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How to avoid a lightning strike and what to do in case of a thunderstorm

Often we are frightened by thunder but forget the real danger that lightning poses. How to avoid mortal danger, how to lead during a thunderstorm and how to help the victims?

Lightning strikes the body often results in death due to cardiac arrest, internal organ damage, and tissue destruction. The danger of being struck by lightning is not high, but quite real. Lightning always strikes the highest object, and if a person hides under a tree, then he is in danger.

How to avoid a lightning strike and what to do in case of a thunderstorm

1. While in the forest, do not hide from the rain under a tall tree. So you can get hit by lightning. Standing trees are the most dangerous. Oak, spruce and pine are more likely to be struck by lightning than other trees. In the forest, it is better to hide under low trees, in bushes and small thickets. 2. Don't go near water, swim, boat or fish when it rains. You should stay away from water. The impact can spread around the reservoir within a radius of 50-100 meters. 3. Stay away from metal structures, power lines and lonely buildings. It's too dangerous. 4. In the mountains, rocks and hills should be avoided. Hiding in rock crevices is dangerous.

5. Get rid of metal things and phone. Put them away from you at a distance of at least 20 meters. Take them back after the storm. 6. Don't run when it's raining. So you can attract ball lightning to yourself. 7. Do not talk on a mobile phone during a thunderstorm or use other similar devices. 8. During a thunderstorm, do not lie down on the ground, but squat down. Pull your head in and sit quietly, waiting for the adversity of the elements. 9. Keep your feet together, there is a danger of straining the step. Current will flow between the two legs due to the potential difference. The greater the distance between the legs, the more dangerous. Therefore, animals die more often than people. 10. Do not stand under an umbrella, do not hold a fishing rod, shovel, stick, cane or other similar thing in your hands. 11. If you are several people, it is better to hide separately, without touching each other. 12. Being in a car during a thunderstorm is pretty safe. The main thing is to try not to touch the handles and metal objects in the car. 13. If you are at home or indoors, then close the vents, windows, doors, chimneys. This will protect against ball lightning entering the house. 14. When struck by lightning, a person often loses consciousness. You need to bring him to his senses. If necessary, perform artificial respiration and chest compressions. It is necessary to do 60 pressures and 12 breaths per minute. 15. Don't take risks. Men die more often than women from lightning. All because of carelessness. Better to play it safe than risk your life, testing your fate by risking.