How to become a hot guy? Wah!

Women love temperamental men who are not shy about making acquaintances, giving compliments on time, being courteous, courting gallantly, persistently seeking intimacy.

A rumor has reached us that we have almost stopped hitting on the fair sex, complimenting, courting, flirting and provoking women for sex. The point here is not that we don’t like girls, but that we began to talk less about it and get to know each other less.

Almost every woman traveling abroad can tell that foreign men are more active in the field of dating and dealing with the fair sex. The Spaniards, Italians, French, fluffing their feathers, walk around the girls and rarely miss the opportunity to meet a girl, but not ours.

Saying a compliment to a girl passing by is somehow not accepted and many are embarrassed, but why? The manner of conversation with a woman among foreigners is often built precisely on flirting, but on the territory of the former USSR, our men have become like stiff and cold Englishmen.

What the hell, you want to ask? Maybe it's time to become a man with burning eyes and seething blood? The temperament of people is different, but the fire in the chest, like in trousers, should burn, not smolder!

How to become a hot guy? Wah! 10 signs of a hot guy

1. A hot guy says at least 1 compliment a day

Let it be a compliment to your classmate, colleague, neighbor on the porch, stranger on the street. But you just have to say one compliment. If you already have a permanent girlfriend or even a wife, then you should increase their number to at least two. One for his girlfriend and one for another woman. It's not that you're trying to seduce someone else, it's about keeping yourself in the form of a hunter and male.

2. A hot guy meets at least once a week

During the search for a female, you should not be a lonely hermit. Once a week, another female phone number should appear in your phone book. Unsuccessful acquaintances, approaches and tackles do not count. One effective approach is the minimum for a temperamental man.

3. A hot guy is extremely jealous once a month

Someone is choleric, someone is sanguine, but once a month you should give your girlfriend a little thrashing. Jealousy, they say, is an anachronism? Nothing like this! 95% of modern women want to be jealous of others. By this, the man shows that she is still desirable and dear. If the month is running out, make her jealous of a random passerby. You can even punch him in the face, he stared at your girlfriend for too long.

4. A hot guy periodically sorts things out with other men

If a man behaves like a quiet sheep, then this is not a man. A man behaves confidently and does not allow others to trample on his honor. Periodic fights are not the goal of a real man, but a sign that he has been behaving like a man all this time.

5. A hot guy is not a womanizer

A real man is not a womanizer. Womanizers compete for every skirt, but not men. They specialize only in the best specimens of the fair sex. A real man gets acquainted only with the best and does not waste time on dubious girls.

6. A hot guy is loving

A man does not want sex only when he is dead, watching a championship or participating in competitions. At other times, he wants sex.

7. A hot guy is persistent

Taking on a task is not always worth it, but if you do, then be extremely persistent in it.

“Do you have a dream? Run to her! Can't run? Go to her? It is impossible to go to her? Crawl to her! Can't crawl to her? Lie down and lie in the direction of the dream!”

Goals are different: in work, relationships, life and business. But a real hot guy is persistent. He always goes to the goal and does not back down, if you need to crawl towards the dream, then it is necessary. He will move centimeter by centimeter, but he will reach the goal.

8. A hot guy is faithful

He always knows where his girlfriend is and not because he follows her, but because he is constantly interested in her. He comes to her at night, takes an interest in her affairs and takes care of the mother of his future children. A real man, like a male, controls his flock.

9. A hot guy values ​​family and friends

Few things in life are worth living more than family and friends. Difficulties and problems - everything will be solved. Willingness to zealously help his own, not sparing himself, is one of the signs of a hot guy.

10. A hot guy is a hot guy

This is a hot guy, he is a real man, he is active, proud, confident, energetic, positive and life for him is more like a game than a series of calm days.

Don't be a log, be a hot guy! Wah!