How to become smarter and wiser? How to upgrade your brain to succeed in life?

It is foolish to deny that the success of life depends on how quick-witted, smart and intelligent a person is. How to become wiser so that in life everything works out more often? The secrets of the success of those people who were able to realize themselves.

"Many people complain about their appearance, and no one complains about their brains." Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya

A successful life requires not just a high level of intelligence, which we call IQ (intelligence quotient), but emotional intelligence EQ (emotional quotient). It is he who is responsible for a happy and prosperous life.

Being smart and being a good student are two very different things. Many excellent students have a high IQ, but then they achieve nothing in real life. And losers often have a high EQ, which helps them to be ahead of all the excellent students.

How to be more wise and how to upgrade your brain? How to develop emotional intelligence, which greatly affects our future life?

How to become smarter and wiser?

  1. Read entertaining, informative and useful books every day.
  2. Learn foreign languages ​​and watch films without translation.
  3. Play logic and learning games.
  4. Listen to good music and play musical instruments.
  5. Try new things, hobbies and hobbies more often.
  6. Carefully choose the environment and the people with whom you communicate.
  7. Show interest in people, their emotions and thoughts.
  8. Learning verses by heart improves memory and makes it easier to seduce girls.
  9. Exercise, eat right, and get good sleep.
  10. Chat with different people, interesting companies and visit new places.
  11. Create something of your own: paintings, crafts, stories.
  12. Keep a diary or your own blog.
  13. Listen to educational podcasts and watch educational videos on YouTube.
  14. Do self-education in the area that interests you.
  15. Stop worrying about serials and social networks.
  16. Connect with people and put yourself in their place.
  17. Be open and flexible to change, not a bone log.
  18. Grab the given opportunities and chances.
  19. Seek to communicate with smart people and those who are much better than you.
  20. Get rid of laziness and the desire to do nothing.

What is the difference between smart and stupid? How to become smarter?

Where intelligence is lacking, everything is lacking, especially happiness and prosperity.

  • A smart person does not try to show that he is smarter than others.
  • A smart person uses his brain, not reflexes and emotions.
  • A wise man listens attentively and speaks little.
  • A smart person notices everything, but does not get offended, but draws conclusions.
  • A smart person has healthy ambitions.

But it's not enough just to have a mind. The main thing is to skillfully apply it...