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How to become better? Willing to take a risk or be afraid?

Dissatisfied with life and want to change it? Sometimes it happens that one act, one event or one article can change a life. Become a trigger for change when dreams of change have been waiting for the right moment for a long time. Are you ready to take a risk or will you be afraid again?

Cultivation is a long process that can take a lifetime. You can never say that you have reached your peak of development, because there is always room for further growth. But a long journey starts with the first step. You can start making changes today.

If you are unhappy with your life today, then you are doing something wrong. Any change should start with the abandonment of old patterns of behavior that do not work or hurt. You need to look for new effective ideas and make a new working plan. But don't be afraid. We have a detailed plan.

Change is based on simple and clear rules, but not everyone can translate them into reality. Most give up under the onslaught of laziness or fear. Most retreat and are afraid to make dreams come true. But what happens if you take the risk? Or are you scared? Again?

How to become better?

"If you want to have what you never had, start doing what you never did." Richard Bach

1. Work on discipline

If I was asked about the most important quality, it would be discipline. It is discipline that distinguishes an ordinary person from a more successful one. Be able to follow the course regardless of mood, circumstances and motivation. It is laziness that sabotages all success and is the main enemy.

Do you want to get better? Cultivate discipline in yourself. Always stick to your plan and don't shirk. Do all things when it is necessary to do it. Get up in the morning on an alarm clock, and do not wallow for another 5 minutes. Get to work right on time, and do not do nonsense. Do things when you need to, and don't put them off until tomorrow. Develop the inner strength of discipline and order. Learn to control yourself, and not to indulge weaknesses and laziness.

2. Go in for sports

You can pretend for a long time that you are satisfied with fat or nondescript appearance. Have a flabby, weak, fat, unathletic and ugly body all your life? Sounds very dull and disgusting. In the list of answers to the question of improving oneself and life, there should always be sports.

The best habit is to play sports. Sport is the best beauty salon that makes the body more athletic, beautiful and sexy. Sport gives strength, increases working capacity and makes more energetic. All people worth something in this world go in for sports. Everything.

3. Live and act every day

Dissatisfied with life? The current situation arose because of your earlier actions. We forget that there are cause and effect relationships in the world. Everything that happens around you is the result of your actions, words and thoughts. Often we go with the flow, succumbing to routine and habits. We blindly follow routines, patterns, and rules.

Do you want to be better? Wake up. Live and act every day. Clearly realize that from your right actions, changes for the better occur. Erroneous actions or inaction only worsen the situation. Work on your dreams every day, not once a year or from next Monday.

4. Be an optimist

Persistent dissatisfaction, pessimism and depression are the main signs of failure. The more dissatisfied a person is, the less likely he is to succeed and be happy. Pessimists are notorious for always expecting the worst and then it happens to them. No one wants to chat, be friends, or date someone who constantly trades in their disgruntled face.

Become better than 80% of the people in this world. Be more positive, smiling, friendly and optimistic. Smile more often and keep a cheerful attitude. A positive outlook on life will open doors and opportunities that were not previously suspected.

5. Keep your word

Modern people talk a lot, but are often unreliable and do not keep their word. Be different from them by doing what you say. Be better than others. Back up your words with actions and always keep your word. The reliability of a person says that he has character. These are the kind of people you want to do business with and be friends with. Girls also love reliable.

6. Do not be offended

Do not take offense to heart. We love to resent other people and life itself. We carry grievances in ourselves, we harbor them for many years and feel sorry for ourselves. It robs you of strength, confidence and prospects. Grievances are pulled to the bottom. How to be better than yesterday? Get rid of vulnerable points.

But no one can offend you until you yourself want it. Do not take personal shit, problems, complexes or envy. Resentment makes you weaker and more vulnerable. Being offended and carrying anger in yourself, you allow other people to influence your future. You were not only “offended”, but also made into a laser, using vulnerability and sweetness of character. Smart people don't get offended, but draw conclusions and move on.

7. Think then speak

Words spoken or secrets revealed cannot be taken back. For this reason, think and then speak if you don't want to regret what you said later. From the outside, you will look more reasonable when you say well-considered things. If your words are not better than silence, then it is better to remain silent. Silence has always been golden.

8. Be punctual

Being late and making other people wait is extremely disrespectful. Everyone values ​​their time and they have other things to do than wait for you. People around you may form an opinion about you as an optional, non-punctual and extremely unreliable person.

Be punctual if you want respect and be better. Accuracy is the courtesy of kings and excellent quality.

9. Take responsibility

Any development of events and actions of other people can affect you. Don't blame others, society, government, circumstances, or bad luck. You yourself are to blame for being too naive, improvident, kind, or relying on other people in vain.

Take full responsibility. To change something, you need to be responsible for your actions. It is important to be present in every moment personally, and not rely on luck or other people. All life depends only on you. Take it as a fact. Take responsibility and control your future destiny.

10. Love yourself and accept

A good life is based on self-love. It is very important to love yourself in order to be accepted correctly and loved by other people. You are treated the way you treat yourself.

  • Love yourself
  • Don't hurt yourself
  • Take care of yourself
  • Don't judge yourself harshly for mistakes
  • Respect yourself
  • Praise yourself for victories, even small ones
  • Do not self-flagellate

11. Observe the golden rule of morality

Treat people the way you want them to treat you. Often we do not realize how ugly, bad and wrong we do with others. Would you like to be in the place of the person to whom your words or actions are directed?

Evaluate your actions. Do you want to be better? Understand that all your actions and words have consequences. Try not to harm other people, not to offend them and not to do evil. Bring positivity and happiness into the lives of other people, not problems and evil. The world is round and everything comes back. What you did, that's what you expect in return.

12. Be flexible

One of the most common mistakes people make is rigid thinking and acting. We get used to certain patterns of behavior and thinking, which deprives us of flexibility. We resist change and are afraid to try new things. We do the same thing, hoping for a different result.

The modern world is changing too fast to rely on old ways and ancient thinking. Improve your life and productivity with flexibility. Plasticity gives more opportunities and options for action. While others smash their foreheads against a closed door, smarter ones climb through the window or look for another passage.

13. Choose your environment

Remember how your parents told you not to hang out with the bad guys? The parents were right. If you have friends who are alcoholics, parasites and losers, then you will be like them. You can be talented, smart and promising, but bad company will ruin everything.

If you want to improve and grow, choose your environment carefully. Communicate with smart, promising, rich and successful people. Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow, not just drink, have fun and chase women.

14. Correct your shortcomings and weaknesses

We all dream of becoming better than we were before. What is wrong with you? What weaknesses of character interfere with life and need to be corrected? What shortcomings do you realize, even if you are afraid to admit it to yourself? Each of us has our own Achilles' heel, maybe even several.

Check yourself against the list, but don't lie to yourself. Please tick where there are problems. Find all your weaknesses, and then get rid of them.

  • Uncertainty
  • Naivety
  • Arrogance
  • Resentment
  • Sloth
  • Alarmism
  • ) Narcissism
  • Vanity
  • Extravagance
  • Irresponsibility
  • Conflict
  • Suggestibility
  • Arrogance
  • Envy
  • Arrogance
  • Self-digging
  • Softness
  • Complexity
  • Cowardice
  • Template
  • Talkativeness
  • Carelessness
  • Spinelessness
  • Pride

How much did you count? If less than 3, then you lied to yourself. Try again.

15. Develop and look for teachers

You can't solve problems by being on the same level with them. Knowledge is the main weapon in the modern world. If a person has knowledge, experience and skills, then he is valued. A good specialist is a professional who knows more than the average mass of people.

Always seek the knowledge and advice of experts who are competent in their field. Read books, educate yourself, listen to podcasts, watch videos. If there are no standing teachers nearby, then look for their knowledge on the Internet. You can learn from the best. These are Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett. Find role models and follow them.

16. Improve communication skills

How are things with communication? How many friends do you have? Are you the soul of the company? Do you easily find an approach to other people? Do you like the opposite sex? It all depends on the ability to communicate with people.

Improve yourself and upgrade your communication skill. Read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Take other similar books that will help you improve your communication skills. It is important to be able to listen to other people, maintain their mood and develop empathy.

17. Avoid mistakes and control yourself

How often have you done something and then regretted your haste? People make mistakes by getting involved in dangerous stories, questionable connections, criminal situations, and unpromising relationships. All this is the result of insufficient analysis of the situation. As a result, a person ends up in prison, money or other problems

Control anger, envy and impulsivity. Always consider the consequences of your actions in advance. It is better to avoid problems than to courageously correct the situation later. Some mistakes cannot be corrected. Some mistakes put an end to all dreams, goals and plans. Be vigilant and don't make fatal mistakes.

18. Get rid of time killers

How do most people spend their time? They spend it on useless things, gradually degrading and morally decomposing.

Time is a non-renewable resource. Often we spend our time too carelessly and stupidly, pouring it into stupid series, endless news, computer games and a sofa. It is much better to spend time usefully in order to become a little better, and not degrade. Time is more valuable than most people think.

19. Develop spirituality

Meditate, do yoga, grow spiritually. Give yourself time to explore your inner world and the beauty of your soul. It helps to find yourself, to become more calm, confident and kind. Cognition will help you find the necessary life guidelines, get rid of unnecessary husks and concentrate on really important things.

20. Responsibly treat the choice of the second half

Often we spend our whole lives improving ourselves, moving towards goals, fighting for our dreams. But what many people overlook is that the choice of the other half will affect them even more. Having contacted an inappropriate girl, a man suffers a defeat in his career, loses real estate, money and nerves. All life goes wrong. These are not isolated cases, but a fairly common situation.

Men buy into the seductiveness of a girl, do not pay attention to alarming factors, shortcomings and disgusting character. But if you chose a trashy woman, then you won’t get better, no matter how hard you try. Choose girls not only with your heart and organ from below, but also with your brain. Don't rush to get married until you're 30 and have gotten to know the girl better. To do this, you need to meet and live together for 1-2 years. Always use condoms. This will save you from illnesses and unexpected marriages on the fly.

Choose a good, smart, cheerful and faithful girl. With which it is comfortable and good. With which you feel happy. If not, then the girl is not 100% suitable.

21. Learn new skills

Learn to dance, speak another language, swim, fight, draw, drive. Each new skill makes you much better. With each skill, you grow and are more valuable to society.

There are many skills in the world that will greatly improve the quality of your life. Gain useful skills, learn new things and try the unknown. Big achievements start with small victories.

22. Lead a healthy lifestyle

A car cannot drive well if you fill it with “scorched gasoline”. Show that you truly love yourself by taking care of your health and lifestyle. Feed your body with healthy food and vitamins. Rid your body of bad and unhealthy habits. Get better by living a healthy lifestyle.

23. Find goals in life

In order to grow and become better, you need to clearly understand where you are going and where you are moving. What attracts you and what are your goals? What do you want from this life? How do you want to fulfill yourself and in what area?

Think about your desires and dreams. Think about how to achieve them. Make a long-term plan for change over the next 5-10 years. Break tasks into smaller ones and make short-term plans. Write down your tasks for a year, six months, a month, a week. When the movement map is drawn, the goal seems more real.

24. Fight for your dreams

For one to succeed in life, the other must lose. Dreams will have to fight and even fight. Are you ready? Ready? Ready? Ready to fight?

25. Enjoy life

"All our dreams can come true - only if we have the courage to follow them." Walt Disney


Forcing yourself to just work and run without looking back is the path to a miserable life. Give yourself time to rest and sleep. Meet your family, friends and soul mate. Thank life for everything good and positive. Celebrate your successes and victories, even if they are very small. Travel, have fun, do your hobbies, get interested in interesting things and do what you like. Enjoy your life. Only happy people can find themselves in life and realize their dreams.

How to become better? You can change yourself a lot in a few months, but the whole process of change can take a lifetime. But the most important thing is that you yourself will enjoy the process of growth and self-development. Life is a colorful and long journey, not a definite destination.

There is no shortcut to happiness. Changes are waiting. Are you ready to take a risk or will you be afraid again this time?