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How to ask a girl out: 25 phrases to ask a girl out on a date

Girls, and especially beautiful and cool, do not lack male attention. Girls daily receive offers from men to take a walk, talk or just go on a date. Your message to a girl, with a proposal to take a walk, will definitely not be the first and not the last, but how to stand out from the crowd of her fans? How beautiful to call a girl for a walk so that she does not refuse?

I would like to believe that the girl of your dreams sits drearily imprisoned in the tower, waiting for your invitation. But even in fairy tales, many knights tried to win the girl, and even more so in the modern world. The girl is definitely not waiting for you, and therefore you will have to get into the number of her fans and then stand out among them.

If a girl is young, pretty and active on the Internet, then she is clearly often in the center of men's attention. Different men write to her with different insistence and different proposals, some of which are quite interesting. The girl has to choose from them: who to blacklist, who to ignore, who to answer, and who to go on a date with.

Thinking about how to invite a girl from social networks: Vkontakte (VK), Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok? Looking for a girlfriend on dating apps: Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, TopFace, LovePlanet? It is worth taking this seriously if you want to quickly find yourself girls who will agree to go on a date with you. But you don't have to be a pick-up master to date a girl.

Prepare a page on a social network or profile to meet a girl

How to invite a girl to go for a walk? Get ready for this business first. What's on your page? To get started, put things in order in your profile on a social network or in a dating app. If there is a lot of game there, the girl may automatically ignore you without even answering.

Post only good and adequate photos where you are shown in a good light. But this does not mean that photos in a suit from a photo studio will look natural. It's more like cheating and posturing. Photos from drinking parties and various dubious women should be deleted. It is good to post photos from travels, interesting hobbies, beautiful places.

Unfollow questionable groups, remove ridiculous statuses, and review your wall posts. Make sure that your page is attractive to women, but not pretentious and pretentious. Do not be afraid to be a little self-ironic, imperfect, original, understandable, because this attracts girls.

Initial selection of a girl for a date

The more beautiful the girl and the more popular she is, the more difficult it is to get her attention and favor. If a girl has thousands or tens of thousands of subscribers, then the chances of getting to know each other are quite minimal. The girl may turn out to be a famous blogger or celebrity. But if a girl has the same number of subscribers as an ordinary girl, then the chances of a successful outcome of the correspondence are high.

A girl doesn't rush out on a date with you just because she's been paying attention to her. Is it worth spending time and attention on you? Do you meet the criteria of a girl that she is looking for in a man? Very often, you just may not be her type, or her heart will already be taken. Here you should not bother, but you can meet a dozen other girls.

If you are not yet familiar with a girl, then you should not write to her just “hello”, “how are you”, “beautiful”. The girl will simply ignore any monosyllabic and simple sentences, since you already turned out to be so boring and stuffy at the first stage. Try to write something more, showing a little originality, energy and humor. Look through the girl's page to better understand the girl and find information to hook on to.

How to call a girl for a walk so that she does not refuse. Let her get to know you a little better. All girls want to get to know a man better, so as not to waste time on cosmetics, washing in the bathroom and the date itself. She will analyze you by correspondence, which means show a little originality and calm confidence. You need to interest her in lively and interesting communication, so that later you can hook her up on a date.

What is the right way to call a stranger for a walk? List of phrases

Each girl needs her own approach, but if you carefully studied her interests, hobbies and character, it will be easier. How beautiful is it to call a girl for a walk so that she agrees, and does not send her through the forest? It's better to do it a little unusual, in an attempt to interest and intrigue her meeting. Here is a list of phrases, topics, messages and examples that will help you invite a girl out on a date.

1. Hello! Now in cinemas there is a premiere of the film "any last film", which has a good rating. Would you like to join me in watching and eating popcorn?

2. What do you do on the weekends? On Friday or Saturday we go for a walk in the park, get some fresh air, drink coffee.

3. Do you know how to call a girl for a walk in an original way? I want to invite a friend for a walk, by the way, very similar to you.

4. I see that you are fond of Italy? I know where you can try the best Italian dishes: Italian pizza, pasta, Risotto, Ravioli, Lasagna.

5. Do you like sweets? Let's go to one wonderful place where there are many delicious cakes, pastries and other delicious things.

6. I'll pick you up in the evening. What time will you be ready?

7. Do you learn Chinese? It is so unusual. I know one cool Chinese restaurant where you will definitely like it.

8. Recently I saw a cool quest on the Internet. Do you want to go check yourself in an unusual setting, solving puzzles.

9. Have you ever been to... a place? Let's go for a walk, chat, eat ice cream.

10. Come to the cafe on Saturday evening. There will be live music, poetry readings and all that. You'll like it.

11. Can you tell me how to invite a girl for a walk so that she agrees?

12. I know one place that you will definitely like. But I won't reveal it ahead of time. Are we going?

13. Do you like active pastime? I have a couple of interesting ideas.


14. I see you are interested in “her hobby or passion”, let's go there and try something.

15. Will you join me for a cup of coffee in one wonderful cafe where you have never been?

16. I noticed that you understand art. There will be a new exhibition this weekend. I would be interested to know your opinion and your company is pleasant.

17. On Saturday there will be a concert of one group. I have tickets, and we can have a great time there with cool music.

18. Let's go for a ride tomorrow in a car, bicycles, rollerblades?

19. I read an article on how to invite a girl for a walk, do you think she will agree? Do you think yes? So we agreed.

20. Tomorrow we are going to feed the ducks in the park on the embankment. Someone has to do it. Join our duck company.

21. I have a couple of ideas where we can take a walk with you. When are you free?

22. Let's go to the cafe tomorrow, sit, chat, talk about life.

23. Have you been to the Club Name Club? Let's go dancing on the weekend, have a cocktail, have a blast?

24. I'm open for your suggestions on the weekends, but if you're at a loss, then I have a cool idea.

25. In general, we agreed tomorrow at 19.00 in the park. Do not be late.

A girl can equally agree and refuse. Be tactful in any case, but you can still repeat your sentences 2 times. After three unsuccessful attempts, cross out the option with this girl. To quickly start a girlfriend, get drunk with several at the same time. How to call a stranger girl for a walk? Just have a little chat and then quickly pull her out on a date. Use any phrase from the list.

Girls like bold, confident and daring.