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How to be inflexible?

Stop just dreaming, and set the most daring goals. You can do more, you are stronger, you are smarter, you are better than you think. Be unbending and move forward towards your crazy and daring goals.

We noticed that you really liked the book "No Self-Pity" by Eric Larssen. And not in vain, because she teaches to set such goals, from the mere mention of which the heart begins to tremble; endure difficulties and criticism; step by step to become better and always remember what is really important. Here are some motivational thoughts.

You can do more

An officer from the military aviation school drew a vertical line on the blackboard with chalk. At the bottom, he wrote zero. The maximum was indicated by ten. He pointed to 4 and said, "You think you can do that many." Then he pointed at 2: "Your mom thinks that's that many." He pointed up again, at 7: "We officers know that you are ready for more."

“The reality is this,” the finger stopped at 10. “You are capable of what you cannot even think of.”

This is how Larssen remembered the beginning of the very first lecture at the survival course in 1992. He was 19 and he was not sure that he would stand the test on a par with experienced paratroopers.

But he could. Within a week, he learned how to start a fire with two sticks and a piece of rope. I was able to sleep a couple of hours a day, swim miles in icy water, and even find charm in long night crossings.

The potential of each of us is greater than we can imagine. We can be better. Do more. Everyone can be a winner.

Get out of your comfort zone

We know what we have to do to get better. But are we doing it? Most people are lazy. They never turn off the beaten track, although it may not lead where they want at all.

How can something new happen in your life if you continue to live as you lived? Do you want to work as a middle manager for the rest of your days? Is this what you really need?

Fifty years old was also once twenty. Fat people were once thin, and desperate people were once full of expectations. But time goes by, and faith in your success and dreams is gradually fading. Being constantly in the comfort zone, you create a new vision of the world, in which there is no place for some goals and dreams. Maybe it's time to shake things up?

Look at your life from the outside

Suppose you want to realize your potential, set goals and work hard to achieve them. But you don't know where to start. Does it all boil down to the very first step? Then put it aside and take a good look at yourself and the life you lead.

Entrepreneur Kjell Inge Rokke installed a countdown program on his computer. He tuned it to the average life expectancy of a person of his position, and the computer counts down the seconds, minutes, hours and years that Rokka has left to live.

We very rarely look at our lives from the outside. We have neither clear goals nor, as a consequence, a strategy. We are simply carried along with the current and sometimes hit our heads on the rocks. We scream "Oh!" and we continue swimming, although nothing prevents us from reaching the shore, taking control of the situation and choosing a more suitable route.

“Aim big”

When a New York Times journalist asked climber George Mallory: “Why do you want to climb Everest?”, He answered simply: “ Because it exists."

Set the most ambitious goals, and not just dream. The right goal should be very cool and give a boost of happiness. A goal becomes effective only when it touches your feelings. She is clear and unwavering. Something clicks in your brain, and the whole process of everyday decision-making changes.

And it is these daily decisions that determine everything. Success is hidden in seemingly trivial and unremarkable details, which actually determine who will be the winner, who will be able to reach their full potential, and who will not.

Be Resilient

Champions do not appear overnight, they are forged gradually. It is very important to understand that there will definitely be obstacles in your way. Expect them. And be resilient.

To be resilient means to live consciously every day. To be unbending means to live the way you want and the way you think is right. Being inflexible means having enough courage to think differently.

The belief that life is simple is a common misconception. Life is hard. But its difficulty is not related to how much adversity you will have, but to how much hardship you can endure by continuing to move forward.

Adapted from “Without Self-Pity” by Eric Larssen, Mann, Ivanov and Ferber Publishing