How to become better in bed in a month? How to have a strong erection?

You can improve your sex life by using proven methods that will help with potency, libido, testosterone and erection. How to become better in bed in just a month? Pleasantly surprise your girlfriend.

“Nothing boosts a man's self-esteem like a woman who screams. But not from anger, but from pleasure.

Sex is an essential part of a man's life. But it’s not always possible to perform perfectly, give pleasure or go for a second run. Time to upgrade your sexual skills. How to become a king in sex?

How to have a stronger erection?

Sleep more and rest

Many people like to brag that they sleep only 5 hours, doing numerous things and earning loot. We are all busy and have a lot to do. But these people do not suspect that they have reduced libido and potency. Constant lack of sleep affects the quality of intimate life or even puts an end to it.

Men experience erections 3-5 times a night. This happens during REM sleep, with each erection getting stronger and longer. It is believed that a nocturnal erection prevents some diseases of the penis and improves potency. But if you sleep little, then this does not happen.

Have sex or masturbate

Sex is also a sport that requires training to be always in shape. Training makes it easier for a man to get a strong erection at the right time. If there is no permanent girlfriend, then instead of sex, you should masturbate. Training (sex or masturbation) releases testosterone, which a man needs so much.

Eat right and avoid bad habits

You are what you eat. Fast food, rolls, sweets and fatty foods do not contribute to a good erection. More fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, meat and dairy products. Eat right, otherwise do not be surprised by the shameful fiasco in bed. Try to minimize the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and other bad habits.

Go in for sports

Sport allows you to keep the body in good shape when all organs work effectively. Train 2-3 times a week for 40-60 minutes. This will help the body to work like a clock, not only in life, but also in bed. Sport increases testosterone levels and allows you to perform in sex for an encore. Sports will make you hardy, attractive and good at sex.

Do Kegel exercises

How to pump up the muscle responsible for the penis? Pump the muscle you use to stop urination. This will allow you to have a stronger erection, and not at half past six. Tighten the muscle for 5 seconds with all your strength, and then release. Do 30 reps for 3 sets. It is recommended to do exercises 2-3 times a day. After a month, you will notice a significant improvement in erection when you stand like an iron rod.

How to have a stronger erection? Sleep, have sex, masturbate, eat right, avoid bad habits, exercise and do Kegel exercises. Follow these recommendations and in a month you will notice positive changes. The girl will also notice and will yell at you more often. From great and great pleasure.