How to behave with a girl: tips for beginners and experienced gentlemen

Relations with the fair sex is an extremely pleasant thing, but not so simple. Do you know the saying that women are very similar to cheburashkas: warm, soft and love with their ears (I will not continue about the crocodile)? In fact, this is a very true statement. The whole success of further horizontal and more serious prospects directly depends on how correctly you will behave with a lady.

And this is where most guys make a lot of the same type of mistakes that invariably separate them from the long-awaited romance. Can't figure out how to behave with a girl? Then, my friend, read this article carefully. Therefore, here I will tell you some holy truths that many men stupidly do not pay attention to. And in vain, because in fact it is not so difficult to win the hand, heart and bust of a pretty girl. So, let's start, perhaps.

Typical male mistakes

I want to start my educational program on the contrary. This is kind of like bad advice. If you absolutely do not want to achieve female disposition, but on the contrary, you need to get rid of the lady as soon as possible, then the options from the following list will definitely cause your final break, moreover, it is from her side:

1. Rude behavior, foul language

For a Russian person, swearing is a way to correctly express emotions, and not a curse at all. But this does not always cause delight in the eyes of the girl. Believe me, the majority of even the most refined ladies from a family consisting exclusively of honored teachers and musicians, in their ability to cover with a multi-story mat, will outdo any experienced plumber in the belt. But this does not mean that the girl wants to hear three-letter words in the amount of 5 pieces for each sentence.

We are all people, and I think that if a brick falls on your foot, you will definitely be forgiven for an obscene tirade. However, there is absolutely no need to do this without a reason. Such rudeness is not a manifestation of brutality or maleness, but a sign of disrespect for your interlocutor and others. So shake your mouth and watch your tongue.

2. Lack of basic manners

I won’t say that you are obliged to walk everywhere in a tailcoat and throw your down jacket under the feet of your beloved so that she can go through the mud without getting her shoes dirty (well, or white sneakers, it already depends on your taste in women). But didn’t your mother teach you as a child to let the ladies go ahead, offer them help in carrying heavy loads, open doors for the girls? This is the standard set of good manners.

And most decent ladies know exactly how a normal (in their understanding) man should behave. Therefore, without waiting for the appropriate reaction, the girl will simply be disappointed in you and slowly begin to turn off communication. I don't think you'll need to know a full set of cutlery at a royal dinner party. But anyone can give a hand when exiting the transport, right?

3. Excessive obsession

This is generally a separate issue. Moreover, not only bunny boys suffer from this, who have never seen a naked charmer in their life. Even experienced machos, who already have gray hair in all decent and indecent places, sometimes simply do not let the girl they like pass, ignoring her right to personal space in every possible way. And I definitely don’t recommend doing this, even if the beauty doesn’t get out of your head.

Try to maintain a balance in everything. Let the woman know that you are interested in her. But to go in cycles in it is corny harmful to one's own psyche. I'm not talking about how it looks from the side of the girl herself.

I remember that one of my unfortunate suitors, who vainly aimed for gentlemen, did not just call and write to instant messengers. He naturally wanted a detailed report of what I was doing, where I was going, what I was having lunch, etc. The person really did not want to understand that I really “work at work”. It is clear that very soon he was blacklisted wherever it was possible to block.

Do you understand what I'm getting at? Do not turn into a telephone and real maniac chasing your victim on the heels. This will only scare the girl and cause her moral discomfort.

4. Lack of independence

If you are already over 30, and maman still controls every step, congratulations, dreams of a cool girl can be buried right away. Women's lack of independence is felt a mile away. If you want to know how to behave with a girl so that she does not send erotic on foot on the first date, remember one simple thing. We. Not. We love. Mamenkins. Synkov. Dot. No, exclamation point!

If any of the fair sex would like a guy who constantly interrupts at a meeting to answer the call of the dearest parent, then it clearly smacks of some kind of pathology. Because every girl wants to see a confident and independent man next to her, able to make strong-willed decisions. And what can we talk about when you behave like a delinquent schoolboy? Dude, it's time to leave my mother's breasts, finally, and move on to studying the busts of other ladies.

5. Lack of ambition

Let's start with the fact that it's frankly indecent for an adult man to work anywhere, as long as they don't strain, but it was possible to fumble. This speaks of infantilism and unwillingness to achieve something in life. But most girls are now building their own careers and getting leadership positions in large companies. Then why do they need to be lazy in life, who, apart from a sofa and a can of beer, are not interested in anything? So, act like your ambitions are much bigger than your most important organ.

Tell the girl about the goals in life, plans. You don’t need to lie too much, but it’s always good to say that you are thinking of getting a second degree at a prestigious faculty or applying for a more solid position than you currently have. Behave like a successful person. Look, soon it will become a reality. Thoughts are still material, do not forget about the wonders of the subconscious.

6. Inability to carry on a conversation

Ladies who are interested not only in the contents of your wallet will always pay attention to how and what a man talks about. To interest the beauty you like with your behavior, be a natural, relaxed and enthusiastic interlocutor. Pay attention to the presence of parasitic words. Their abundance makes the most interesting story completely indigestible. Try to give your voice clarity, firmness and intelligibility. He should not treacherously tremble, even if inside you are really afraid to screw up in front of the object of sighing.

Speak consistently, do not jump from topic to topic, keep the thread of the dialogue flowing and logical. Otherwise, your behavior will scare the girl away with your insecurity. No one likes boys blushing, stammering and dying of shame, even they are already under forty, and behind the soul a three-ruble note in the center and a good position of some kind of financial director of a not sickly company. If you don't know how to behave with a girl, just be yourself. This will help calm the trembling and give self-confidence.

Another couple of important tips regarding behavior during communication. Try not to touch on too intimate topics if you are not yet familiar enough with your new passion. Not everyone will understand black and professional humor. To joke about her appearance is to return the path to a sudden death from a heel between the eyes. Spreading all the information about your sores at the first meeting is not the best way to make a good impression.

7. Boredom

Almost no one can endure such comrades for more than 10 minutes. And then, I consider such a long period of time a great feat on the part of a woman. If you clearly know behind yourself such an unpleasant trait, it must be urgently eliminated. Otherwise, your behavior on a date will provoke an instant separation without the right to take you home, and even more so to stay for a glass of tea.

Do not speak in a monotonous voice. It simply destroys the interest of the most attentive interlocutor. And there is no need to correct it every now and then in some platitudes. Everyone has the right to be a little imperfect. In your case, it's bullshit. So let your companion also have some shortcomings. In the end, paying attention to an error can be much more elegant than stupidly poke your nose at it.

8. Obsession with past relationships

A difficult case, I want to tell you. You do not need to be seven spans in the forehead to understand how to behave with a girl. It is enough not to talk about former love, and even more so not to compare a new acquaintance with one that has long been resting with another guy.

Even if the previous relationship was milked for many years, you had a family, there are joint children, this is not a reason to forcibly impose the image of a departed beloved on a new girl. If you lead you as if you are about to ride a mountain goat to the one with whom everything is supposedly over, you can forget about a new relationship for a very long time.

Stop constantly remembering past moments. Block her pages on social networks and never go there again. Moreover, storing shared photos and videos is not a good idea. Make room in your life for something new, good and promising. Behave in such a way that the girl immediately understands that the burden of past relationships no longer hangs on your neck with an unbearable stone. Otherwise, it will be simply unrealistic to interest her. Nobody wants to become a shadow of the past.

9. Jewish Blood Syndrome

You know what I mean, right? No one is suggesting that you spend all your income on women. This would be wrong, as a matter of fact. Why does a man need a lady who is only interested in his salary? However, at least you need to take the girl to a good cafe on a date and pay the bill. Yes, the word is not very pleasant, but how do you even imagine a relationship in this case? Take the same candy-bouquet period. All women love romance and attention. And that always comes with some cost. So calm your inner Jew and don't squeeze like that.

10. You rush things

Believe me, not all women see a stamp in their passport as the ultimate goal of their life. Yes, even not everyone wants to be in bed on the very first evening of their acquaintance. Simply, because then you yourself will reproach her with the phrase that all girls are slutty. Wake up, men are also interested in this!

Still, I do not recommend acting too aggressively and rushing things. Most ladies want to leave a good impression and need some time off before taking their relationship to the next level. So don't turn into a preoccupied maniac and impose a personal vision of the next step. Let everything take its course. By the way, you can give some initiative to the girl herself in order to understand when it is worth going on the offensive.

11. Homegrown alpha

I do not argue, a man must have a certain amount of self-confidence so as not to faint from excitement when meeting the fairer sex. But here it is very important not to cross the line of what is permitted and not turn the start of a relationship into a farce.

Avoid pomposity and lies. Refuse the traditional advice of "experienced pick-up artists" from the Internet. Do you want to know how to behave with a girl? Then just show her that you are a reliable, interesting and caring guy. The image of a macho now will hardly surprise anyone and certainly will not hook anyone. But simplicity and charm can really achieve a lot. So be good, ok?

Basic rules for a man's behavior

And now, my friend, let's move on to the most important part of our fascinating educational program. How to behave with a girl in order to firmly settle in her head and heart? In fact, everything is simple to the point of banality, but in any case you never really believed that this would work. So, here are a couple of really effective tips for you:

1. Be attentive, but don't push too hard.

Remember that a woman should be curious about her new boyfriend. That is, it must be intrigued by its location, but no more. She will do the rest on her own. For example, go on a date, continue to chat nicely, but do not rush to make a second appointment. Let her guess why you don’t rush into battle and don’t strive to tie up this tidbit as quickly as possible. Such male behavior really excites and excites girls.

Do not try to meet your new acquaintance everywhere and everywhere. Let her have time to digest all the information and introduce you as her boyfriend. And in general, it is useful for people to miss each other.

2. Say goodbye to the fear of rejection

If you do not know how to behave with a girl, cultivate self-sufficiency inside. Do not be afraid to hear "no" and start all over again, but with another lady. This is completely normal. Not only will you save yourself a lot of nerves, you will also really interest a woman in such behavior. Now, for some reason, many men do not want to get acquainted with the spectacular representatives of the fair sex, purely out of fear of infringing on their exorbitant ego. Don't join their ranks. Raise the bar for yourself and hit on the most beautiful girls in your environment.

3. Be interesting and original

In this case, I mean the behavior of an enthusiastic person who has an unusual hobby, or even more than one. Don't worry that a girl may make fun of your desire to learn a new knitting technique or she will be embarrassed by the fact that a man goes to Latin American dance lessons in his spare time.

A person who has a hobby always gives the impression of an adult, complete and emotionally mature person. Namely, with such a guy, almost all girls want to be (note that I always leave room for various psychological deviations and pathologies, where without them).

4. Understand that most girls also like sex

And this should certainly affect your behavior. I do not call for grabbing ladies for all the details on the first date. But how sometimes there was not enough initiative from men when I was still free and was in a creative search for my soulmate in spirit, or at least in body...

have already started dating and, in principle, both are ready to go beyond platonic hugs. To think that sex is a duty for a woman is fundamentally wrong. Don't know how to behave with girls? Be confident in your own attractiveness, be able to take the initiative in your own hands, but never go too far and do not insist if you see that a woman is not ready.

5. Respect your partner

But this is a very important point that should not be overlooked. If you act like a woman is something second-rate, you can immediately forget about a normal relationship. Moreover, all the girls feel very subtly that the guy is cunning, and inside he has a real abuser. So it's better not to tempt fate and just start looking at the world and people a little differently.

6. Behave yourself

It seems like a banality, but for most ladies this is extremely important. Especially when it comes to relationships with a woman holding a high position, and not a neighbor girl who has had one and a half boyfriends in her entire life, and even those are in virtual reality. Learn a few basic rules of good manners so you don't screw up in public and display your worst qualities. Remember that you need to behave with a girl in such a way that she wants to walk alongside, and not run away, covering her face red with shame.

So, the starting set of knowledge has been received. I hope that you can apply them in the right way and be sure to pick up the brightest star in your environment. Good luck!