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How to become attractive to girls? How to become a magnet for girls?

It's time to increase the number and quality of girls around. It is quite easy to please most of the surrounding girls if you follow a few rules and tricks. The girls are all unique, but they are dragged mainly from one type of men. How to become handsome? Men's life is such that without the fair sex it is boring. How to raise the level of your attractiveness for girls?

How to become a magnet for girls? How to become attractive to girls?

1. The girl likes interest in them. Do you want to please a girl? Show interest and concern for her. 95% of relationships began showing interest in each other.

2. Girls love compliments. When a girl is praised for her beauty, character, or other qualities, she becomes sympathetic to the speaker. Do not be afraid to praise the girl, tell her compliments and nice words. But do it without being pompous or overly sophisticated.

3. Girls are attracted to a sense of humor and positivity. A good sense of humor is associated with high intelligence. A man should joke more, but within reasonable limits. More funny stories, anecdotes and fresh jokes from entertainment programs. Girls do not like boring and sad men. They love cheerful and positive.

4. Girls like good conversationalists. A good conversationalist is not so much a good storyteller as a good listener. Be more interested in her life, do not interrupt, ask questions and listen carefully.

5. Girls like neatness of a man. When a man is clean and well dressed, he becomes more attractive by several points. Neatness and beautiful clothes make a man almost handsome.

6. Girls like healthy teeth. White, straight and healthy teeth make people more attractive to the opposite sex. Dentists can make your smile shiny and irresistible, which will have a good effect on your personal life.

7. Girls are looking for confident men. Girls love guys who feel at ease anywhere. Behind the confidence of a man lies his moral and physical strength. Behind such men is like behind a stone wall. Girls are drawn to the confident.

8. Girls love simple men. Too abstruse and wise men remain alone. Girls will not understand the complex world of a man, in which there are many cockroaches. Keep it simple and be open.

9. Girls love athletic men. Strength has always attracted girls. Even if you didn’t come out with a face or height, you can always become more attractive. Sign up for a gym and there will be no end to the girls. Girls like biceps and a man's athletic figure.

10. Girls thrive on bad guys. Sexier men are those who are not afraid to break the rules, be a little bad, aggressive and brutal. Girls want to see in a man the masculine principle and his inner strength, and not a mattress and a sissy.

Do you want to be handsome and attract girls like a magnet?