How to be more mindful?

How can you notice details that others don't see or understand? How to solve logical chains and solve complex life problems? How to quickly and accurately see a clear picture of the world? How to comprehend other people's thoughts, desires and thoughts? How to notice good chances and interesting opportunities? The whole secret lies in mindfulness. How to become more attentive, and not an absent-minded bungler? Luck and success are on the side of the attentive.

The smarter our gadgets, the more distracted, distracted and forgetful we are. We are used to poking around at our phones, writing down everything in an electronic notebook, counting on a calculator and taking pictures instead of memorizing. Gradually, we become more and more distracted and interact worse with the outside world.

What separates a successful professional who has everything going uphill from an unsuccessful amateur? There is an important ability that we rarely think about. It is mindfulness or awareness. You should pay attention to how you can concentrate and notice the details. The quality of your life depends on mindfulness.

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How to be more attentive and collected?

Mindfulness helps to navigate business, discover patterns, notice useful things, understand other people's desires, hear the requests of loved ones and make the right decisions. Mindfulness provides food for further analysis and analysis of the situation. As a result, we are more efficient, productive and successful.

1. Get rid of interference and distractions

In life, there is always extraneous noise and background that interferes with concentration. It does not allow you to concentrate on something else, constantly distracts and reduces attentiveness. Usually we are hindered by endless messages, social networks, calls, surfing the Internet. Information noise only interferes with concentration.

First of all, you should reduce the time of interaction with the phone, computer, TV and various acquaintances. Not completely get rid of, but reduce their interference several times. With a large number of distractions, it is impossible to concentrate and be attentive. Deal with them.

2. Check your physical and emotional state

Mindfulness reduces our constant employment, overwork, stress, depression, inactivity, smoking, alcohol, poor sleep, unhealthy diet, lack of fresh air. Get your physical and emotional state in shape. Eat more balanced meals, rest, get enough sleep, and avoid bad habits. As a result, forgetfulness will decrease and mindfulness will increase.

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, invented and calculated. But when school ended, the load on the brain and memory decreased several times. But without constant training, the brain begins to quickly degrade and lose its tone.

Mindfulness will enhance self-education and training. Start learning a foreign language, read books, listen to useful podcasts, watch educational videos, improve your skills. At the same time, solve crossword puzzles, get involved in mind games, memorize poems, take tests, use simulators, download applications for intelligence.

4. Reboot life

We get used to quickly running through life and sinking into routine, not paying attention to what is happening around. We seem to live on autopilot, performing habitual and routine actions. We react less and more often ignore new events.

How to avoid this? You need to emotionally reset. Take time to reflect or meditate. Stay alone for at least 15 minutes. Walk quietly, sit or lie down, immersed in thoughts. Let everything blur in your head and become more abstract. Let your thoughts, fantasies and desires float freely in your head. Bring back your dreams and a clear understanding of your spiritual impulses.

5. Start noticing all over again

Some indifference, indifference and downtroddenness reduces our attentiveness. We are in a fog when we do not react to external factors. You should reawaken your curiosity, curiosity, interest and desire for something new.

Settle for something new and interesting more often. Do not be afraid to ask what is around the corner or even very far away. Notice all the factors and pay attention even to insignificant things. Pay attention to details that others ignore.

Do not be afraid to seize the opportunities provided and create chances yourself. Do not be afraid to take risks and act in conditions of some uncertainty.

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Mindfulness tips

Make a to-do list for the day, which will increase productivity and make you more attentive to tasks. Break complex tasks into smaller ones and complete them step by step. Look for motivation and rewards to keep your enthusiasm going.

Learn to concentrate on the tasks and plans that you are doing at the moment. Avoid multitasking and focus on one thing. This will allow you to get things done faster than if you were rushing between tasks.

Perform work at intervals according to the “Tomato” technology. Work and not be distracted for 25-45 minutes, and then rest for 5 minutes. During the working period, you can not be distracted by extraneous things. After that, rest and start again. This method allows you to do more than if you work without breaks and rest. Use special applications or a regular timer.

Learn not to be distracted, not to take out the phone, not to hover in the clouds and not to flap your ears when you are busy with something. Abstract from the external background. Use headphones to block out background noise. Ask colleagues or family not to interfere in business until you complete your work.

Set yourself time frames for work and clear deadlines. If you have a whole day for one task, then you will be messing with it all the time. Try to determine the right time to complete, but not a minute more.

Use a change of activity if you feel a loss of attention. Working on one task, you can get bored and tired, resulting in low results. Learn to break away to other things, and then return to the previous task. Change activities to be more productive. The brain will perceive this as a rest and will work more clearly.

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What you lack in life is mindfulness. How to be more attentive? Pay attention to her and work with her. In a week you will notice the first results and positive changes.