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How to become a happy person? How to live in pleasure and live in high?

Many people think that if they do everything right, everything will be fine. If you work hard, carefully monitor your health and try hard, then life will turn out as it should. But all this is nonsense and nothing works. How to become a happy person?

“Yes, man is mortal, but that would be half the trouble. The bad thing is that he sometimes suddenly dies, that's the trick! Michael Bulgakov.

Happiness is not a career

Some people think that happiness lies in a career. I know many people who have worked all their lives to succeed in their careers. They considered themselves indispensable at work, burned with a career and worried about the cause. Only work, a minimum of personal life and communication with loved ones.

But at one moment their hearts could not stand it, they were fired or some other trouble happened. A week later, other people were found at their workplace and forgotten. There are no irreplaceable ones. A steep career did not make them happy.

Happiness is not money

Others wanted to earn a lot of money. They got involved in various cases, worked hard and were on their nerves 24 hours a day. They almost did not communicate with loved ones, never rested and did not participate in the upbringing of children. Only money, loot and cash. They earned huge houses, cars and yachts.

But they died young of heart attacks, died under unclear circumstances, ended in suicide, plunged into depression, remained lonely and unhappy. Money did not guarantee them a long and happy life.

Happiness is not a correct and righteous life

Still others lived in harmony with themselves, carefully looked after their health, monitored the work of the body, ate only the right ecological food, led a sports lifestyle, prayed to the gods, engaged in spiritual development, donated money to orphanages and did the right thing all their lives. They lived in ideal conditions by the sea.

But this did not help them live 100 years and be happy. Non-smokers, non-drinkers, non-swearers and correct. They died from coronary heart disease, stroke, lung disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV, and accidents.

How to become a happy person?

“Life should be a journey to the grave, not with the intention of arriving safely and in a beautiful, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in, in a puff of smoke, completely exhausted and worn out, loudly proclaiming - What a trip!" Hunter Stockton Thompson

If you strive to do everything right and right, you will never be happy. The more you try to control, the less happy you are. All this fuss and life will not make a person happy.

All problems, illnesses and misfortunes begin in the head. Each of us can die at any moment. But there is only one piece of advice and one step to happiness. How to become a truly happy person? How to live in pleasure? Everything is simple.

Just enjoy your life! Live in the buzz! Every moment of life.

How to live high and be happy?

  1. Do not fall for modern trends, imposed opinions, pretentious fashion, false idols and avoid the mainstream.
  2. Immediately quit the job you hate and the things you hate. Or learn to enjoy it, whatever you do. Find yourself and your favorite thing.
  3. Ignore hypocrites, envious people, hangers-on, toxic people and ass lickers. Choose those people with whom you are interested and feel good.
  4. Get out of your comfort zone or quit your job. Leave for another city or country if you think that you belong there. Do not hold on to your usual way of life, sitting in fear in your hateful swamp.
  5. Do what you have long dreamed of and wanted to do. Learn to play the guitar, ride a motorcycle, learn to surf, draw pictures, learn martial arts.
  6. Enjoy life. She is too short to waste her comparison with others on formalities, social networks and attempts to comply with the desires of other people.
  7. Seek happiness and joy. Don't be afraid to try new things, take risks and take action. The main thing in life is to be happy, not to be right and perfect.

How to become a happy person? How to live in pleasure and enjoy what is happening? Remember Max Korzh's song "Live in high". And do just that. Just enjoy your life. Live in the buzz. Live in cafe!


I choose to be myself!

I choose: find my way!

I choose: live in high!

I choose: to live in pleasure!

And you?