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How to become more attractive to women

Are women interested in dating you? How to like and be more attractive to any woman? 12 tips for men from a girl who willingly shares her feminine look.

Magazines often feature articles for women with titles like: "13 Ways to Become More Attractive to Men." After reading one of these articles, I realized that enough was enough: I can also give advice to the "opposite sex." And I wrote some recommendations on how to be more attractive to women who might be interested in dating them.

1. Do not comment on her love or dislike for sports

Women's bodies do not concern you. It's up to us to decide whether we want to do fitness every day or sit on the couch and crunch on chips. Our bodies are our business and no one else's. We can have as many folds on the stomach as we want, and they will all be beautiful. And there is nothing more disgusting and vile than a man trying to evaluate our bodies and judge us by our sports or lack thereof.

2. Don't try to make her look the way you like

As I said, her body is her business. You may have your preferences, you may like natural hair color, no piercings or whatever, but you have no right to demand that she not dye her hair or get pierced and tattooed. Body modification is a way of self-expression. Just like their absence. If you want to please women, then implement your preferences in your image, and keep comments about someone else's style to yourself.

3. Don't be homophobic, racist or nationalist

Just don't be. They all look like complete assholes. And I'm not even going to explain why.

4. Learn to accept her no matter how “masculine” or “feminine” she wants to be

Some women do not like manicures, but love the hair on their legs. Don't even try to shame us for this. We have already understood that we live in a world with unrealistic ideas about women, and if you decide to side with these ideas, then it’s better just not to approach us. It sometimes takes women incredible courage to stop removing body hair and feel good about it, while you never in your life thought about wearing something closed so that no one stares at your hairy legs or armpits and made no comments about it. And yes, by the way, do not try to counter this with judgmental words like "too glamorous" or "this is for girls." If she likes to wear pink, put on makeup for hours, watch TV shows, etc. - it's her full right, shut your mouth.

5. Remember that she is not your property

There is nothing more pathetic than a man who tries to control women. It looks like you're insecure. Insecure men are extremely unattractive, especially when they try to amuse their ego by publicly humiliating their partner and constantly monitoring her actions. Forget it.

6. Don't judge women by their sex life

eyes. Even better, if he realizes the scale of injustice. When a man fucks everyone and everything around him - he is "macho" and "well done." When a woman leads the same active sex life, smart people immediately remember the “parable” about keys and locks. But exactly how many keys her lock can open is only her business. Including if she decided not to have sex with anyone at all.

7. Don't be a misogynistic pig

Not a single woman ever said. And yes, if you only control yourself when you talk about your partner, but keep telling sexist jokes and saying mean things about other women, even if they don't hear it, you're still a misogynistic pig and asshole.

8 . Never wait for someone to serve you

Never ever. Even to yourself, do not say such phrases as "women's duties", and, in particular, "man's duties." People should please each other only if they feel like doing it. The only time you can expect her to cook dinner is if she says, "I'll cook dinner tonight!"

9. Don't laugh at her selfies or food photos

Selfies are a way of self-expression, as well as a way to accept yourself and increase self-esteem, which the whole world tries to underestimate every day around us. Selfies are also how we identify ourselves. We take a photo, we upload it on social networks so that people can see and understand what we like. We want to be understood. If she's on a date with you and took a photo of her eating at the cafe, chances are she's enjoying it here and having a good time. If she didn't like it, why would she start taking pictures? So you really should forget about ridicule.

10. Treat her friends and girlfriends well

Whether they are men, women, or whatever, it doesn't matter. The Spice Girls are right: don't try to get ahead of her friends. It's not a competition, even if her friends are men. If a man acts as if the relationship is threatened by his partner's friends and girlfriends, then this is a great insult to her, and it is completely unattractive.

11. Be honest with her and don't just listen, but answer

Everyone likes to be heard. And especially when they not only listen, but also answer, if necessary. Don't just try to nod and hum in response, try to keep the conversation going. You need to learn how to keep up the conversation even on uninteresting topics, if they are important for the partner - you will not lose, but she will understand that you really treat her carefully.

12. Think before you say something

If you realize that you are going to say something problematic, then it is better not to speak at all. Women like it when men are able to reflect on their words. Remember to pay attention to what people around you are saying and react if they say something problematic. If your work colleagues allow themselves to make misogynistic or otherwise inappropriate comments, stop them. And be especially careful what you say to those you love. If you tell your girlfriend that her breasts look "funny" in one of her bras, she may stop wearing it altogether or become complex about it. Think about what you say if you don't want her to remember forever the nonsense that you blurted out without thinking.