How to become smarter twice in just a year? 30 ways to be smart

Why do some think well and others worse? The modern world is ruled not by the strongest, but by the most intelligent and quick-witted individuals. How to become smarter and develop your intellectual skills? Non-trivial ways to pump your brain and beat your competitors for a place in the sun.

“Many complain about their appearance, and no one complains about their brains” Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya

Do you consider yourself not smart enough, stupid or have a bad mind? This is much better than having an unreasonably high ego and being a pompous jerk, like most people. A high level of intelligence will allow you to earn more and succeed in life.

The simple things you do every day will help you become smarter. If you are attentive and do these tricks, then the level of your intellect will inexorably rise day by day. In today's world, it's not the strongest who win, but the smartest.

How to upgrade your brain and how to become twice as smart in just a year?

1. Periodically solve puzzles, problems, crosswords and tests.

2. Eat foods for the brain: berries, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts.

3. Exercise twice a week and give up bad habits.

4. Read books and don't lie to yourself that there is no time. Do you have time to sit on social networks for half a day? Read useful books, not any literary dregs.

5. Learn to use both hands equally. Write, brush your teeth, hold the spoon with your other hand.

6. Don't dwell on the obvious solution or answer, but think further.

7. Change the order of ordinary things, and do not act all your life on autopilot.

8. Learn to think critically, study different points of view and do not listen to what different people stubbornly hang on your ears.

9. Engage in creativity: drawing, singing, music and other similar things.

10. Play mind games: chess, “What? Where? When?”, “Quiz”, “Brainstorm”.

11. Develop a sense of humor, read jokes, watch KVN and Comedy Club.

12. Learn foreign languages. Watch movies in another language.

13. Keep a diary and write down your ideas in a notebook (you can use it on your phone).

14. Expand your social circle and meet different people.

15. Have regular sex or masturbation if you don't have a partner.

16. Look for the root causes of problems, difficulties and troubles, and not just worry.

17. Always educate yourself, and do not stop developing after school.

18. Be as inquisitive and curious as possible.

19. Study logic, rhetoric and other sciences that improve thinking.

20. Control your mood, don't let yourself get angry or depressed. Don't let mood and emotions control you.

21. Sit up straight, don't slouch or hold your breath.

22. Read quotes and classic books.

23. Drink more water and eat wholesome food.

24. Think positively, laugh more often and don't be a whiner.

25. Take care of good sleep and rest.

26. Remember the names of people, important things and phone numbers of loved ones.

27. Look for more acquaintances and friends with whom you have common interests.

28. Declare war on laziness, social media, TV, and procrastination.

29. Make detailed plans to achieve your goals.

30. Challenge yourself and accept it.

Become smarter and smarter. This will definitely help you in your work and life in general. But remember what the Spanish painter Salvador Dali said: “A mind without ambition is like a bird without wings.”