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How to become lucky? 13 ways to become a darling of fate

How lucky are you? Happy people are not born, but happy people are made. How to find luck, earn good luck and achieve the favor of fortune? Maybe you need to wait? Fortunately, everyone has their own, but the search methods are the same. How to be truly happy?

Why exactly 13 points? This is a test so you are afraid of everything. The fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia. The number 13 is sometimes considered unlucky and is referred to as the "devil's dozen". But even the devil cannot prevent those who have firmly decided to become happy and successful.

Life does not get easier with time. Constant losses, difficulties, broken hearts and adversity will face you. Obstacles in life will never stop, but that is no reason to be unhappy.

You can have a job, a relationship and hate the whole world. And you can be sleepy, lonely and without work, but at the same time be absolutely happy. Happiness and luck comes to those who move in the right direction.

How to become lucky and the darling of fate?

1. Lucky people kindle their inner fire. If your eyes are dimmed, then you cannot be happy. Find yourself in this world. Find what lights your heart. Shake it up Wake yourself up from a coma, routine and everyday life. You're completely different inside. Free yourself.

2. Lucky people see opportunities in everything. You can sit at the station waiting for the bus and be sad. And you can read books, learn a foreign language, dance to music or meet an interesting companion. The ability to notice chances is very important.

3. Lucky people are more smiling, cheerful, sociable, friendly, positive and open. They are easier to converge with people and more easily maintain contacts, which gives them a lot of chances.

4. Lucky people do not wait, but find their happiness, deserve and achieve. They even extract particles of their happiness from bitter grief. Don't wait for someone else to make you happy, only you can do it.

5. The lucky ones have a talisman. Scientists are trying to refute the power of the talisman, but life proves the opposite. Get yourself a talisman and its power will definitely help. But more than a talisman, believe in yourself.

6. The lucky ones don't struggle against the inevitable storm and weather. They humbly wait out hard times and do not waste energy on something that does not depend on them. But after the storm, the sun always appears, giving many opportunities.

7. Lucky people have real goals and dreams. They can even be almost unrealistic and unattainable. But it is the road to the dream that makes us happy. Fight for your dreams and move forward.

8. The lucky ones don't waste time complaining and asking why there are so many difficulties in life. They pass the test and go further, but stronger, more resilient and confident in their inflexibility.

9. Lucky people do not pay attention to past failures, condemnation of envious people and gossip. They are self-sufficient and do not engage in self-flagellation.

10. Lucky people take risks and seize opportunities at the right moment. Be observant Take advantage of the circumstances and the chances presented. Feel the moment when you need to take a risk.

11. Lucky people collect their happiness bit by bit, drop by drop, spark. They are not arrogant and their heart is ready to thank life for every little thing: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

12. Lucky people love their neighbors and are not afraid to show their warmth. Communicate with loved ones, meet people, approach the girl you like, confess your love, look for friends and like-minded people.

13. Lucky people are active by nature. A rolling stone gathers no moss. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen. Happiness is achieved only by those who are active, who do not sit lazily on their asses and do not wait for a miracle from heaven.

Happiness and good luck are the personal merit of a person. What have you done to make yourself happy?