockroaches.

Every evening ended with a terrible headache - pain from loneliness, injustice, bitterness, anxiety, disappointment. I couldn't deal with my existence. I just existed, not lived. Is this how my life should be? Is this why I was born? When will that bright future that everyone dreams of come?

I have long given up on writing books, writing movie scripts, studying human psychology, and making my own observations. There was no goal to make millions and become famous. I just wanted to live and not drag out a miserable existence.

And then came the day that I was waiting for, the moment when I decided to cross the Rubicon. The results exceeded all the most utopian expectations.

I want to share my thoughts, observations and experiences. Perhaps you will not learn much new for yourself, and the most ancient common truths will seem too boring to you. But I suppose you are not just interested in how to change fate for the better and start living.

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You can't escape fate

Is it possible to change fate? This question has been troubling the whole world since the beginning of its existence. It can get the most conflicting answers. Vanga said: “No. Everyone will go their own way."

I don't want to argue with the great clairvoyant, but palmists believe that fate can be corrected. So, the lines on your palm can change as you change your destiny.

Eastern sages say that a person is born exactly when it is necessary for the general evolutionary development. He dies at the hour when the mission is already completed. Not a minute earlier or later.

You probably felt how the inner command of the soul works, and then the subsequent scenario is built. What's this? Fate? Or the result of our actions and desires? Who or what is leading us? Who pulls the strings of feelings and thoughts, playing with people as with puppets?

I immediately recall the dialogue from the cult film The Matrix. Morpheus asked Neo why he didn't believe in fate. The hero replied: "It is unpleasant to think that you are being manipulated."Indeed, you do not want to realize that your path has already been determined without taking into account your desires.

I flatly refuse to believe in 100% participation of fate. Of course, there are situations that cannot be influenced. We cannot prevent many things. But we are able to change our attitude to what is happening, change ourselves for the better and start living anew.

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Working through thoughts

In this section, you will learn how to change fate for the better with the help of your thoughts.

Why are we so stupid?

The first task on the way to a brighter future is to process our thoughts. The fact is that most of us perceive life strangely. You dream of a big house with a fragrant garden that will make your neighbors and friends jealous. But you do not notice marigolds blooming under your window right now.

Why are we so stupid? What prevents us from enjoying every day? Wrong perception of the world? Constant worry? Lack of faith in a better future?

Work through your thoughts. If you decide to change your destiny, remember the following:

1. Let yesterday remain a dream, and tomorrow a mirage. Today is life itself.

2. Get up in the morning with full determination to live this day happily from dawn to dusk.

3. Act today and now. No tomorrow, next week, etc.

4. Do not regret the past. It cannot be returned.

5. Realize that you are the creator of your life. You have no one to blame, blame or thank.

Many years ago, I did a terrible stupidity, which I greatly regretted. The thought of that act haunted me. As a result, I worked through my thoughts and decided: this was not with me, this is not me. This attitude helped to overcome insomnia and a sense of shame.

In general, the subconscious is a powerful tool. If you use it correctly, you can achieve inner harmony and achieve many goals. Do not confuse with self-deception. The algorithm for creating the right attitude includes not only the suggestion and affirmation of a positive effect, but also the visualization of the results. Only by freeing the subconscious from complexes, feelings of guilt and other people's opinions, you can start the process of shaping fate.

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Live in the present!

An impressive part of hospital beds is occupied by people who gave up, could not bear the burden of the past, and are afraid of the future. They could change fate for the better if they lived for today.

We constantly stand at the intersection of the past that torments us and the future, which will begin at the last second of the present. We can never live tomorrow or a week ago. You need to live where you can.

I'm sure you also said these words:

  • "when I become an adult";
  • “when I go to university”;
  • “when I graduate from university”;
  • "when I get married";
  • "when I become a boss";
  • "when I retire."

We constantly expect that fate will change for the better. We are waiting for time to pass, and everything will work out, and then we will be truly happy. Understand that life is made up of this minute and second. “There is only a moment between the past and the future. That is what is called life." How beautifully marked! The song sounds like a warning to humanity. Our existence is too fragile. You have to take care of your life. Appreciate every moment.

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No way out!

If you are looking for options on how to change your fate for the better and start living, most likely you are having a hard time now. I will introduce you to three heroes who were on the edge and were able to get up from their knees. Maybe you are in a similar situation? Then stories from the lives of other people will charge you with positive and suggest a way out.

Credit bondage and one-armed bandit slavery

Maxim was 29 when he became addicted to gambling. The memory of the first big win made him put money into the casino account again and again. After 2 years, Maxim owed money to all microfinance organizations and banks that exist in the city.

A debt of 3 million rubles became the reason for the constant deception of loved ones, more frequent binges, prolonged depression. The guy was attacked by collection agencies, his bank cards were under the gun of creditors. I had to sell the car, garage and household appliances. Parents turned away from Maxim, and his wife moved out to her mother and filed for divorce. It would seem that there is no way out.

But our hero knew how to change fate for the better and start living. He began to fight with his most sworn enemy - with himself. The victory was on the side of Maxim. He began to build his destiny the way he wanted to see it: he got 2 jobs in order to quickly close his debts, went in for sports and gave up bad habits, began to read and develop more.

The guy learned to control himself. It took 3.5 years to close the debts. The wife, seeing positive changes, returned to him. Now their baby is growing up.

So, the most difficult step will be the first step - a break with the past. It is important to accept and understand the problems that stand in the way of a better life. You need to deal with finances, learn how to save. Today everyone can find a job regardless of education and credit history. Surely, you have relatives who can help with finding a suitable place or lend the right amount to close loans.

If you cannot get rid of a harmful addiction, whether it be alcohol or gambling, seek help from a specialist. Don't be alone with your problem. Don't be ashamed of your mistakes.

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Seems not fate, sees no love....

One of my acquaintances did not even think about how to change his fate for the better and start living after the betrayal of his beloved wife. He fell into depression, began to curse the entire female sex, hatched a plan for revenge and even thought about suicide. Prayers from parents, calls from friends and new fleeting acquaintances did not save the situation. He filled grief with cognac and, at every opportunity, told how inhumanely “this bitch” acted.

Only a specialist helped him. After 5 sessions of psychotherapy, the man realized that there was no point in wasting time on a traitor. He threw off the ballast in the form of resentment and, with his head held high, began to build his life. Soon the deceived man married a beautiful woman and bought an apartment. I heard that the former made attempts to return him, but the guy has a completely different life.

In such situations, there is no point in looking for someone to blame, much less taking the blame on yourself. I must say “thank you” to fate for shielding you from such a person who in the future could betray even more. Let it hurt better now than after 10, 20 or 30 years of marriage.

You're trying to ease the pain, but it's like fighting the wind. Such feelings are familiar to many. You are not alone. Believe me, this aching feeling in the heart will pass, like everything else in this world. Throw traitors out of your head like unnecessary garbage. The future is completely in your hands.

Who died, he knows that he lives

Do you believe in miraculous healings, as I believe in them? I am sure that by the power of thought and one's own attitude a person is able not only to change fate, but also to be cured of deadly diseases.

A similar story happened to Victor. He was treated for a long time for a progressive carcinoma. Despite all the efforts of doctors, the patient's condition did not improve. Cancer "ate" the right side of the pelvis, the bones of which were destroyed every day.

Once Victor came to the temple. A priest approached him and told him about the holy spring, which accepts everyone who asks for help. Without hesitation, Victor went to the key with illuminated water.

What was the mother's surprise when she soon saw a joyful son full of energy. Victor had not only an appetite, but also a hope for recovery. After 3 weeks, he returned to the hospital, where they found a decrease in the tumor. After 1.5 years, the man was completely healthy. And this is just one of thousands of examples of how people not only survived after terrible diagnoses, but seemed to be born again.

Is it really necessary to hear a fatal diagnosis in order to become happier? Of course no. Your task is to believe only in the best. Let not a single negative thought visit your head. Stop reading news feeds about violence, accidents, murders, accidents. Stop staring at video clips like "fatal accident", "not for the faint of heart." Your thoughts should be directed to the recovery of the soul and body.

Do you think a holy spring magically heals people? No, only our faith in the best. Illuminated water only pushes us to turn to thoughts, allows us to feel the grace and get answers to important questions, including “how to change fate for the better?”.

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Villain Fate

allow. A friend has a Mercedes B-Class, but you only have your grandfather's Volga, which has its tires full of holes in the ground in front of the window of the house. Yes, that is jealousy. How do you want the same sneakers. The rich are lucky - they fly abroad every year. And I'm so unhappy! I don't even have money for a good smartphone.

When I am overwhelmed by such feelings, I always remember the words: "I suffered so much that I did not have beautiful shoes, until one day I saw a man who did not have both legs." Do you have the right to complain about fate when you have enough food and drinking water? Maybe stop being a victim and an incorrigible pessimist?

Learn to appreciate what you have. Many people would like to be in your place. You can blame fate a hundred times for the fact that the girl went to another, your colleague was promoted, not you. In the end, the price of carrots has risen three times! Ah, fate is a villain. If you do not stop grumbling at life, you will lose not only friends, but also health.

We strongly believe that everything is predetermined. We do not get tired of repeating: "it is clear that it is not fate." You can always justify yourself by shifting the responsibility to the predetermination of events. After all, going with the flow is much more convenient than fighting with yourself.

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Help from the Higher Powers

When I was about 5-6 years old, my mother often went on business trips and never said exactly when she would return. A week went by, another, a third, and she was still gone. I secretly cried in the room, sang the Little Mammoth Song, and then whispered: “Lord, if you exist, let her come today.”

And then the next day was coming to an end, and my mother was not there... And then I said: "I gave you a chance, you are gone."“Stupid child, what to take from him,” I still justify myself. But this is not about my childhood oddities, although I am sure that many at this age tried to manipulate the Higher powers in the same vein.

Adult men, faced with a terrible disaster, either begin to believe in God (and some become too pious), or indulge in all serious and deliberately forget about the word "faith". By the way, be sure to watch the film "Unforgiven" with Nagiyev on this topic. Goosebumps run straight from “I have not believed in any forebodings, signs from above for a long time. I quarreled with God."

I know one thing for sure: religion can be more powerful than the strongest depressants. Faith in God helps:

  • work on yourself;
  • see positive traits in people;
  • believe in a brighter future;
  • reduce fear of death;
  • Don't feel lonely.

It has been proven that even the shortest prayer has a strong effect on a person. It “cleanses” thoughts, promotes relaxation and peace. If all your attempts to change fate are in vain, maybe you should repent, confess to God and ask for protection? So you can release emotions, remove a stone from your soul and believe in the best outcome of events.

I am skeptical about magical ways of correcting fate. Notice, not negative, but skeptical. Many people who resort to the help of sorcerers and psychics really become happier, however, several hundred thousand rubles poorer. But the main thing is the result.

And it's not about witchcraft power, magical rituals for the departing moon and conspiracies in front of a mirror. We succumb to self-hypnosis, which only confirms the fact that our thoughts materialize. Predictions seem to program the subconscious. Healthy optimism and self-confidence change the fate, and not the clairvoyant Elena.

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Ground Rules

Motivation makes us resilient and determined. Without it, it is impossible to achieve success in life. Write down an inspirational quote on a piece of paper and let it always be in front of your eyes. For example: when it seems that the goal is unattainable, do not change the goal, change your plan of action.

And remember the main rules:

1. Constantly raise the level of development of consciousness. Do meditation, yoga, study spiritual laws.

2. Get out of the victim state.

3. Free your heart from resentment.

4. Decide on your goals. Set your priorities. Don't count on everything at once.

5. Give thanks to the Universe for each stage passed.

6. Deal with problems soberly. Alcoholic drinks have not yet helped a single person.

7. Go from failure to failure, but don't lose your enthusiasm.

8. Do not wait for fate, create it yourself.

9. The future is the result of how you spend your day in the present.

10. Make it a rule to do a good deed every day. Let it be a trifle, but it will certainly bring a smile to the face of another person.

If you still do not understand how to change your fate for the better and start living, then I will explain in simple terms. There is no magic wand, as well as specific mechanisms, by clicking on which events change for the good. There is only you, your thoughts, possibilities and vision of the world. Everyone chooses how and how quickly to change their destiny.