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How to bring a girl to orgasm in 15 minutes

Scientists have found that 15-20 minutes of sex is enough to please a woman in bed. Set a stopwatch and let's go, your task is to bring the girl to orgasm in just 15 minutes, and pure sex will take only 6 minutes.

Girls can easily orgasm if you act according to the following time schedule. A girl can be satisfied in 15 minutes, but the best thing is that the sex itself will only take 6 minutes and will be easy to last. Set a stopwatch and let's go to orgasms.

undress the girl, and start sex with hot kisses. Most women believe that kissing is the perfect start to warming up before intimacy. But kissing should not only be on the lips of a girl. Cover the girl's face and neck with kisses. The latter is considered one of the hottest and erogenous zones of a girl. In parallel, hug and caress each other all the time.

12 minutes to orgasm or 3 minutes to foreplay

Start undressing the girl, but leave the underwear on for now. In parallel with the girl, undress yourself, but so that the number of clothes on you is the same. Caress her shoulders, chest, legs. Cover the bare parts of your girlfriend's body with kisses. Kiss, squeeze and compliment the girl. Emphasize the beauty of the girl, her sexuality and desirability. Start removing her underwear, caressing her exposed breasts. Kiss first on the chest, then on the halo, and then approach the swollen nipples. Kiss the nipples, move your tongue, bite very lightly and suck on her tits. Girls thrive on this.

9 minutes to orgasm or 3 minutes to caress

Don't enter a girl as soon as you undress her. Tease the girl with your hands, caress the genital area, but do not touch the clitoris. Set fire to the fire of passion in the girl on the rise. Caress the girl first with your fingers or try to fool around a little with your tongue. When the girl is already in the heat of the moment, start caressing the girl with a dick, but don't go in right away. Take the cock in your hand and move it around the girl's clitoris, as if teasing a little.

6 minutes to orgasm or 5 minutes to sex

Enter the girl, but slowly. Try for a couple of minutes not to increase the pace, but to be gentle and slow. Gradually start more persistently and strongly hammer the girl. At the same time, cuddle up to the girl for better stimulation of the clitoris. You can periodically caress the girl's clitoris with your hand. During sex, do not forget to kiss the girl on the lips and neck. If your height is suitable, then you can kiss on the chest. During sex, grab the girl by the chest, legs and ass. Many girls like it when their ass is squeezed. You can lightly touch the clitoris with your hands, while grabbing her priests, as if by accident. Girls are turned on by this extra stimulation. You can change your position, but this will most likely delay the female orgasm for another 5 minutes, until the girl gets the taste. Girls hate changing positions often, so don't go overboard with it.

1 minute to orgasm and 1 minute to hot sex

When you are hot for a couple of seconds, slow down. If you've had sex in the missionary position, lift the girl's legs a little or squeeze. This will make the contact deeper and stronger. In this position, the girl will receive additional action and pressure on the clitoris. Try not to change the rhythm and look at the girl's reaction. The girl herself will synchronously wave you, moving towards the movement. Stronger, more brutal and rougher movements will do the trick. The girl will get a strong and bright orgasm. After that, you can not hold back and enjoy.

15 minutes for such sex, and the girl is satisfied, satisfied and happy. Time to rest, take a shower and think about the second round if you want.