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How to be interesting

How to be interesting to strangers, friends and girls? It is important to become interesting, cheerful and sociable for the environment. How to become interesting, use charm, charisma and means of communication? 1. Being interesting to others means being an interesting person. Take part everywhere, turn on and use your charm.

2. Talk to others and actually listen to them. If people like you, they will want to know more about you. In subsequent meetings, you can always use the information you learned from them, but NEVER gossip!

3. Read at least one book a month. Every time try to read books of different genres, and then recommend them to your friends.

4. Love yourself and be confident in yourself.

5. Be confident in yourself, otherwise people will consider you a weak-willed person who has nothing to say. You can pretend to be confident: stand up straight with your head held high and smile! Just be friendly! Once you get used to it, confidence will appear by itself.

6. Read the news every day to keep abreast of the latest events and be able to keep up the conversation. If you don't like to read the news, then open up the internet and just read the headlines so you can later say "I heard about this" when someone mentions something in a conversation.

7. Take up a hobby. Here are some ideas: photography, cycling, painting, writing, yoga, collecting, dancing, shooting sports, modeling, sailing, hiking.

8. Try something "youthful" or something "older", depending on your age.

9. Don't forget to involve others in your hobbies. If you are an interesting person, they will want to be a part of your life.

10. Collect magazine articles that taught you something new and make an album out of them. When your friends come to you with a problem or a question, you can find the answer in this scrapbook. You will give the impression of a person with a broad outlook.

11. Use your imagination and be creative. Be creative with your conversation and surprise family and friends with your resourceful answers.

12. Learn new words. Sign up for the Word of the Day email newsletter, and then each day try to use these new words in your conversation. Others will think that you have a good education, even if in fact you only graduated from high school.

13. Listen to music. Even if you already listen to music, try new styles. If you've never listened to jazz, try light jazz. If you've never listened to rock, give it a try!

14. On the Internet you can find many "unknown" bands and singers. Tell your friends about them and go to their concerts. "Drag" your friends and open up a new world for them.

15. Don't constantly talk about your daily life!

16. If you are still a student, do not talk about homework / teachers and tests, even if you constantly think about it.

17. If you have children, then do not talk all the time about how wonderful and talented your children are.

18. Do not constantly talk about your successes at work.

19. Expand the scope of the conversation as much as possible!!!!

20. It is not your environment that makes you, but yourself!

21. Try a new restaurant that serves food like you've never eaten before. Go to a Thai or Filipino restaurant…. Try something new and if you like it there, take your friends with you next time.

22. Never argue with people about something you're not 100% sure of unless you want to look stupid.

23. Never pretend to be better than you really are.

24. Do not rush, do everything gradually.