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How to arouse sympathy?

Quickly make friends, like the opposite sex and be the pet of the company? What is the secret of people who easily evoke sympathy and positive emotions in others? Secrets of charm and charisma.

Do you dream of instantly arousing the sympathy of girls, friends, acquaintances or strangers? Is it all about innate charm and charisma? Not at all. To do this, you need to follow simple rules of communication. How do people like and instantly arouse their sympathy? How to achieve location, respect and love of others?

How to arouse sympathy?

Be positive and smile

Everyone avoids depressed, angry, negative and constantly out of sorts types. People around are attracted to those individuals who are smiling, positive, optimistic. The brighter and more cheerful person, the more friends he has, there are no problems with communication and personal life. Everyone is cute smiling, laughing and cheerful. Who has a sense of humor and developed self-irony.

Talk more

We like the people we see often. Stay close, keep in touch and meet more often with those you want to like. Friendship and love relationships arise with those people who are nearby with us.

Look into the eyes and touch

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Liars and bad people prefer to avoid the eye, which means that we subconsciously dislike such people. Maintain eye contact and make eye contact. Don't forget to touch people. Pat on the shoulder, say hello to the hand. This helps build friendships. If the relationship is love, then touching should be done more frankly. They achieve sympathy and seduce with touches.

Become more confident and at ease

You are treated the way you treat yourself. Be calm and confident in any situation. Avoid words: “I don’t know,” “maybe,” “doubt,” “probably.” This will betray an insecure person. Know your worth, respect and do not let offend. Be at ease so that others feel comfortable and pleasant with you.

Show friendliness and openness

Be selfish, cynic, unloved and arrogant person? This is repulsive and makes it extremely difficult to communicate with other people. Become more friendly, humane, simple, open, sincere. Easier to connect with others. Be easy going. Being kind to people works wonders. Respect the interlocutors and show joy from communicating with them. You are guaranteed to inspire sympathy in others.

Support others and pay attention

Show empathy (compassion for the emotions of the interlocutor) in relation to people. Find the right words for support, do not hesitate to praise and use compliments. Give people your attention. Be interested in their life, health, mood, plans, dreams. This will improve relationships with others, and they will like you.

Find common ground

We are attracted to people who share our passions, hobbies, desires, dreams, and goals. Find common ground with the person. It could be anything. Ask what the person is interested in, what he is fond of and how he lives. On the basis of similarity, it is very easy to arouse the sympathy of the interlocutor.

Listen carefully

Do you want to please a person? Listen more than talk. Do not interrupt the interlocutor, ask leading questions, support and listen carefully. Let the person speak. Any person will be glad that they delve into his speech. You will be considered the best conversationalist, even if you only agreed while listening carefully. Don't forget to call the person by their first name.

How to arouse sympathy? Follow these simple rules and everything will be fine.