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How to be arrogant and confident: courage and impudence always help

The world doesn't give a shit about you, and you are still timid, modest, shy and compliant? The more arrogant you are, the more money, success, girls, friends, influence and happiness you get from life. It's time to become arrogant in order to take everything you want from life, and not get a donut hole again. How to be arrogant and confident to take over this world?

If you have come to read this article, then things are clearly not going well for you. Are you bad and worse than many? Are you running and just awful? I am extremely happy about this. The worse your conditions, the more you hit the bottom. The more unhappy you are, the better. The worse your situation, the more incentive to change everything and the more desire to grow. When there is nothing left to retreat, we begin to fight at full strength.

When you have everything more or less, but it makes no sense for you to change anything. We are too lazy, apathetic and accustomed to the comfort zone. But when life takes you by the balls, when it's a complete fiasco and a complete ass, that's when you move. When tomorrow will be worse than ever, you begin to use all the resources and are ready to change. When everything is bad, you immediately start looking for options to become better, earn more, change something radically, or set your wildest dream as a goal.

What do you lack in life? 95% of people lack arrogance and confidence. This does not mean that you need to bully and be inadequate in public. It means being bolder in your desires, goals, dreams and actions. The word "impudence" has a negative connotation, although it is a positive character trait. Whose character? The nature of the winners.

What is insolence?

Insolence is a disregard for moral standards and rules, when a person puts his own interests above others. Insolence is arrogance, shamelessness, insolence, rudeness, shamelessness and cynicism. Insolence is when the end justifies the means, and a person takes what he wants with a swoop, a swoop and a collision. The word impudence comes from the words "quick" and "fast", but what's wrong with that? You do not slow down, but quickly go to the goals.

Do you not pay attention to other people's interests? I have a question for you. And whose interests should you put above your own? Why should you give in to someone, give in or give something away? Why are you less worthy of this girl, position, money, success or prosperity? You are no worse than others, which means you have the right to get what you want.

Is this impudence? This is an adequate self-esteem and a justified desire to get something more from life than nothing. An impudent person is a fast and uncontrollable person in his desires.

What about impudent people?

Did you meet an impudent person and get scared? Have you always been pissed off by arrogant people who are extremely unpleasant personalities? It may be so, but usually people around do not really like arrogant and self-confident people for another reason. Insolent people are doing great in life, they spit on criticism and more often win in life. Insolent people are secretly envied and secretly admired, without even admitting it to themselves. The courage of the city takes, and insolent people always bypass the modest and leave timid people in the losers.

For this reason, we hate our classmates who have become successful. Therefore, we hate impudent colleagues who have beaten us up the career ladder. Therefore, we hate stubborn and arrogant people who got everything as if by a wave of a magic wand. Therefore, we do not like the impudent one who stole the girl from under our noses.

Sometimes you met arrogant people who go forward, sweeping away everything in their path. Many people act on the principle of impudence and attack, when they raise their desires to an absolute, but spit on your desires and goals. What about arrogant people who have a lot more swagger, courage and confidence than you?

How to be more impudent? Insolent people can only be dealt with on the principle of even greater impudence. If an insolent person is confident in himself and puts his desires above yours, then what prevents you from doing the same? Spit from a high bell tower on an insolent person, and then surpass him in impudence. Put your interests and desires on a pedestal, and look at the insolent as a pile of dirt. Spit on the insolent and surpass him in impudence to level his miserable attempts.

How to be arrogant or how to become arrogant? 13 ways to become arrogant.

Insolence helps when combined with purposefulness and self-confidence. When you believe in yourself, do not give up in the face of difficulties, take on difficult cases, defend your interests and fight for desires. Here is a list of useful tips to help you be more arrogant and confident today.

1. Put on a mask of impudence

Sometimes it's hard to change yourself, as if at the snap of a finger. It is hard to abruptly begin to behave more brazenly, confidently and impudently. Remember the Jim Carrey movie The Mask. When he put it on, he became a completely different person. Try to put on an insolent mask to become a different hero. Play the role of a cocky, brash and confident bad guy. Over time, you will like the mask so much that you will gradually become the one you previously played.

2. Go in for sports

Confidence, audacity, courage and strength are added by playing sports. Start exercising to improve your life and increase your potential. The more active your lifestyle, the more confident arrogance you will have.

3. Stand up boldly

How to be more bold? Always defend your interests, position and opinion. In any dialogue and situation, protect your interests, and do not shy away from the battle. Only your opinion matters, not the wishes or judgments of others. Feel free to speak up, argue, be bold and fight. Don't give up, as always, but fight to win. Be more arrogant and confident in those matters where it concerns you personally and your interests. This does not mean being a stubborn sheep, which means not giving up in front of other people at the right moments.

4. How to be impudent with a girl

A shy guy comes up to a girl and asks: “Can I meet you?” or "Let me get to know you." Any adequate girl will send such a guy away, because why does she need a weakling as a man. With girls, you need to be more confident, brazen and bold. Only affirmative expressions, impudent behavior and confident pressure.

Are you shy to approach girls? If you don't try, you won't know if it works or not. If you try and it doesn’t work out, then it’s okay, because it will work out another time. From the third, tenth, hundredth or thousandth time everything will go fine. It's all about experience and the fact that you first need to sort out a certain number of girls. You weren't going to marry the first woman you met, were you?

5. Increase your self-esteem to the maximum

Very often, insecurity lies in insufficient self-esteem. You don't think you're good enough and cool enough to get what you want. But you also have many advantages and pluses that many others do not have. Realize your importance and significance in order to increase self-esteem. Praise yourself for your achievements, admire your victories, believe in yourself. You will be more confident, bold and daring when your self-esteem is healthy.

6. How to be impudent with others

What are the advantages of impudence and impudence? It helps not to pay attention to criticism, opinion, gossip, condemnation, statements of others. People are always criticizing everyone and everything, and also always dissatisfied with others. How to be arrogant and confident? You have the opportunity not to depend on their approval, becoming bolder and more self-confident. Forget about the opinions of others, because in any case you will be condemned and criticized. Why should you care about the opinions of gossipers and losers? This is a rhetorical question.

7. Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to be arrogant

We all subconsciously think that we need to be a good and right person. We believe that being arrogant is wrong. But if you face the truth, then is a good person a weakling who steps in everything? Kindness must be with fists and teeth. Good must be bold, confident and arrogant in order to resist evil. Don't be afraid to show your cheeky side to get what is rightfully yours.

8. Say "no" to what is not in your interests

Very often people around like to use a person in their interests. They take advantage of your time, money or effort. The impudent ones sit on your neck and confidently hang their legs. How to be arrogant yourself?

It's time to fight back and stop pulling chestnuts out of the fire for others. Become more selfish and arrogant, refusing without explanation and without excuses. You will be accused of changing and becoming different, but do not pay attention to cheap manipulations. You have become not so “comfortable” for them, and therefore they whine, hoping to bend you over and circle your finger again. Confidently say "no" if it is not in your interests and desires.

9. Use your strengths

Weaknesses need to be strengthened, but they are not your trump cards. Find your strengths, and then raise to the absolute. It is your strengths of character, skills and actions that will lead to the top of Olympus. Use your strengths, then you will feel strong, confident and daring. You're cool, if you look closely. Boldness lies in your strengths.

10. Feel like a winner

Why do we fail? We do not feel like true winners. How to be arrogant and confident? Show maximum self-confidence. You're not perfect, but you're cool and cool and wonderful. Accept yourself as you are. Everyone has flaws and jambs, but this is only part of you. You are good and different, which means a winner, not a miserable loser. When you feel like a strong leader and winner, life will begin to take shape.

11. Choose Your Environment Carefully

Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are. If there are those in your environment who can be called whiners, losers or weaklings, then you will be the same. Surround yourself with brave, confident, strong and daring people. Reach for the strong to be stronger. After all, if you hang out with the weak, then it will not be a strong gang, but a crowd of weaklings. Choose your surroundings carefully and interact with strong daring people.

12. Change your life

Insolence is the ability to change an unhappy life into a more prosperous one. Change the hated job, which has absolutely no prospects. Change the scope of duration by doing something more interesting and highly paid. Change the way of life, manners and behavior that prevent you from being more cocky. Show courage and audacity by giving up everything that does not make you happy. Have the audacity to throw out everything unnecessary in order to achieve everything you want.

13. Try and fight, fight and try

Be bold where you want to get something. Try more often and don't be afraid to fight for what you want. The more often you stay, the more often everything turns out with a positive result. Don't be afraid to try the first, second, tenth, hundredth, even thousandth time. Be bold when you meet a girl, fight for something you want, or chase your dreams.

Courage, audacity and impudence always help. While others doubt, calculate and think, you act. That is why ordinary and arrogant people often sweep away everything on the way to the goal. And at this moment, the smart ones calculate everything, doubt and are afraid of flimsy obstacles. Be more arrogant and confident if you want to take everything from this life.

If life is difficult for you, then you lack confident audacity. How to be arrogant and strong? Life is one and very short. If you are not bolder, bolder, more confident today, then nothing good will happen tomorrow. Rogues rule the world. In life, sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that it is better to be daring.