How to become a better sex man

Men who are weak in bed arrogantly think they are great lovers, and real sex professionals know that there is always something to learn. How can a man become better, stronger and more professional in sex?

Sexual pleasure comes to those couples who know how to please each other. Sex not only can deliver orgasm to both partners, but it should do it on a regular basis. How to pump intimate life?

How can a man become better at sex

Learn sex positions

Most couples in love practice only two to five positions in bed. These are missionary varieties, a woman on top, doggy style, on her side, oral sex.

Over time, such sex becomes boring, and the girls no longer get the necessary emotions and orgasms. Try to study the Kama Sutra and other love aids together. Do not save on foreplay, caresses and kisses.

Enhance physical abilities for sex

Sports make a man more enduring and aroused. A good erection is also achieved through additional exercises called Kegel exercises. They must be done if you have a sedentary job and lifestyle. If you have erection problems, they will also help.

Find the muscle that is responsible for the male erection. During urination, try to stop the stream. This is the pubococcygeal muscle group (PC muscle). Try to remember the muscle that is involved in this.

Tighten the PC muscle for a count of 10, and then relax for a count of 10. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times three times a day. You can do this while sitting at work, in transport or lying on the couch. Gradually increase the time to 30 seconds of contractions, and the number to 20-30 times.

Do Kegel exercises regularly. After 2-4 weeks, you will notice a qualitative improvement in sexual life and erection hardness.

Variety and fantasy in sex

The worst thing about sex is predictability. Sex in bed, in the dark and before bed. Everything is simple, obvious and tasteless. Sex requires intensity and variety.

More places to have sex. Sex in the car, in the country, in the bath, in the forest and on the roof of the house. Be creative and don't be afraid to experiment. Buy sex toys, role play and share your sexual fantasies.

Being a good lover costs a lot. Dinners will be delicious, the house is in order, and the woman is kind and gentle.