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How to become more attractive to girls?

Do girls like handsome or rich men? Do you need to look beautiful to get the girl you like? Maybe it's better to become rich and then there will be no problems with girls?

Do you want to have a wide selection of girls, but there are problems with the appearance and the thickness of the wallet? We'll fix everything.

How to become more attractive to girls?

Girls looking for hot guys?

The appearance of a partner is important for a girl, but not as much as for men. This man can fall for the appearance of a girl, her legs, chest figure or ass, but women are not so naive. Girls almost always choose a partner with reason, and do not succumb to instincts and sexual desire.

You can be cute, but not even connect the words. Such men are avoided by women. An ordinary man who knows how to flirt, laugh and be pleasant in communication will conquer a girl faster than a stupid handsome man.

If a man is scary in appearance, he can always pump up in the gym, become more well-groomed, dress neatly, pump up a sense of humor, charisma and sociability. The ugly appearance of men is easily leveled by other qualities that girls will dry on him.

Are girls looking for rich people?

Women are excellent and sensitive investors. They do not invest in unprofitable or risky business. Sometimes they even easily change course if they see a better offer within sight. You can accuse women of selfishness, but life is short, and no one wants to live in poverty. Even you.

Women are looking for a man who can be a reliable partner who will pull the family and children. Therefore, promising and active men who have money and goals in life are selected.

And bare-assed and apathetic romantics, without the desire to achieve anything, remain alone. Money and a career are the equivalent of a man's strength.

Girls are looking for competitive men

Girls do not choose the most handsome and do not want to marry the richest man. Girls choose the richest of the beautiful and the most beautiful of the rich. Every girl is looking for a balance of the qualities of a man who make it. The more competitive the male, the more attractive he is.

The more advantages a man has, the better. A cute face gives points. Athletic physical form and muscles also add. Money gives you an edge. Charisma adds. Intelligence is valued. Any positive quality makes a man more cool.

But to be pumped up and poor is bad, as well as rich and dead. Girls are looking for balance and balance of all qualities. Girls choose the most balanced, in their opinion, man.

How to become more attractive to girls? Stop calling girls whores and do nothing. Become competitive and there will be no end to the girls.