How to appear smarter than you really are? It will help you at work and in your personal life.

Even if you don't have much intelligence, you can always appear smarter than you really are. This will make you more promising to employers, interesting to friends and more attractive to girls. Now is the time for the smart ones who are promoted at work, who girls fall for and who everyone wants to be friends with.

“It is not at all difficult to pass for a man of knowledge. It's all about not being caught in sheer ignorance. It is necessary to maneuver, avoid difficult situations, bypass obstacles and, with the help of an encyclopedic dictionary, put others in galoshes. All people are completely ignorant and stupid as logs. Guy De Maupassant

Even if you're not smart, there are always ways to appear smart. High intelligence increases the reputation of a person and his value in the eyes of others: boss, colleagues, friends, acquaintances, girls. An intelligent person is always more attractive to the fairer sex. He is a welcome guest at a friends party and at work. Improve your life with a couple of tricks.

How to appear smarter than you really are?

Look decent. A gaudy shirt, funny shoes, colorful socks and weird facial hair? Such a person seems eccentric and narrow-minded. Try to look restrained and neat. Make preferences towards classic clothes and appearance.

Be more silent than speak. When a person talks a lot, he is more likely to blurt out something that betrays his low level of intelligence. Try to be silent more, listen more and ask more leading questions to your interlocutors. Give people the opportunity to speak out only by supporting the conversation with leading questions. A man of few words who listens attentively seems to be a wise man and a good conversationalist. A talkative yap is perceived as a fool.

Be positive and smile. Sad, boring and unsmiling people do not seem smart to us, but rather zatyuky. People sympathize with positive people who know how to laugh at a joke and at themselves. A sense of humor is considered one of the signs of high intelligence.

Avoid talking about what you don't know. The easiest way to get into trouble is to talk about what you don't know well. Do not speak or give advice where you are not sure of yourself. Avoid difficult topics, embarrassing situations, and dangerous questions.

Use smart words. Learn a couple of smart words, quotes, idioms and phrases in a foreign language. This will make you seem smarter than you really are. Memorize new words and quotes periodically to appear highly educated. Mention recently read books to appear well-read. You don't even have to read the entire book, just start it.

Speak slowly and confidently. Calm speech, delivered in a slow, clear, clear, even and firm voice, makes the right impression. The narrator seems very confident, and most importantly smart.

Smart people look into the eyes. Try, when talking, to look into the eyes of the interlocutor more often. So he will get the impression that you understand everything and have a highly developed intellect.

Behave yourself. Smart people never rush, fuss, or worry. Their shoulders are straightened, they do not slouch and behave calmly. Smart people are always in control and rarely lose their temper. Smart people almost never drink, so at corporate parties and parties they are always adequate.

Even if you don't have much intelligence, you can always appear smarter than you really are. It will make you more promising, more interesting and more attractive.