How to be real?

Do you want to change your gray life for a life full of adventure and happiness? Become real, alive and wild again. Stop pretending to be someone you are not. Your time is limited to spend on living someone else's life. Do not drown out the inner voice, natural intuition and the call of the heart. Be yourself and take everything from life.

Who are you? Are you able to answer this question?

How you became an ordinary nobody

Being born into this crazy world is the most incredible thing. We appear in this world noisy, bright and flashy, but expected by other people. We come as wild, violent and alive as possible. With our appearance, we give the world a new chance, which it did not have.

As children, we recklessly enjoy life, trying to satisfy our curiosity and interest in new things. We boldly rush into dizzying adventures, unusual explorations and risky adventures. We fantasize, invent and dream. We are not afraid of anything or anyone. We are more alive than all the living. We are children, but we are so real and spontaneous.

In our youth, we continue to dream big things. About a happy future and unusual adventures, which will be many on the path of life. The future seems to be something incredibly exciting and interesting. It is as if we are burning from the inside, and our wild gaze burns with a passion for life and dreams. We will do so many great and wonderful things!

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But now you've grown up, changed and saddened. From birth to adulthood, we were completely different. We were alive and wild and real. We could turn the world around for our dreams and goals. But then comes adulthood. What's the worst thing that happened when you grew up?

Look in the mirror. Do you recognize? A man is looking at you, whose heart has gone out, his soul has hardened and his eyes are filled with longing. The one who betrayed himself is looking at you. All dreams, plans, goals and desires lie on a distant dusty shelf. You lead a life that does not please. You go where you least want to go. But for what? For the sake of some small benefits, under investigation work, dubious achievements and a worthless life? Did you dream about this in childhood and youth?

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How to become real?

"Every apostasy from our own essence, every crime against our nature is fixed in our unconscious and makes us despise ourselves." American psychologist Abraham Maslow

Adult life is not sugar at all, as you thought earlier? Life is unfair, hard and harsh? Dreams don't come true and things don't go as planned? All right. But the main reason for your sadness is not the ruthlessness of life. You have learned to be yourself. Became fake, correct, civilized and ordinary.

You have lost your authenticity, truth and authenticity. He became a domesticated person who forbade himself to dream, try the incredible and dream of the great. Society and civilization have given some blessings to renounce his true nature. How much did they buy your soul and dreams for? How many pieces of silver were given to betray himself? Maybe you cheaped out?

But there are other people in the world who are not like everyone else. These are fidgets, researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists, travelers. They are like people from another planet who are full of energy, drive, desires and goals. They move forward at top speed. For them there are no rules, prohibitions, taboos and patterns. They have their own plan for life, which they know only themselves. Such people are alive, real and wild. They are happy, often smile and easily go through life. Everything works out for them, but things go wrong. They have something wild, animal and natural. Such people cause respect and even envy.

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What to do? The eternal question in Russia. Get real, live and wild. Become one of those who are not afraid to be themselves. Who is ready to follow the craziest dreams. It's easy to say, but what exactly? Here's a list for you to change.

  • Realize that you don't have much time left
  • Stop lying and deceiving yourself
  • Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your own opinion
  • Be yourself and don't hide your true feelings
  • Exercise to awaken the inner beast
  • Follow your heart and desires of the soul
  • Do not react to empty criticism, envy and condemnation
  • Do not live on the orders of other people's thoughts and advice
  • Take responsibility for your life in your own hands
  • Listen to wise intuition
  • Be the creator of your own life
  • If you do less than you can, you feel more unhappy
  • Take off the mask, and then show the real you
  • Stay true to your swords, goals and desires
  • To live full life, it is necessary to realize your destiny
  • Grab the opportunities and chances with a strong grip
  • Create opportunities yourself, and do not wait for gifts of fate s

Become your true self. A titmouse in the hands is more familiar, but don't you feel disgusted? You will despise yourself if you give up today. What are you willing to get up in the morning for? What are your goals? What do you like to dream about at night? Life is too short to keep pretending.

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Do what you want. Find the job you've always dreamed of. Change your specialty and field of activity. Move to another city or country. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Understand and become happy in your personal life. Reach your goals. Do what you want. Go where you always wanted to go.

Self-actualization is not the ultimate goal of our life, but the journey itself. Every day and every moment use all your possibilities.

It's time to become real, alive and wild again, as it was once in youth. What will it change? You will find harmony in yourself now. You will find your true path, which you have been looking for for a long time. You will become happy...