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How to be a great lover

Do you want more sex? Then learn how to fry a girl well and professionally. Not everyone is given to be great lovers and professionals in sex, but everyone can become one if they wish. A few tips on how to make a girl want sex with you no less than you.

Do you want to be a god in bed?

How to be a great lover

1. Be careful even before sex

experiences. Give the girl attention, look into her eyes, take an interest in affairs, mood and desires. Surround the girl with care, and she will feel like the heroine of a love story, who later passionately surrenders to a man.

2. Warm up a girl before sex

A woman needs more time to warm up. Do not rush to undress the girl. Hug, kiss and indulge in tenderness. After that, slowly undress her, not forgetting to caress.

3. More affection and play

Not only during foreplay, but also during the process itself, do not forget about the girl. Caress her with your hands, kiss and rub your skin. Kiss the girl on the neck, shoulders and chest. You can suck on her nipples, it turns a lot of girls on. Grasp her ass, thighs, shoulders and neck with your hands. You can gently wind her hair around her arm during sex. Let him feel the power and strength of a man over himself. This turns on the grandmother.

4. Act on the clitoris

25% of women experience orgasm only by masturbating on their own. This suggests that this should be adopted by any good lover.

Start caressing the legs above the knee and buttocks. The inner thighs of girls are very sensitive. After that, gradually approach the clitoris.

The clitoris resembles a minefield and has about 7,000 nerve endings. The clitoris has legs that are very sensitive. A man can caress the clitoris with his fingers, tongue or penis. At first, act gently and carefully. Increase the pace and strength as the woman's arousal increases. Lubricants or saliva can be used as a lubricant. A girl can be brought to orgasm solely by using her fingers, playing with her clitoris.

The clitoris can also be caressed when inserting the penis into the vagina. This will increase the chances of the speed of the orgasm and its magnitude.

5. Synchronize sex

Pay attention to the partner's rhythm. With groans and movements, she will try to show the most acceptable rhythm. If a girl, when committing frictions, moves towards you, then you are doing everything right. When you manage to move in sync, everything turns out especially bright and strong.

6. Use sex toys

If you are in a long-term relationship, then going to a sex shop will benefit your sex life. Try using a vibrator, handcuffs, erotic outfits and other interesting sex shop assortment.

7. Sex outside the bedroom

The key to a good sex life lies in intimacy, not only in the bedroom. Have sex in the bathtub, hallway, kitchen, table and floor. Sex in new places outside the apartment is generally wonderful. Sex in the car, tent, hotel, parents' house, at work and other random places.

8. Don't be silent during sex

Whisper compliments and dirty words in the girl's ear. Vulgar words during sex will help both partners turn on even more. Not only girls can moan when approaching orgasm, but also men.

Want more sex? Then learn how to fry a girl well and professionally.