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How to approach a girl to meet: 120 phrases for dating a girl

You will meet the most interesting, attractive and good girls not on the Internet, but in real life. But it's not always easy to do this when you're shy, hesitant or don't know the words to tackle. How to approach and get to know a girl so that everything ends with a date, a phone number and a promising continuation of communication?

The modern world is friendly enough for those who want to find a couple for love, relationships and intimacy. Getting to know the opposite sex is easy if you show a little initiative, courage and audacity. Yes, yes, girls love active men, not apathetic, modest or timid guys.

How to meet the right girl?

Do you mess with girls not only for fun, but for something more, which is usually called love? You need to choose girls not only according to the figure, cuteness of the face, bust size, leg length, accessibility and other similar characteristics.

Girls are different, but not all of them are good for you, your health and your wallet. Some girls will only take time, effort, emotions and money, but they will not give anything in return. Some relationships will end with a broken heart, a destroyed psyche and an unwillingness to start them in the future.

Only suitable girls will make you happy. Moreover, bad girls and very correct ones will be a bad option. The former will bring problems when the latter are too boring. Look for good girls and always cheerful ones, because dissatisfied or angry chicks are a dull and sad life. Pretentious girls are also a hemorrhoid option when you have to meet some of her excessive requirements. Girls with the character of a capricious princess will only command you and demand something.

The brightest girls, semi-naked, hot and defiant, will not always be the best option. Sometimes in more modest clothes and without so much makeup, girls are better. Under the usual appearance often hide the best, funny, good, passionate, tender and hot babes.

Try to analyze the girl by facial expression, wardrobe, her words and behavior. Sometimes it's better to leave a bad option and meet a more suitable girl. Relationships should bring happiness and pleasure from communication, and not brainwashing and some problems. If the latter occurs, then you have chosen the wrong woman. Find yourself a normal girl to enjoy your baby.

How best to approach a girl to get acquainted?

Girls will also have some requirements for a man to look like them. If you are below her ideal man, then the chances of a successful acquaintance will be minimal. Try to look better than 80% of the people around you. Take care of the beauty of clothing, neatness and cleanliness. Hairstyle and facial hair should also be adequate. Fresh breath, a snow-white smile and a cheerful look.

How to approach a girl and how to behave?

  • Approach from the visible side, front or side, but do not jump out from behind.
  • Show confidence and some masculine sass.
  • Show friendliness, smile sincerely, carry a positive attitude and show a sense of humor.
  • Use any information about the girl: inscriptions on clothes, holding something in her hands and other interesting things in her image.
  • Offer help to the girl: bring a bag, help with something, show the way.
  • Use the environment where you meet: a concert, an exhibition, a street, an interesting place nearby.
  • Give the girl a sense of security and worth. The girl should not worry about her safety.
  • Compliment the girl, but do not overdo it, sincerity and simplicity are more important.
  • Avoid familiarity, rudeness, vulgarity, banality.

When meeting and communicating with a girl, try to be the one with whom you want to communicate, but not be annoying and intrusive. Take the girl's phone number or talk longer if possible, but she's not in a hurry anywhere.

It is worth remembering that 50% of girls have boyfriends and are in a permanent relationship. But it's not worth asking about this, so as not to spoil everything. If she liked you, then it doesn’t matter at all if she has someone or not. If the girl refuses, then do not insist, but choose another goal. There are a lot of free girls, and you just need to find the one with which you will succeed.

How to approach a girl to meet and what to say?

The most difficult thing when meeting girls is the choice of a phrase for communication. I always want to say something simple, but not banal and not stupid. We have selected the best phrases to which girls react positively, but further communication still depends only on you. It will be important not only what he said, but how he behaved and what impression he made. Phrases for meeting a girl on the street, cafe or other public place.

1. Didn't we see each other in Paris? Then I invite you to join me.

2. And where did you go? I've been looking for you all my life!

3. Could you take a picture of me? Now I owe you and invite you on a date.

4. Let's pretend that we have already met and know each other a little.

5. Can you tell me where there is a good cafe nearby? Make a company?

6. I forgot what time we have a date tomorrow? At 19 or 20 hours?

7. Girl, it's indecent to be late for a date.

8. Hello! Have you been waiting for me for a long time? Let's go!

9. Can you help me? I want to meet a very beautiful girl.


10. I am from the future. I need your phone number and your heart.

11. You are so pretty that all sorts of idiots can start pestering you, let me take you out.

12. I just have to warn you that I like you.

13. May I know your name so I can try it on for my last name?

14. Can you help? Cupid just shot me.

15. This is a robbery! Give me your heart and phone number!

16. Will you have Corvalol? Not? It seems to me that my heart has lost its rhythm at the sight of you.

17. You looked at me so that I blushed. Let's get acquainted.

18. I came from the future to save you from loneliness and give you children.

19. Are you a ballerina by any chance? We have such athletic legs and posture.

20. Will you have glue so that I can glue you together?

21. Girl, you dropped something. It was my jaw.

22. You look very charming and sweet. I want to get to know you so I can ask you out on a date.

23. You have a sad face. Can I keep you company and see you off for a bit?

24. Girl! Shame on you? Outshine everyone with your beauty?

25. Hi, I'm one of those people who thinks you're the prettiest on the planet.

26. I've already seen you somewhere. We wanted to go on a date.

27. Hello! I'm glad I'm not married and can get to know you.

28. Can you tell me? How do you manage to look so cute?

29. Girl, don't waste your chance to meet me.

30. I still can't remember your phone number. Can you give me one more try?

31. Will you keep me company so I don't dine alone?

32. You are so beautiful that a kidnapper can take you, can I take you out?

33. I've been looking for you for so long, but here you are.

34. Can you tell me how to approach a girl to get acquainted?

35. Shall we flirt a little?

36. You have the most amazing smile I've ever seen.

37. I bet your name is Venus de Milo.

38. Aren't you tired of walking in such pancake heels? I can give you a ride or carry you in my arms.

39. I noticed that we noticed me. Let's just get to know each other.

40. Shame on you? You have blown me away.

41. I have an extra movie ticket for tomorrow. Make a company?

42. I can use different phrases to get to know a girl, but let's just get to know each other.

43. You are so sweet that I can't help but try to get to know you.

44. To be honest, I really liked you, and therefore let me introduce myself.

45. Is it okay that I decided to come and steal your hearts?

46. I am ready to be the guardian of your good mood and even improve it a little.

47. Will you and I go to Italy in 2030?

48. Girl, stay as lovely as you are now, always.

49. Did you pinch my ass? I don't mind getting to know you.

50. I hasten to inform you that you have an unearthly smile.

51. Finally I found the girl from my dreams.

52. I would be happy if you accompanied me on a walk.

53. Can I take a walk with you, because they always said to follow your dream.

54. Excuse me, but what are you doing in this life for the next 200 years?

55. I recognized you! I saw you in my dreams!

56. Girl what is that on you? This is my view.

57. You are so graceful that I can't help but get to know you.

58. Can you tell me what time it is? What about free time?

59. I don't want to distract you, but it's rather dangerous for angels on this earth to be alone.

60. I am not a womanizer and have no idea what to say when meeting girls. Hey!

61. I forgot my phone number, can you borrow yours?

62. Can you help me? I'm drowning in your eyes.

63. I forgot all the tackles as soon as I saw you. Hey!

64. Cautious girl! You almost missed the opportunity to meet me.

65. The only thing your pretty eyes didn't tell me was your name and phone number.

66. Girl, aren't you ashamed? You just stole my peace of mind and heart.

67. Let's celebrate that we found each other.

68. I don't just want to get to know you, I want to invite you to connect our destinies.

69. Shame on you, shoot with your eyes.

70. Will you accompany me on the weekends for a walk in the park?

71. You have such a beautiful dress. Let's get acquainted.

72. Are you interested in strong, confident and self-sufficient men?

73. It's very hot here and it's hard to breathe. Or is it because of you?

74. I bet you have a lot of suitors, but maybe you need a groom?

75. Allow me to offer you a hand and a heart, but first a date.

77. Can you leave me your phone number? I'm from a happy relationship building company.

78. I didn't believe in love at first sight, but now I do.

79. Can you tell me where Paradise is? Whom to ask if not an angel?

80. I want to change your plans for the evening.

81. You have amazing eyes, especially the left and right ones too.

82. Can you tell me how to approach a girl to get acquainted and get her phone number?

83. It's possible that I'm already 10 today who's coming up to you. But I'm definitely the best among them.

84. Do I like you better or do you like me?

85. I bought a lottery ticket, and now I need a kiss from the most beautiful girl.

86. Do you play the bagpipes? Neither do I, you see how much we have in common.

87. Usually I'm not like that and I don't meet girls on the street.

88. Can you tell me how to approach a girl to meet her and win her heart?

89. How do you manage to be so special and lovely?

90. You were so thoughtful that we forgot to get to know each other.

91. What is your secret? I am so drawn to you.

92. Were you looking for a prince? I'm here.

93. Will you have a spare heart? And then you just stole mine!

94. Can you help me choose a girl?

95. I want to extend the lineage with you, but first make an acquaintance.

96. Girl, keep smiling, because I'm falling in love with you more and more.

97. Girl can you help me? I seem to have lost my pulse since I saw you.

98. What do you think. Will we be a good couple?

99. You don't know each other yet, but I intend to fix it.

100. Let's not rush things, but first let's get to know each other.

101. I don't know how, but you managed to outshine all the beauty of Moscow with your beauty.

102. Here is my hand and heart, you have a phone number.

103. I noticed that you were looking at me. Hey!

104. You can see me off, otherwise I'm bored alone.

105. I'm doing research, can you tell me what it's like to be the most beautiful girl on earth?

106. If you are embarrassed to make an acquaintance first, then I will start first.

107. Today I decided to meet the most stunning beauty. Hey!

108. I stared at you that I forgot to introduce myself: “I am your fiancé!”

109. I don't want to pester you with pikapersky phrases, because I have adult intentions.

110. Can you help me spend my salary?

111. What should be said to such a stunning beauty to make her smile and give her phone number?

112. Where were you my past life?

113. You look hungry that I want to invite you to a dinner date.

114. Fate tried hard to bring us together. Let's take the chance.

115. Let's not rush, but let's start with the candy-bouquet period.

116. I didn't expect to meet the girl of my dreams on the street.

117. Which dragon must be defeated to win the heart of such a princess?

118. I think that there are no chance meetings.

119. Wow, I didn't expect to meet the girl of my dreams today.

120. How did you know I was here? Hey!

How to approach a girl to get acquainted? Use any phrase to meet a girl, because it is important how you present yourself and how much she likes you. Remember that some beauties will refuse, and some will give their phone number and their attention. Who said that sorting through different girls is not pleasant and not interesting? Successful dating with cool babies!