How to be smart and successful

Many of the most successful people did not study well and were not the smartest in terms of IQ, but this did not stop them from becoming the best. The most successful people are smart in a different way, in a more vital way. How to be smart and successful?

“Many complain about their appearance, and no one complains about their brains” Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya

Being smart does not mean an excellent student or a person with the highest IQ. A high level of intelligence and good grades in school is good. But, as life shows, this is not enough. Many of the most successful and famous people did not study well and were not the smartest in terms of IQ, but this did not prevent them from becoming the best. Smart, in the modern sense of the word, means a person who knows how to live according to his plan, who knows how to achieve dreams, who knows how to go to the goal, overcoming obstacles and solving all problems.

How to be smart and successful

1. Smart and successful people are beautiful people

Appearance is very important in work, business and love relationships, in addition to internal qualities. Smart people know what they meet by their appearance. If a person is untidy, looks cheap and unpresentable, then what else can you count on? Few people want to deal with a loser and a loser. For success, you should follow the wardrobe, face and body. An athletic body, a well-groomed face, healthy teeth and a stylish appearance are signs of a successful person. Good looks give a halo or halo effect. This lies in the fact that people with an attractive appearance are considered to have greater mental abilities and more successful.

2. Smart and successful people are sociable people

The ability to communicate with other people is one of the most important in the modern world. Be sure to read several books on psychology and communication. The ABCs are considered to be the books of the American educator, psychologist and writer Dale Carnegie. Three of his books you should read: How to Win Friends and Influence People, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, How to Build Self-Confidence and Influence People by Speaking in Public.

Listen more to your interlocutors, empathize, be interested in other people and develop emotional receptivity. Respond more actively to changing situations and circumstances and try to easily enter into others dictated by the situation.

There is a good quote in the thriller "Fields of Darkness": "Don't make the classic mistake of all smart people: don't think that there are no people smarter than you." Try to judge people reasonably. Every person has something to learn. Also, underestimating other people, especially enemies, can be deplorable.

3. Smart and successful people are people with a broad outlook

The concept of the mind implies openness of views, opinions and breadth of outlook. Try to understand the diversity of the world through the diversity of literature, books, opinions, travel and culture of different countries. Live and learn! Learn more. Learning when you choose the subjects you study is very interesting. Do not stop developing and educate yourself. The breadth of outlook will make it possible to think more outside the box and effectively in any situation.

4. Smart and successful people are smart people

Try to remember names, surnames and as much information as possible. A good memory allows you to retrieve intelligent weapons at the right time. Interesting quotes, expressions of famous people, definitions, double negatives, buzzwords, parables and funny stories will help you get your way when communicating.

5. Smart and successful people are the behavior of a hero

Straight posture is very important for success. It shows a person in a more favorable light. He looks more confident, strong and successful. Excitement also does not paint a person. Try to breathe deeply when you are excited. The brain will be saturated with oxygen, and you will become more calm and confident, like 007 James Bond. In general, try to behave culturally, calmly and confidently, like movie characters. Look like a hero you can rely on. It captivates those around you.

An intelligent person will never call himself such. It will be customized as needed. Be smarter than the rest, but don't show it to them.

A smart person will always be successful if he is really smart…

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