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How to become a cool male

Sex is a small joint venture, the success of which depends on the hygiene of each participant. Proper male hygiene. "Cleanliness is the key not only to health, but also to frequency." It is impossible to ignore such a vital necessity as men's hygiene.

Boys, boys and men often think that it is enough to brush their teeth, quickly rinse their face and, at best, rub themselves with a wet towel to the waist, but this is not so.

Let's move away from stereotypes, and with my usual directness I will list the places on the body of a man that kill not only sex, but also make a man out of a Man, or even who is not known at once.

Rating unwashed males group of the fair sex sketched as follows:

- unwashed hair

How to become a tough male. Proper male hygiene

Alas, the first thing that all the beauties appreciated as an extremely destructive (repulsive) element of perception, which is visible to everyone from afar and which cannot be hidden by anything, unless you wear a hat with earflaps in this heat, these are greasy hair.

- uncleaned teeth

The second disgraceful place went to the teeth. So it is: beautiful creatures from as far as five (!) Meters detect a plaque of staleness on a man’s teeth, and this immediately leads them to certain thoughts, because with such neglect of the oral cavity, a kiss with a high degree of probability can be poisonous, besides, caries and pulpitis on such teeth are a common occurrence.

- uncut nails

And also, as it turned out, girls do not like long nails with a rim of dirt under them. I agree, in the understanding of a Russian person, a man with a manicure (nails processed by a professional) is still associated with a representative of a non-traditional orientation, but this does not mean at all that the nails of straight people should compete with the nails of cavemen. Remember, in sex, nails can go to the most interesting places on a girl's body and she is unlikely to like problems due to dirt under them or injury to sensitive skin.

- the smell of sweat from the body and clothes

Stinking sweat and smelling like a man is far from the same thing, at least in the view of fair sexes and I am with them agree on this one hundred percent. I will certainly dwell in the book specifically on intimate smells in order to dispel some of the prevailing myths, but here I will say briefly: girls have an extremely delicate sense of smell, and since they are accustomed to perfume aromas from childhood, they are able to recognize the smell of sweat from a distance of a kilometer. In this case, they only have to imagine what is going on with the guy THERE, so that thoughts about any kind of contact leave them completely and irrevocably.

- ears, nose

Yes, guys, in these places many males really grow hair, which tends to prevent bringing both these organs and those adjacent to them areas to sterile cleanliness. Girls can really see this even during the most harmless kiss, and the smells there, especially those awakened by saliva, are far from the most inviting.

- feet - socks

However, the main flavor of sexual life is considered to be the smell of unwashed feet, unwashed socks and old sweat-soaked shoes. I understand that you can’t detect such amber on your own, because the receptors of the nose, sniffing, can easily move the bar of perception, but from the outside... If such a stench is present, not a single girl, in life, will be able to relax, especially, relax enough to dive into bed with such a dirty, and even experience an orgasm, and this was recognized in chorus by all the beauties participating in my test.

But we have not yet reached the places that are directly involved in sexual contacts. Estimate how much will open in this case. However, before we get under men's underpants, I would like to give one piece of advice for those who are just about to grow up enough to allow themselves to have sex. Take a look at any erotic film: a man and a woman are seized with an extraordinary passion, right from the doorway they “block” their clothes and... immediately have sex right on the floor of the living room. For young people, this situation often becomes commonplace, but the authors of such erotic scenes really harm, because the contact of unwashed organs has an extremely negative effect on both the microflora of the female vagina and the male urethra. Yes, and the vagina itself, without stopping for a second, produces the release of all kinds of secretions, which often stick together both the genital sponges themselves and the hairs along their edges. Sticking a penis in an ambulance in such conditions, and even with acceleration (as in the movie), is fraught not with minor troubles, but with specific injuries, not to mention the smells that the process of merging an unwashed vagina and an unwashed penis gives rise to. In order not to ruin your sex completely and irrevocably, I think it’s not worth talking about oral caresses with unwashed genitals, but some guys are offended if a girl in this situation throws up a sofa for them. No, it's not the size of your penis that causes such a reaction. Do not flatter yourself. This is a reaction to the lack of sexual hygiene - that's all.

This is what should be talked about during sexual literacy training for young people, not only about how to properly roll a condom, imitating the process on a shovel handle. Cleanliness is the key to frequency and if you really want to become a real man and a fucker, think about your own hygiene long before you need it in business.

How to protect sex with hygiene

How to become a tough male. Proper male hygiene.

And now I want to record (prepare a pen and paper) to talk about the basic rules for caring for male genitalia. But this will be useful not only for guys and men, but also for women who will someday have to accustom a new livestock of males to it. And not only children, by the way - with the right approach, any woman can easily provide thorough hygiene to an adult male. Well, if you want, of course. I will be brief, but capacious, so that your whole life is now in your hands with a washcloth and soap:

- crotch

Everything that is covered by a person's underpants is called the crotch. In most cases, it is abundantly covered with thickets of wild hair, which have a more rigid structure relative to the rest of the hairline in order to soften the impact from the outside on the most sensitive organs of a man. As a result of the change in the microclimate of the perineum, when humanity began to wear clothes, the perineal area ceased to be properly ventilated and began, frankly, to stink, because the sweat, before it had time to disappear, decomposes into its components, producing a disgusting amber. As a result, male stench has become an integral part of intimate life, and everything connected with it has acquired an extremely negative connotation. But it’s enough just to wash this area with hot water and soap a couple of times a day and you can forget about the stink, diaper rash, chafing and other crap between your legs. Yes, the hair represents a certain “hemorrhoids” while maintaining hygiene between the legs, but who prevents you from doing this procedure three times, especially if you don’t want to part with the hairiness there? Personally, for such purposes, I use an ordinary hard washcloth, which not only cleans all surfaces of the perineum to a shine, but also improves blood circulation in this area.

- penis

As for the penis, I have already said that there are certain zones on its head where the greatest accumulation of secretions of some glands occurs. In youth, they are so plentiful that only frequent intensive washing saves from a white coating of smegma on the penis. In some countries, to get rid of such a scourge, circumcision of the foreskin is used, so that all this crap is erased from the penis with a cloth of clothing, but I am not a supporter of such radical approaches. I agree that not everyone is sensitive to washing the penis with a washcloth, although in most cases this would help, so I’ll tell you a simple but effective method of washing that I have been using for many years. It is enough to “peel” the foreskin with the left hand until the head is exposed to the maximum, lather the entire penis completely, holding the flesh in this state, and then rub the head of the penis and its corolla quite noticeably in strength with energetic movements of the palm. This procedure will allow you to easily dissolve the plaque that has stuck to the head of the penis during the day, and with it remove all unpleasant odors. Alas, a light wash is never enough, so the penis requires especially careful care no less (!) Twice a day and no less. Otherwise, there are a whole bunch of diseases that initiate genital impurities. You can look up the names in the dictionary in the section balanitis and fasting. What? Not able to "peel" the foreskin to wash thoroughly? Then see a doctor, because phimosis (problems with exposing the head of the penis) does not promise anything useful in sexual life.

Also, guys should ALWAYS pay attention to the culture of going to the toilet. At the same time, I mean not only inaccuracies leading to hitting the edges and beyond the edges of the toilet bowl. Yes, reader, urination is an art that should be learned from early childhood. I am not suggesting to wear special wet wipes for urinary hygiene, with which some people blot the urethra after urination, but getting rid of the last drops of urine in the penis should be done slowly and skillfully. It is necessary to express them several times, and from the very base of the penis, each time shaking from the heart, without fear of sidelong glances from nearby pissing. This is the only way you get a chance to get rid of the last drops in your panties, in addition to give your penis additional stimulation for better growth in length and thickness. One of the few cases of combining pleasant and two useful things and depriving yourself of such a voluntarily is the height of wastefulness.

- scrotum

The scrotum itself is not the main one in terms of its degree of contamination, but if you wear tight tight underwear, it starts to sweat no worse than all the other parts of the perineum. On her skin, among other things, there is a huge number of hair follicles, which, under certain conditions, tend to become inflamed. Whoever doesn’t know what it is, it’s better not to know, because walking with a bunch of sick acne between your legs is clearly not a pleasant occupation. It is necessary to wash the scrotum as carefully as the penis itself, while, given the many folds on its surface and the porosity of the skin, it is required to do this with special care and caution so as not to harm the testicles. You can rub this area with the same washcloth, while pulling the skin itself very strongly in order to better straighten and rinse the folds. The presence of pubic hair prevents the skin of the scrotum from being cleaned quickly, but a few approaches will really make the pouch for the cocoon shiny, and the blood supply to the testicles themselves will improve, which is a good incentive for growth and functionality for the reproductive system.

- buttocks

The skin on the buttocks is the easiest to clean. The fact is that it is constantly in contact with the surface of clothing and sweat does not have time to organize significant areas of pollution on its surface. But since the ass has an intergluteal hollow, areas of the skin hidden from contact are subject to the greatest sweating, being in the closed volume of underpants and pants. Sweating in this area is very high, so simple washing is unlikely to give the desired effect, and therefore - only with soap and twice a day at least.

- anus

Believe me, reader, any even the most virgin anus has a smell and you can’t get away from it if you don’t observe its hygiene regularly and in the most thorough way. The fact is that the processes of digestion do not stop for a second.

How does an intimate haircut affect hygiene

How to become a tough male. Proper male hygiene. I list the benefits that promise a short haircut or absolute baldness: short hair is much easier to wash in any conditions, unpleasant odors do not hold on so tightly, they do not get pinched by the foreskin and underpants in motion, they do not create an unfavorable microclimate for your testicles, they do not interfere with monosex and partner caresses, because when they break out during intercourse, the sensations are not pleasant... If what has been said is not enough, I will continue: the hair growing around the anus is a breeding ground for pathogenic microbes.


Again, having learned neatness and tidiness in this area, a person automatically transfers this to all other types of his life, which ultimately makes a man a Man. Say what you like, but the list of benefits from intimate haircuts can be continued indefinitely, while there are only two counterarguments - your own laziness or fear of hairdressers.

This should also be remembered.

Proper men's hygiene

Who still hasn't entered what it's about - his problems. It's a shame that guys who do not observe intimate hygiene later make personal problems partner, because sex is most often a small joint venture, the success of which largely depends on the hygiene of each participant. It's much easier to do it as early as possible, realizing how much it will increase the chances of the opposite sex and the quality of sex in general. Indeed, many men do not even imagine what it is like for a woman to engage in shock therapy instead of sex in the form of powerful negative blows to all the senses every time. I know, laziness was born long before the birth of the stronger sex, but then there’s no point in complaining about your own horns. Wear them proudly and remember that you will owe all your future sexual problems only to yourself. Yes, reader, male hygiene is as important as female hygiene, and if the guys laugh at you now, you will certainly laugh at them later, when the amount of the fair sex in your environment will show "who is who." And one more thing: the lack of intimate hygiene is often a source of incurable diseases with a fatal outcome, since pathogens are delivered by the genitals directly into the body, bypassing all border zones.

Do you now understand the importance of the topic raised? So I didn’t understand until I got hooked on my own cleanliness and noticed how much it raised my personal popularity rating. Since then, the penis has become a seasoned fighter who has traveled more than one kilometer of sexual roads, but the purity of it, as well as the perineum, anus, armpit, and indeed everything that a woman’s hand or tongue can touch, rarely leaves much to be desired. Every time I wash in the most merciless way, until the skin begins to crackle, and I do this procedure TWICE DAILY. I agree that you may not be able to do this right away, but you need to strive for this, otherwise you will certainly screw up at the most inopportune moment, and with the “dream of your whole life”. As for the so-called "circumcised" - this only slightly facilitates the observance of hygiene, akin to a shaved crotch, but in no way exempts from what I just talked about.