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How to be as productive as possible? A good life and happiness are rooted in productivity

How productive and efficient are you in your activities? If you don’t have time for anything, there is a blockage of things to do, there is no free time, you sleep little and are always busy, then you have low efficiency. Low productivity leads to the fact that you can not realize your opportunities and dreams. This means you will never be happy.

“You need to work not for 12 hours, but with your head” Steve Jobs

Some people do more in a few years than others in a lifetime. It's all about efficiency, productivity and discipline.

Coefficient of performance (COP) is an efficiency characteristic that demonstrates the ratio of usefully spent resources to total costs. Resources can be time, energy and money. How to increase your efficiency? It is important to eliminate the causes of low productivity.

Poor productivity and lack of discipline often show up in childhood. Remember school. Some children need an hour to do their homework, while others spend the whole evening doing it. What is the reason for this difference?

It's not so much about the level of intelligence, but about productivity. Children are often distracted by extraneous things, playing, looking out the window, daydreaming and being lazy. Then the children grow up, and productivity remains at a low level.

How to become more productive? Maximum efficiency

Work not hard, but productively

In 1914, Henry Ford reduced the number of working hours to 8 hours a day, and he also doubled the wages of workers. Ford Motor Company's profit doubled. This proved the benefits of productive and high-quality work, and not a large number of hours. The more you work beyond 8 hours, the less efficient you become. Working overtime will not bring benefits in the long run. Work not a lot, but as collected, efficiently and productively as possible.

Focus on the important things

According to the Pareto law, 20% of the effort brings 80% of the result, and 80% of the effort brings 20% of the result. Do not increase the amount of work done, but focus on what gives the maximum return. A lot of things that you do don't give the desired return. Throw them aside. Do not waste your time and energy in vain. Take care of the most important and necessary things first.

Build discipline and do not be distracted by nonsense

Avoid social networks, aimless surfing on the Internet, computer toys, empty talk, endless TV series and lazy thought. All this takes up your time and distracts you from important things. As a result, productivity tends to zero, as does life satisfaction.

Improve your workflow

Often we do not notice how much routine work we do. There are many programs and automation tools that help in the work. Look for methods to automate actions and speed up the workflow. This will save time, do the job much faster and better.

Don't try to be a perfect perfectionist

Some people spend a lot of time on unimportant things trying to do them perfectly. They do not notice the big picture and focus on the little things. Spending too much time and effort on one, they will not be able to reach the goal. It is more important to reach the goal than to stop along the way, in an unsuccessful attempt to do everything perfectly.

Rest and sleep

Lack of sleep and rest causes you to become less efficient. You have drowsiness, lethargy, confusion. The speed of thinking and intellectual abilities are reduced. Lack of good sleep and rest leads to decreased productivity.

Focus not on the amount of work you do, but on your efficiency. Do you want a happy life? Maximize your productivity.