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How to become cool? 10 ways to be cool

Cool, cool and cool are not born, but made. Any ordinary person, even a nerd, can become cool if he decides to change. The path to leadership, friends, the good life and the attention of chicks lies in the development of the male core.

If you are tired of a boring life, few friends and even fewer girls, then it's time to change your life. Cool life is only for cool people. How to become one of them?

How to become cool? 10 ways to become cool

Be confident and comfortable

To please people, you have to love yourself. Calmness, confidence and strength. If you want to look cool, then you don’t need to fuss, worry, be nervous, stoop and rush about. Let others start a conversation with you, and do not run after them, trying to offer a conversation. Speak calmly, confidently and loudly. Look like a slow and dangerous lion, not like a fussy and weak hyena. Look like you've got everything under control. But don't jump out of your pants to look cooler.

Lead a flamboyant lifestyle

Do you want to look interesting and cool? Lead an active lifestyle. Go in for sports, extreme types of recreation, travel, go to different events. The more exciting life you lead, the more interesting you are perceived to be. No one thinks couch potatoes or computer geeks are cool.

Get fit

When you have an athletic figure and exercise regularly, you automatically look cool. Athletic appearance is always considered an attribute of successful, cool and cool people. Get yourself in shape. A sports person always attracts the eyes and attention of others. They are afraid to offend such a person, seeing his strength of character and iron muscles.

Dress cool and cool

Choose a cool style that is different from most. High-quality and classy clothes will transform you for the better. Pick up quality accessories, leather items and branded brands. You will gain confidence and your style. Even without saying anything, you will already look better than the crowd.

Look cool with a beard or stubble

No extremes. Avoid trying to stand out with tunnels in your ears, ridiculous hair or tattoos. For a man, the best way is to choose facial hair. A stubble or beard makes a person more masculine. Such a person seems to be out of the system and very brutal.

Give the impression of an experienced person

Cool is a more mature person who has more experience, knowledge and skills. If you did something that others did not. Riding a motorcycle, bungee jumping, hitchhiking, talking to famous people or having other interesting life experiences. But do not lie, it can be easily revealed. Always show your achievements and successes to others, but do not boast about them openly.

Identify cool people

Being cool at school, university, among friends or at work are often different things. In one place it will be appropriate, and in another it will look ridiculous. Identify 3-5 people who are considered cool in your environment. How are they different, what makes them cool? How to become like that? Make friends with a cool person so that some of his coolness is transferred to you. Create your own small company to oppose yourself to the gray mass.

Ignore the enemies or destroy them

There are always enemies or envious people who do not wish you well. They will put you in a bad light to undermine your credibility. But don't be afraid of this. Create the backbone of your people who will be on your side. Destroy envious people with humor by taunting, ridiculing and mocking them. Look for their flaws or invent it yourself, and then laugh at it. Look at the enemy with a scornful smile that will make them angry. Whoever loses his temper first loses.

Go against the crowd

If you want to be cool, be different. Don't fit in with those around you. Be different from others, but not a black sheep. Disagree with the opinion of the majority and object. When everyone thinks and acts in the same way, it is easy to show oneself a little differently. Stand out original to look cool. But sometimes you have to go at the head of the crowd in order to catch a wave of respect from others.

Be positive and friendly

Smile, be friendly, positive and cheerful. Smiling is the key to people's hearts. Try not to be overly serious. Joke, tell jokes and amuse others. Be cool and easy-going. Make friends with other people and make more friends. Try to become the one everyone wants to be friends with and communicate with.

Do you want to have a cool, cool and interesting life? Be cool.