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How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm?

Sex without orgasm cannot be considered successful. Even if a girl after such sex assures that she was fine and happy, this is a lie. Each representative of the fair sex, going to bed with a man, hopes for an enchanting completion of intimacy.

The female orgasm is an amazing phenomenon. Theoretically, all beautiful ladies can finish. But in practice, many of them do not get the desired pleasure in bed. Most often, inept partners are to blame.

If you want your girlfriend to think you're the perfect lover, bring her to orgasm with every intercourse. This may be difficult at first. But when you study all her erogenous zones and understand how and where to caress, she will soar to the top of sexual pleasure in just a few minutes.

What are orgasms?

Women can end up in different ways. And this is very convenient for a man - for example, if you fail to bring your mistress to a clitoral orgasm, you can change tactics and make her cum from G-spot stimulation or even enter anally, which also sometimes leads to a desired climax.

There are seven types of female orgasm in total. Of course, you want to know how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm. But take your time. Squirting will be difficult to achieve if your girlfriend has never finished in bed before. So first you need to bring her to a clitoral or vaginal orgasm at least a few times, and then move on to a jet.

How women end up:

  • Squirting. At the moment of reaching the highest point of excitation, a special liquid is sprayed out of small holes, which are located on both sides of the urethra. It's not urine, as you might think. The liquid during squirt is almost colorless and smells nothing. A jet orgasm is considered the most pleasant of all, because it gives an unusual and very vivid sensation to a woman.
  • From clitoral stimulation. This is the easiest. Caressing the clitoris is very easy to bring a girl to orgasm. You can stimulate a small pea with your fingers or tongue, but it is more convenient to do this with sex toys. If you use a vibrator or a clitoral vibrator, your girlfriend will cum before she even knows what's going on.
  • Vaginal orgasm. There is a special erogenous zone on the anterior wall of the vagina. It is located about 4-5 cm from the entrance. Stimulation of this sensitive area plunges the girl into a real erotic ecstasy. Try pressing on the G-spot with your fingers and see how your girlfriend likes it. Vaginal orgasm can also be achieved by choosing a position in which the head of the penis will rhythmically stimulate the desired area.
  • Anal orgasm. It is achieved by influencing the nerve endings in the anus and inside the rectum. But some women get sexual pleasure during anal sex for a different reason - there is a sensitive point on the back of the vagina. When you enter a girlfriend through the anus, the member rests directly on this area.
  • From the caresses of the chest. Namely, nipples. Female papillae are very sensitive to any kind of stimulation. Some girls are able to cum from exposure to the chest, even if the man does not caress either the clitoris or other erogenous zones. The fact is that the nipples are closely connected with the uterus - when you pull them, the girl's uterus contracts, which gives her a very pleasant sensation that can lead to an orgasm.
  • From oral sex. This refers to contact when a girl gives a deep blowjob. So far, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but some of the fairer sex are able to achieve orgasm from the feeling of pressure when a member enters the throat. If we turn to Eastern teachings, we can find out that there is a special connection between the female throat and genitals, so a throat blowjob can cause a bright flash of sexual pleasure.
  • When playing sports. Orgasm from exercise is rare, and according to statistics, only 7% of women are familiar with it firsthand. This usually happens when a girl intensively trains the lower abdominal muscles or buttocks. But this information doesn’t give you much, because you won’t force your girlfriend to download the press so that she finally ends.

First, learn how to bring a girl to a clitoral orgasm. As soon as this works out and becomes commonplace, move on to more complex options. In order for her to finish with a squirt, you must properly prepare.


What needs to be done before starting an erotic experiment?

First of all, take care of the cleanliness of your hands. You will have to caress the girl with your fingers, inserting them into her vagina. So your palms should be perfectly clean and preferably not rough.

Cut your nails short. If there are sharp edges, use a nail file that your girlfriend definitely has. Burrs on the fingers should also not be. To keep the skin on your hands soft, use baby cream or moisturizing lotion.

Create a romantic atmosphere in the room where you will make love. If your friend has never finished squirting before, she will most likely be tense. You will have to make an effort to relax her.

The actions of a man

To bring a girl to a jet orgasm, you must set her up for sexual pleasure. Offer her some wine, compliment her, kiss and hug her. Let her turn on first from your words, and then you will bring her excitement to the maximum level with skillful actions.

It is advisable to discuss in advance the possibility that she will end up squirting that night. If you omit this moment, then when a jet of liquid splashes out of your girlfriend's pussy, she may become embarrassed. It is important that a girl understands the essence of a jet orgasm, otherwise she may think that she just peed in bed.

First step

Lay your friend on the back and let her spread her legs apart. You will need to insert your fingers into her vagina - first only the middle one, then also the index one. If it's not wet enough inside yet, use some lube. But it's okay if there is no lubricant at hand - you can replace it with your saliva.

Now feel for the G-spot with your finger. This is easy to do - in an aroused girl, this sensitive area swells slightly. If you can not locate the desired zone, just press your fingers on the front wall of the vagina. When your girlfriend gets turned on, you will know exactly where the G-spot is.

Continue this caress for a few minutes. In parallel, you can kiss the girl on the lips, caress her papillae or stimulate the clitoris. Watch your partner's reaction - if she groans or bends, and there is more natural lubrication, then you are doing everything right.

The second stage

There are several options for how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm. Using different techniques, you can come to the same result - the partner will experience unearthly bliss, and a wet spot will form on the bedding right under her.

  • Press. Rhythmically press the G-spot with the pads of your fingers. At first, do this at a slow pace, then, when the girl begins to breathe rapidly, increase both the speed and the force of the pressure. Ask your friend what kind of stimulation she likes more - light touches or active movements. Do as she asks, just do not stop so that the excitement does not go away.
  • Flexion. Difficult way, but one of the most effective. You have to bend your fingers when they are inside the vagina. In this case, there will be an active impact on the G-spot. Do it as if you are calling someone to you. This method has only one drawback - the fingers can get tired quickly. So that the girl can experience a jet orgasm, change hands if necessary, while caressing the clitoris or other erogenous parts of her body.
  • Friction. Press the pads of your fingers to the G-spot, and then begin to move them intensively in a circle or from side to side. So that the girl does not hurt, put more lubricant on your fingers. Stop periodically, and then stimulate the sensitive area with renewed vigor.
  • Pressure. If the previous options don't work and your girlfriend isn't getting close to orgasm, change the technique to press on the G-spot with your fingers while tensing your entire hand. Continue to press on the desired area in the same rhythm. Your palm should be as firm as possible. So you will be able to increase the impact on the vaginal wall, and the chances of getting a jet orgasm from your girlfriend will increase.
  • Extensive stimulation. Place your palm on the girlfriend's pubis, and press on the G-spot with your fingers. Massage the pubis, thereby affecting the clitoris and labia minora. Just do not overdo it, otherwise the girl will want to immediately empty her bladder. With your other hand, massage the lower part of her tummy or pinch her papillae.

Most often, girls reach a jet orgasm with the caresses of the G-spot. But sometimes this is not enough. To increase the chances of squirting, pay attention to the most sensitive areas of her body. Let her tell or show what caresses she likes the most.

Comfortable positions to achieve squirt

If you don't want to work with your hands, try to bring your friend to a jet orgasm with your cock. Having successfully chosen a sexual position, you can give her maximum pleasure and make her finish unusually sweet.

  • The girl should lie on her back, and you should sit between her legs on your knees. Put a pillow under her ass (you can even very high). Now let her put her legs on your shoulders. In this position, the penis will forcefully press on the G-spot with each friction. If you also use the vibrating nozzle on the clitoris, then the likelihood that your girlfriend will end up with a squirt will be very high.
  • You can slightly modify this position. Let the girl also lie with her booty on the pillow, and you spread your legs so that it is convenient to maintain balance, and put her feet on your chest. To increase the impact on the G-spot, lean back slightly. You can not be afraid to make sharp and deep frictions - if your friend gets hurt, she will easily remove you by straightening her legs.
  • The doggy-style position is also great for getting a jet orgasm. Hold your girlfriend by the hips, trying as hard as possible to press the head of the penis on the front wall of her vagina. In the process, you can lie on top of the girl - then she will have to stretch her legs and raise her ass.
  • Sit on the bed and lean on its back. You can sit comfortably in a chair. The girl should sit on top of you, but not as usual in the pose of a rider, but facing your knees. Now let him jump on you. So she can control the strength, speed and depth of penetration, and the G-spot will be actively stimulated with each movement of her hips.
  • If your girlfriend is flexible and slender, try an unusual position, which for some reason is rarely used by lovers. You should lie on your back and put the girl on you, turning her face to the ceiling. She will have to bend strongly in the lower back so that the penis penetrates deep into the vagina. In the process of friction, the penis will move with a small amplitude, which is why constant pressure will be exerted on the G-spot.
  • In the position of a cowgirl, it is quite difficult to bring a girl to orgasm with a squirt. But if you change the position of the bodies a little, then everything can work out. Let the girl put her feet opposite your shoulders (on both sides of your body), and she herself leans back, leaning on the bed with straight arms. You can move, as well as she, completely taking control of the pace and rhythm of movements on yourself.

When you manage to bring a girl to a jet orgasm, be prepared for the fact that it will be very wet. Sometimes there is very little liquid, but in some cases a large wet spot appears on the bed. It is advisable to lay a large diaper on the bed in advance or conduct sexual experiments in the bathroom.

Sex toys for squirting

With the help of devices from a sex shop, you can significantly improve your intimate life. But for a girl to experience precisely a jet orgasm, devices are needed that are convenient to actively stimulate the anterior wall of the vagina. Before using sex toys for the first time, you need to wash them thoroughly, and do not forget to take a quality lubricant to bed.

  • Finger vibration stimulator. Gorgeous compact size G-spot device. Simply put the device on your middle finger, insert it into your friend's vagina and start the vibration. If the girl does not want to finish, kiss the nipples and caress the clitoris.
  • Rabbit vibrator. Stylish device with two processes - a large one (for insertion into the vagina) and a smaller one (for clitoral stimulation). In both parts is located on the motor. They can be turned on separately, or you can influence vibration at once on two erogenous zones of a girl. The device will simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot, which usually leads to a bright and prolonged orgasm (often with a squirt).
  • Ordinary vibrator. Choose a small size model. You don't have to try to reach your cervix with a sex toy. It is enough to insert the device 4-5 cm into the girlfriend's vagina and press its end against the front wall. Apply pressure to this area - at first lightly, then intensely and quickly.
  • G-spot vibrator. These models have a special curved shape. On the front, which will be in contact with the sensitive area, there may be pimples or ribs. If possible, buy a more expensive device - with the function of changing speeds and vibration intensity, as well as with a powerful motor. For erotic fun in the bathroom, pick up a waterproof model.
  • Butt plug. Don't be surprised - with this sex toy you can make a girl experience a jet orgasm from regular sex in almost any position. When the plug is immersed in the anus, the vagina contracts. The larger the sex toy, the narrower your girlfriend's pussy will become. And this means that the movement of the penis into the vagina will actively stimulate the G-spot.

An important point! To see a girl end up squirting, you have to arouse her as much as possible. During a long foreplay, a sufficient amount of fluid will have time to accumulate in her body, which, at the time of a sexual outburst, will pour out in a strong stream.

Popular misconceptions about squirting orgasms

Since squirting is a fairly rare phenomenon, many guys, and girls too, do not quite understand what it is. Sometimes, when the release of fluid during orgasm occurs by accident, the partners are confused, and some even think that this is some kind of pathology.

  • Squirting means that the girl could not restrain herself and peed. Indeed, the process of fluid release during squirt is very similar to urination. But you should pay attention to the color and smell (more precisely, their absence) of the liquid that appeared in order to understand your mistake.
  • Only the elect can end up like this. Accurate data on the number of women who have had a jet orgasm at least once in their lives is not yet available. But it is believed that only some representatives of the weaker sex have access to this joy. The reason for this opinion lies in the fact that most couples devote little time to foreplay. And in order for the liquid to be released during orgasm, it must have time to accumulate in the female body, for which the partner must keep the girl in a state of strong excitement for a long time.
  • Squirting is always a powerful jet. No, usually the fluid simply flows out of special openings in the woman's vulva. With strong excitement and a large amount of accumulated secret, he can shoot a jet. But this does not always happen.

It takes time and patience to bring a girl to a jet orgasm. It is desirable that there is no embarrassment and misunderstanding between you. Your girlfriend should be sure that you like her body and everything that happens to him in bed. Then with each new attempt to achieve a squirt, her sensations will become more and more vivid and saturated, and one day you will achieve the desired sweet result.