How to be smart?

Do you always move slowly, do the last thing and do not have time for anything? Procrastination is your middle name? This is a bad character trait that needs to be eliminated immediately. How to become a smart and active person who manages everything and achieves everything? If you want to fulfill yourself in life, then you should start by increasing the speed.

Getting ready in the morning takes a lot of time, always takes a long time to do a job, always stays late, always arrives last, always fumbling around, never getting things done, and do people think you're slow?

When you feel like the sloth from the cartoon "Zootopia" who can barely move, something should be changed. Procrastination is bad for the quality of life and financial well-being. You don’t have time to do things, you never have time, and all your dreams slip past your hands.

It is impossible to fully fulfill oneself at such a low speed in life. It is impossible to achieve goals with such slowness. It is impossible to achieve a dream by barely going towards it. Should be accelerated. Accelerate drastically. Become a smarter, more active, confident and even a little arrogant person.

How to become smart?

Each person has their own pace. We love to attribute everything to character, features and nature. But often it is more self-deception. How to become smarter and faster?

1. Procrastination and Procrastination

Often, procrastination develops in people who are accustomed to postponing everything for later. You can do it now, but a person chooses to do it tomorrow or sometime in the distant future. This leads to the fact that the number of cases accumulates. This is not called procrastination, but procrastination.

Procrastination is the rejection of everyday, necessary and important tasks for later. This can be called the scourge of the 21st century. Why do we keep putting things off? The reason may be laziness, trying to do everything perfectly (perfectionism), fear of success, lack of motivation. Often interfere with various distractions: social networks, movies, TV shows, news.

Try to pull yourself together and start doing things right away, and not put them off until later. Set yourself clear time deadlines, look for motivation to get things done, and get rid of distractions. This will make you faster, more determined and nimble.

2. Slowness and fast music

If you are slow, it may be advisable to listen to faster music. Walk with headphones or listen at home. The rhythm of music teaches you to move faster, as if at a given pace.

This method will allow you to gradually increase the speed. It won't happen right away, but it will definitely happen. The internal pace will set a faster rhythm in all matters.

3. Influence of rest on speed and slowness

Each person has a different need for rest. When you get very tired, get little sleep and little rest, then the body and brain begin to go on strike. You should give yourself more rest and breaks.

Sleep at least 7-9 hours. Rest. Take breaks from work for 5-10 minutes every hour. This will save energy, be more productive and more nimble.

4. Planning things increases speed

A good method of getting rid of procrastination is to make plans. Get a diary and write down everything you do. Plan carefully every day and every hour. This will develop discipline and order. All actions will help increase the speed and pace of life.

5. Sports and speed

Pay attention to all athletes. They are all very energetic, fast, productive, smiling. They are in good physical and emotional shape. Their body is full of strength and energy, which is visible from afar. They seem to burst with energy and drive.

How to become smart? Start exercising and running. Sports will make you more active, energetic and nimble. Running will also give you speed. When a person goes in for sports, his slowness disappears before our eyes.

There are people who manage to do and achieve more in a year than others in ten years or a lifetime. It's about speed and agility. Be faster if you want to fulfill yourself and be happy. Then you will be able to keep up and overtake slower relatives. You know how to get on that train that others cannot jump on.

How to become smart and most importantly why? If you are slow and passive, you will never achieve what you want. Dreams will never be achieved. It is important, first of all, to start by increasing your speed. And this must be done not tomorrow, but today.