How to be super cool

Thoughts about how to become cool in one form or another are sure to visit the restless brain of modern man. How to become cool? A bit of psychology.

Thoughts about how to become cool in one form or another are sure to visit the restless brain of modern man, who values ​​the external manifestations of success much more than the achievements of internal evolution. Moreover, "coolness" in the understanding of many representatives of the youth, and even the older generation, lies in purely external attributes - a pretentious car, an elite house, a bank account, a beautiful wife or lover. In addition, the standard set of "cool eggs" increasingly began to include such components as a successful career, popularity in the media, reference physical form. At the same time, many strong and successful people of this world, who have all of the above “dignities” at their disposal, continue to rack their brains, looking for the answer to the question “How to become even cooler?”, which creates the effect of an endless movement towards a goal that is not entirely clear.

Let's figure it out with you, what does it take to become cool, if by coolness we mean all of the above? The answer is as simple as an orange - money and connections. And this is not God knows what a discovery, and everyone knows about it. Therefore, you need to rephrase the question in the following form: “Where to get money and how to make useful connections?” And again we find ourselves in an information impasse, since the answers to the questions posed can be searched indefinitely. Therefore, we need to turn to a slightly different aspect of the concept of “steepness”, which is far from known and understood by everyone who dreams of a convertible, a bunch of dough and bed somersaults with a long-legged Valkyrie.

The real coolness comes with time in the process of understanding the invisible connections that permeate all human relationships, often based on emotional impulses or simply on the basis of this or that physical state. It is a deep psychological penetration into the motivating cause of a particular act of others that will help over time not only become cool in terms of spiritual growth, but also get the coveted money, connections and, as a result, power. But it’s worth making a reservation right away - if you don’t have brains, you will never be cool, even if you inherit King Solomon’s Mines. Therefore, for people who do not understand the meaning of this paragraph, it is best not to read the article further, but simply go and take away someone's mobile phone. It will be really cool.

Returning to the idea of ​​“psychological coolness”, it is worth noting that such training can be carried out almost every minute, especially when you are in some kind of team, including your own family, corporate community or student group at a university. Each action of a person is based on certain motives that made him push the girl away in line, peep the correct answer to the test task, or simply not pay the performer for the work done. In addition, there are momentary situations from which you can directly benefit in the form of observations and conclusions. For example, your friend complains that he cannot repay a debt to someone or missed work yesterday due to a severe hangover. Such a friend can hardly enjoy full trust, and even more so your personal credit in the future.

Another criterion of "internal toughness" is the ability, if necessary, to mobilize all one's psychological and physical resources by correctly responding to a signal from the outside world. And, again, after quickly assessing the situation. A simple example - at the ongoing job interview, the personnel officer, already at the end of the conversation, casually asked about your shortcomings, which you recognize for yourself. What would you say to such a seemingly innocent question? Let's reveal a secret - an innocent lie in this case is really useful. Or rather, not even a lie, but a graceful avoidance of an answer, such as "All my little flaws are not noticeable in the shadow of my obvious virtues...". Learn to speak beautifully, and you will be trusted. To do this, before you say a phrase, be sure to repeat it to yourself. Noticing the roughness, get better and give the interlocutor a perfectly polished version. Remember that the said phrase no longer belongs to you and cannot be corrected.

The third rule is to get as much objective information as possible about the world around you in general, and about the area of ​​your personal interests in particular. Information awareness forms authority among others, and the knowledge gained helps to draw the right conclusions. Information that is not useful to you personally or does not inspire confidence immediately “erase” from your memory and in no case distribute it in the form of your own thoughts.

Summarizing the above, we can define a formula that answers the question "How to become cool?". Constant observation of others + The ability to beautifully express their thoughts + Possession of the maximum amount of useful information + Full mobilization if necessary.

Of course, it will take time to form the above four components of your personal “coolness”, but in this case, the game is definitely worth the candle. As soon as these qualities become an integral part of your daily existence, then, as Ostap Bender used to say: "Money, women and wine are provided to you." By the way, one remark should be made about “wine” - never show yourself to others in a state of medium and strong alcohol intoxication. Especially if these people around are sober as glass or are your subordinates. The concepts of "steepness" and "drunkenness" are compatible only in the above version when we take away the mobile phone.

And finally, it is worth noting that only a pig tail is really cool, so treat all your desires with a certain amount of humor..... And smile more often, gentlemen, smile more often... Author: Golikov Oleg Igorevich