How to be great at sex

If a girlfriend lies on a log or likes to violently simulate an orgasm, then it's time to think about your sexual skills. It doesn't matter what build you are and what size penis. How to be great in sex?

What matters most in combat is not what kind of sword you use, but how skillfully you use it. The same can be said about intimacy.

And no matter how big you are or how big your penis is, with the right knowledge and experience, you can become a skilled lover in bed. Of course, a good physical shape will never become a hindrance in sex, but rather, on the contrary, it will allow you to do what others cannot do. However, if you are not the owner of inflated muscles, then this is not a reason to despair at all. Your success with women will always depend on whether you listen to her and whether you know how to catch the signs.

If your partner is lying on a “log”, not expressing any emotions, while you are working hard to bring both of you to bliss, then it’s time to stop and ask the question: “Am I doing everything right?”. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only to what you do, but also to how your partner reacts to it. Try to make a connection between your actions and the effect they have on her.

No effect: Stop doing what you started or try something else.

Small effect: Keep looking for the place or action that will increase the effect.

Best effect: Keep doing what you were doing until you both reach that same climax.

Every man wants to be said that he is the sexiest and the best in bed. So where do you start to live up to a woman's expectations?

1. Foreplay is a very important element of sexual intimacy, as it enhances arousal and sets both to receive sexual pleasure. Pleasant words, kisses, touches kindle passion and liberate before the partners go directly to sexual pleasures.

If you want to be the best in bed for her, don't try to do it "quickly", don't be selfish. The satisfaction received by a partner largely depends on the man, so be patient, because a woman who feels that she is taken care of is able to give unearthly pleasure.

2. Study your partner's body, understand how she feels - this is part of the foreplay. Recognizing reactions and feeling through touch is a very important element in building a close physical relationship that will allow both of you to enjoy sex much more intensely.

3. Pay attention to the reaction of the partner and act on this reaction.

4. Don't pretend if you don't like something. Anything you hide will only reduce the level of mutual pleasure, and in any case, your sexual relationship will lose its quality.

5. Don't be afraid to ask your partner about her desires. If you feel confused and have no idea what to do, just ask an exciting question, ask her to guide you herself. Perhaps you secretly dream about the same thing, feel free to talk about your sexual preferences.

6. Be careful not to harm your partner, pain and pleasure are not the same thing (of course, if she is not a sadomasochist). Do not be too aggressive and assertive, not all women will like it (in any case, it is better to find out "on the shore").

7. Care and respect are very important things in bed. However, you should not act as if your partner is a crystal vase that you are afraid to break. Sometimes, if you feel an irresistible desire and tension, give it free rein, loosen up. Lightly pull on the hair, bite on the neck, spank, in other words - show some imagination.

One does not like the type of man or woman who, during sex, constantly expresses concern about the well-being of the partner: “Are you okay?” or “Are you okay?” etc. Instead, follow the reaction of the partner, and you will always understand what she needs at the moment.

You need to be able to experiment and observe your further feelings and the partner's reaction.