How to be happy and live without worries?

You will be happy. Happiness is not a mood of a person and not a state of joy. Happiness is a skill that some people have and others don't. How to be happy and be more successful in this life?

Happiness is not a state of contentment, a life without worries and sorrows. Happiness is a skill. Happiness is a skill and actions.

How to be happy?

1. Happiness must be a real thing

How to be happy? Happiness must be real and achievable. This is the main principle. Set realistic but realistic goals. Stop dreaming of elusive things. Abstract or mythical, which you cannot understand yourself. Decide for yourself what you want. What will make you happy?

2. Focus on happiness

“Happiness is not sought after like gold or winnings. It is created by those who have enough strength, knowledge and love” Ivan Efremov

How to be happy? Make plans, goals and outline a strategy. A person is then happy when he moves towards a dream. When she gets closer every day, every hour, every minute. Aim at the target and focus on it. Spend more time on it.

3. Stop standing still

"Work is the father of happiness" Benjamin Franklin

How to be happy? If achieving your dream will make you happy, then why are you standing still? Procrastination is a bad thing. Do not put off important and urgent matters. Do not put off your dreams and plans for the future, but strive to act and be happy right now. Take action. Do not think that later there will be time to get closer to your dream. There will never be ideal conditions and a lot of time.

Don't fall into the if-then trap. If something happens, then you will act. Conditions and opportunities are created, not given from above. The one who waits always loses. Don't stand. Fill your sails with wind and move forward to happiness.

4. Happiness is a mosaic

How to be happy? Learn to enjoy moving towards your dream. By focusing on your forward movement, you will be happy. Rejoice in every achievement and every step. Happiness is a puzzle and each puzzle fills your life. Collect your mosaic of happiness. A personal life puzzle, a career puzzle, a finance puzzle, a travel puzzle…

Maybe not everything is perfect, but that shouldn't upset you. Happiness is a skill. The ability to move forward. Weaklings cry and give up from difficulties. They are unhappy, but it is their fault.

We all leave this world empty. Then what are you afraid of? Live life to the fullest and stop regretting. Don't give up and move towards your dream. This will make you happy.