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How to be vigilant? Vigilance that will save health, money and life

Many people are not prepared for trouble, conflict, fighting, crime, terrorism and war. Not seeing the danger, people become careless and pay dearly for it. How to be vigilant? Levels of situational vigilance that will someday save health, money and lives.

“The police are unable to protect citizens at the current stage of our development, in many cases they will not be able to protect themselves either. It is a private matter for every citizen to protect himself and his family. And it's not just acceptable, it's mandatory." Jeff Cooper

Raised by caring parents in a safe environment and away from dysfunctional companies, many people grow up unadapted to danger. The more greenhouse and good conditions, the more unvigilant and distracted. People grow up who are not ready for troubles, conflicts, fights, crime, terrorism and war. Not seeing a direct danger, people begin to believe in their invulnerability and hover in the illusion of imaginary security.

But at one point such carelessness can be costly. The unfortunate person is beaten on the street, robbed in a dark doorway, shot from a pistol, or he gets into another difficult situation. Why do people like this get into more trouble? They do not know how to be vigilant and cautious, as a result they get into trouble that could have been avoided.

Vigilance by John Cooper

The creator of modern pistol shooting techniques, John Dean "Jeff" Cooper, is known for his work in the field of security. Lieutenant Colonel John Cooper took part in the battles of World War II and the Korean War. This taught him a lot, which he wanted to share later. John Cooper created the principles of self-defense, where the most important means of survival is neither weapons nor combat skills, but a fighting spirit. “If you have a gun, it does not make you armed, just as owning a guitar does not make you a musician,” said John Cooper.

What is vigilance? It is alert and unrelenting attention. John Cooper laid the foundation for human security. Every person cannot be vigilant all the time. His attention is scattered, and he is forgotten in carelessness. American wild west storm gunner and scout Wild Bill Hickok killed more than a hundred people, not counting the Indians and Mexicans. But while playing poker, Wild Bill Hickok sat nonchalantly with his back to the audience, which paid the price. Avenging for his brother, a drunken tramp Jack McCall comes up from behind. He shoots Wild Bill Hickok in the back and kills him instantly. This proves that even the best shooter and thunderstorm of the Wild West can be killed by an ordinary drunken tramp. Dead Wild Bill Hickok held two eights and two aces in his hand. Since then, this combination in poker is called the "Dead Man's Hand".

What is this story about? You have to be vigilant at the right time. Lieutenant Colonel John Cooper created a 4-level hazard rating, sometimes referred to as the "Cooper code". This allows you not to be careless in those moments when the chances of a critical situation are high.

The level of attention and danger. What are the levels of situational vigilance?

1. Absence of danger or "white" level. A person is at rest and does not expect trouble. He is at this moment at home or in a safe guarded place. The weapon is in the safe, and the man is half asleep watching TV. At the moment, a person is not able to resist in 90% of cases if bandits suddenly break into him. Indeed, at the moment nothing alarms him, and he is in a familiar and safe place.

2. Theoretical danger or "yellow" level. When a person goes outside the safe area, he automatically becomes more attentive. The yellow level indicates that a person controls the movement of vehicles, sounds, people and the situation around him. He may also be listening to music or looking at his phone, which can lower his alertness. In a state of yellow, a person can be almost a day, returning to rest home in a white level.

3. Real danger or "orange" level. It is not a theoretical danger that looms on the horizon, but a very real one. An incomprehensible company appears, there was a loud bang nearby, the presence of aggressive people nearby, a rapidly approaching car, a suspicious situation. At the moment, it is required to calculate the probability of danger and methods of avoiding it. The person is very anxious and ready to act immediately. In this state, a person can stay up to two hours, and then his vigilance falls.

4. Fight for survival or "red" level. The danger has become a reality and one has to defend oneself. This is a conflict, an attack, a fight, a fight, a shootout. The active phase of the situation, when you have to make every effort to neutralize the enemy and flee. This is the fight or flight method.

Why was Wild West thunderstorm Wild Bill Hickok killed? He was in the white level of vigilance, when in a public place it is required to be in yellow and even orange if the place is unfavorable. When a person from the white security zone immediately finds himself in the red one, he does not have time to do anything because he was not ready. So people get into trouble when they lose their health, money and life.

How to be vigilant? Color your lifestyle with the Cooper code. White is your home. Yellow - street and public places. When we can fix the threat, and if necessary, move to a higher level. Orange - deep evening, unfamiliar situations and hot spots. We can spot the source of the threat. Red is an unlit doorway, an unfamiliar company walking towards you, an aggressive drunk person. We see the real danger and take the necessary actions.

Be vigilant and always color your life according to the Cooper code. This will someday save you from unexpected troubles, save your health, money or life. Or maybe save the lives of your loved ones. Who, if not you, should be vigilant and control the situation?