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How to become powerful

In each of us there is a secret desire to become powerful, strong, significant, to realize all possibilities and achieve goals. How to become a powerful person?

What is power? Power is potential, strength, power, influence. This is the inner quality of a person who is convinced of the fidelity of his path and the chosen goal. You also dream of being strong and powerful. To have authority, respect and a place in society. Not to be a helpless spectator in life, but to control events, influence other people, make changes and win. Here are some qualities that will make you stronger and more powerful.

How to become powerful

1. Power of knowledge

Modern people sometimes underestimate knowledge. But since ancient times, people said that knowledge is power. The first documented appearance of this statement dates back to the 7th century. In the Arabic book "The Way of Eloquence" by the first imam of Shiite Islam, Imam Ali, it is said: "Knowledge is power, and it can command. A man of knowledge during his life can make people obey and follow him, and is praised and honored after his death. Remember that knowledge is the ruler and wealth is its subordinate."

Knowledge is power. Knowledge can be a source of power. Become an expert in your field and take the desired position. Knowledge relates to all areas of life and all aspects of issues. The layer of knowledge makes a person more prepared for life. You can become stronger in any area. Starting from oratory and ending with programming.

2. The power of charisma

Attract attention, please and influence people through charisma. Many people dream of developing the ability to be charismatic.

More expression, emotionality, confidence, passion, friendliness, humor, positive, activity, leadership.

Often, charisma is understood as the ability to quickly respond to a situation. People who instantly joke and adapt to the situation are considered more charismatic.

3. The power of force

In any situation, the strength of the interlocutor is an important factor. A strong and athletic person is perceived as more powerful. In negotiations in the office and in the gateway on the street, a person subconsciously considers the tougher one who has broader shoulders and who is stronger.

4. The power of money

Money solves 90% of the problems that may arise. A rich person, with the help of money, can become more powerful and powerful. He can buy anything and be independent from financial storms. Wealth gives freedom and confidence. Money frees you from fear for the future and allows you to live the way you want.

5. Strength of Character

Some people get up after being knocked down. What distinguishes them from those who, after a couple of blows of fate, feel helpless, sink and give up? Character and perseverance. The power of character can pave the way. Get up after every defeat and get down to business with a vengeance. Without character and eggs, there will be nothing.