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How to be truly strong? It's time to riot

Aren't you tired of being pretty, kind and right? Down with positive, good nature and simulated optimism. Do not try to be comfortable with everyone and play by the imposed rules. Stop talking to people you don't want to. Stop looking for the good in the bad. It's time to riot and break all the damn rules that weaklings have bound you.

Society has imposed on us the rules by which we must play. Rules that are called important for success. These rules make you weak and a loser. Success and happiness are more often achieved by rebels, and not by gray mice in the office. It's time to end this and get rid of the chain. Do you want to be really strong and not a pretty weakling?

It is time to rebel if you are really strong

1. Do not apologize for words, actions and thoughts

You do not have to apologize for your desires and goals. You don't have to make excuses. Why should you feel uncomfortable about wanting something more? Do you want an apology and immediately? Go to hell, maybe three letters.

2. Stop being nice and kind and sweet

Most assholes will think you're a snotty weakling if you play nice and nice. A handy rag, not a good person. They will use you to get their own way with the wrong hands. And behind the back they will call dupes, suckers and weaklings.

3. Don't help the weak

Stop pretending to be a Superman and a Good Samaritan. Helping the weak you make them even weaker and poorer. The weak will always remember you when it's hard for them. They will come for help and demand help until they make you weak too. And try not to help once and learn a lot about yourself. The weak need to be taught, motivated and kicked in the ass, but not helped. Otherwise, they will become weaker and weaker.

4. Spit on the opinions of others

Why should you be interested in the opinions and desires of others? Why? Who are they anyway? Did they imagine themselves as judges, standards of behavior and ideal people? Are you afraid that they will think badly of you? Spit from the high bell tower on the sparkling bald patches of hypocrites.

5. Do not share toys with others, but take others'

As a child, you were asked to share toys with others, which brought up a weakling in you. But are you like that? It’s good when others share toys with you or you yourself take what you want. But why should you share your toys with others? You don't have to if you don't want to.

6. Ignore people

Do not respond to questions, claims or quarrels if it is not in your best interest. When you don’t like a conversation, a conversation or a person, then don’t follow the interlocutor’s lead. Do not answer the question, offer to change the subject or avoid answering. What are you supposed to do here crucify?

7. Do not be afraid of fights and conflicts

How to be truly strong? It's time to defend your interests with all your might. Stop being a kind and peaceful coward who is afraid to stand up for himself. Stand up for yourself, don't step aside. Don't be afraid to say "I'm right", "fuck off", "shut up", "go to hell", "I'll give you the scoreboard now." Do not be afraid to arrange a fight, conflict, quarrel, shout, slap or charge in the face.

Just don't moan in the comments, weak haters. No need to write about what the article calls for breaking the law or traffic rules. It's not about that at all.

Are you really strong or just a compliant weakling? It's time to rebel! Right now! It is to rebel! If you are strong and you are with us…