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How to become confident and strong? You need to turn into a bad guy for 30 days

How to become a strong and confident man? How to start being wildly popular with girls? How to overcome your fears, modesty and insecurity? How to achieve your goals? Psychologists recommend using the unusual method of playing the bad guy. To become much cooler and more successful, you need to turn into a bad guy for 30 days.

It is difficult to become what you dream and want to be, but it is possible. How to reach your ideal? How to become someone who achieves his goal in life and is successful with girls? Without practice and training, this is impossible. Psychologists recommend using the following interesting training. Such a technique will allow you to pump all your internal qualities and character in 30 days. You have to transform and play the bad guy for a month.

How to become confident and strong? For 30 days, turn into a bad guy

1. Start saying the word “I” more often

Forget about modesty and timidity - this does not paint a man. It's time to be a person who is really worth something and is not afraid to position himself. In conversation, use the word "I" more often. Use expressions: "I know", "I want", "I will do", "I suppose", "I think". The narcissism and selfishness of a bad guy is sometimes simply necessary to indicate their limits. Individuals are respected and valued, not the gray mass of mediocrity.

2. Forget about making concessions to anyone

Do not give in to anyone in a dispute, do not help, do not go forward, say “no” and do not agree to requests. Stop letting people ride on your neck. Learn to say no when you don't need it or hurt your interests. Refusal can be motivated by anything, or you can not even explain. Since when did a bad guy become a kind, pliable Samaritan?

3. Look into the eyes when talking

Learn to look into the eyes when talking, and not run around with them. Look into the eyes as much as necessary in a particular conversation. If you want to put pressure on a person, then look intently until he begins to worry, fuss and tense up. Looking closely at girls also has its advantages. He is very turns on and excites the girls. Bad boys don't apologize for staring at girls or peeking through their cleavage.

4. Don't apologize or give in.

Sometimes apologies and kindness are perceived as weakness. Try not to apologize. Shrug your shoulders, walk away or ignore other people's grievances. This method will allow you to avoid those situations when you will be manipulated by a sense of guilt or duty. Do not bend over once again for no particular reason.

5. Keep quiet when you don't want to talk or it's not in your best interest

Don't get into a fight that you're not interested in. Sometimes it is not required to enter into a conversation or sort things out. Try not to say anything when talking to someone. Listen, nod your head, sigh, answer in monosyllables, get away from the conversation, refer to employment. You have the right to remain silent, and not to explain, justify or disperse in a conversation. Such a strategy will help you maintain your position.

6. Give up uncertainty

As the great conqueror Genghis Khan said: “If you are afraid, don’t do it, if you do it, don’t be afraid, but if you did it, don’t regret it.” Forget about doubts and start taking justified risks. Forget the words "I'll try", "probably", "I hope", "it seems". Replace with words of confidence: “I will do”, “I will figure it out”, “I can”.

7. Do what you want

Engage in a fight or battle if it is needed to win. The feeling of inner freedom is characteristic of strong people. Don't be afraid to do what you want. Realize your desires, goals and dreams. Act against other people's desires and do not listen to critics. Go ahead if it's worth it.

How to become confident and strong? Follow these 7 rules and be the bad guy for 30 days. You will like it so much that in a month you will become completely different. Only the strong achieve their goals in life.