How to become more flexible in life? Forward movement is based on flexibility

People complain about the lack of money, connections, opportunities, but no one says that he is not smart enough. Why don't you get it the way you want? You fight against the current and circumstances when you need to adapt to them. Flexibility is at the core of well-being.

“Be flexible. As soon as you stopped being flexible, you died. Be flexible. It is a forged metal and absolutely inflexible rule. The most flexible element gradually becomes the controlling element in the system.” Italian proverb

Why can't you do what you want? How many times have I heard complaints about the crisis, blat, machinations of enemies, work with the wrong people, poor quality advice, lack of time, money, connections and technology.

People like to complain about different things that can be summed up in one word "resources". But why do others succeed, who also do not have similar resources? People fail not because of a lack of resources, but for a completely different reason.

You're not flexible enough. You lacked flexibility in your life. You did not show resourcefulness, ingenuity, purposefulness, wisdom and cunning, but continued to stubbornly knock on the closed door.

80% of success in business is not resources, but flexibility.

How to become more flexible in life? Often we leave ourselves loopholes to justify our defeats and failures. We justify everything by external factors, but not by our wrong behavior.

Think about the area where you want to break through. You know what you want the most. You even know what to do. But are you doing it the right way? No. You do little things and try a few strategies that don't work. You are not flexible. But why resist if you need to adapt to the situation?

Some people complain that they cannot lose weight. They say they've tried everything. But they lie to themselves. If they tried everything, and not a couple of non-working methods, then they would be thin and beautiful. There are many strategies for losing weight and getting in shape. You just have to try one after the other until you succeed.

We are looking for an excuse, not looking for or trying a breakthrough strategy. It is necessary to take active actions, then there will be movement forward. You need to be more flexible, and not try one non-working method over and over again. entrepreneur and founder Jeff Bezos said, "If you're not flexible enough, you keep banging your head against the wall and find no other way to solve the problem."

More action, more flexibility and more perseverance.